Aoife was in need of a haircut!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog.

The Saturdays have had a very busy week! We’ve been learning a lot of routines for our new single Disco Love and they’re all slightly varied, so it’s meant spending a lot of time at rehearsals in the studio.




I managed to fit in time for Aoife’s haircut though. She was in need of a trim! Just a trim because I like her to have long hair, but it was getting a little uneven so she definitely needed it. I took her in to see Nick, The Saturdays’ hairdresser, and he was saying that it can be really hard to cut some kids’ hair, especially when they’re jumping around in the chair and you’ve got scissors in your hand. But Aoife was very well-behaved. She’s only little but she wasn’t any trouble — she just sat still in her chair.

I’m quite sentimental and I like to remember these moments when she’s growing up. I’ve kept her little locks from her first haircut, and when her first tooth falls out, I’ve got all the little boxes prepared for those too!


princess set


I’m not sure if you saw the picture I posted of Aoife’s new Little People Princess Palace. I’m doing a campaign for Fisher Price as she just loves playing with their toy sets. We’ve had a pretend farm set, houses and now this princess castle. Aoife loves pressing the buttons where you put the princesses down and they tell you who they are — she has it all figured out! She loves all the music and the colour. She’ll imitate the sounds from the play sets and a lot from what she hears on TV.

Did you see the video I posted a few days ago of Aoife singing along to the Lion King? She tries to roar and actually does it on time. She can’t sing yet, but that’s the closest she’s got to!

It’s great because she isn’t getting bored of her toys too quickly. Her favourite ones are definitely the play sets — she gets hours of enjoyment out of them. But she’s also quite attached to her bunnies and blankies too. She can’t really go to sleep without them.

I’m off to Ireland in a few days but have some fun things planned before then.

I’ll keep you posted.

Love Una xxx



  1. I saw the video of little Aoife on your Instagram it was soooooo cute i was having a really bad day and seeing that cheered me up!

    P.S. LOVE your blog

  2. Hi Una:)
    You’re coming home!!! I guess you’re shooting Una’s Dream Ticket:) I would’ve loved to be in that it would be my dream come true I’m really looking foward to watching it though. I love it when you and the girls do stuff in Ireland being an Irish Team Sat;) please do a meet and greet over here someday as I reeeally woukd love to meet you!!!!! Love your blog x

  3. Aoife is so cute and seems to be a really good girl while having her hair done. I really love reading these blogs and I have read every one because they are so amazing :) Love u Una (the best Saturday)

  4. Hi!
    She really seems to be calm.
    It’s so cute.
    I saw the video when she makes
    the lion sound it’s very cute.

    Love reading your blog as always:)

  5. Thanks for the updates on Aoife – it’s much appreciated – its triggered the memory of my daughter loving the her tellytubby toys when she was the same age as Aoife! she’s seventeen now and started college! I’m sure it’s a sign of intelligence when they immerse themselves in these toys, Jasmin is studying A levels in Law,sociology,psycology and double english – so I reckon her plastic tellytybby figures, noo-noo the pet hoover and tellytubby toast toaster must have put her in good stead! X

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