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Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good week and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

It’s amazing that Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance was still trending three days after she did it. She certainly got everyone talking and the viewing figures were apparently much higher this year, no doubt in part because of her performance.

Miley is going down a different road now that she’s a grown woman rather than a Disney teenager. Personally, I don’t see why she shouldn’t. She’s her own person and she should be free to express herself. Madonna was always controversial with her outfits and performances and of course Lady Gaga has shocked people in the past. I can see how it might offend some people but personally I really enjoyed it.

That track Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke really makes you want to get up and dance. It’s one of my favourite songs of this year, a real feel good tune. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it didn’t win an award when it really should have!




When you’re in the public eye, you do get used to things being written about you that aren’t necessarily true. Recently we saw a few stories about The Sats not getting on and although we don’t normally rise to rumours, this one just couldn’t be further from the truth. Our group get on wonderfully well and spent lots of time together at V Festival so I’m not sure where they came from.

After V, we had more shows in Scarborough and Liverpool. We love doing gigs up north and we often say that the further north you go, the louder, bigger and better the crowds are (not to say that they’re bad down south, we love our fans everywhere but there’s definitely a different vibe up north).




One of my most memorable gigs ever was actually in Glasgow, the crowd were just buzzing. It was our first-ever headline show and there were around 3,500 people and I just remember being really taken aback by it all. Seeing all the faces in the crowd, the big screens and feeling the excitement, we all looked at each other at one point and we were like “I can’t believe this is happening!”.

Our Friday night gig was in Scarborough in a really cute and unique venue right next to the beach. It was outdoors and there was a little lake in front of the stage, we’d never played in a place like that before and it’s good to do something different.

On Sunday we had a radio gig with Juice FM in Liverpool which was really fun. As we drove through Liverpool we all said how lovely it was, the buildings were really beautiful. Apparently the shopping is amazing too but unfortunately we didn’t have time to put it to the test.

I love how the Liverpool girls really make an effort for their nights out. That’s often the best part of the night, the getting ready with your friends, trying on different outfits, doing your hair and makeup and catching up with everyone.

Speak to you soon!

Love Una xxxx


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  1. I live near Glasgow! Please come again!

  2. Thank you, Una, for clarifying Miley’s performance! It’s trending everywhere and after it aired my Facebook was congested with people’s personal thoughts on the performance! 1.) It shouldn’t be a shocker that yet another Disney star has done a 180 from what Disney presented their image to be! 2.) I cannot stand the double standard put on women, males often dance suggestively and definitely sing lyrics that are more suggestive but they’re not making the news for being “lewd”. 3.) For the parents that are “offended” about Miley’s performance; shows how little they are actually involved in their child’s lives and aware of what they’re listening too. Just because a lot of things are presented nicely doesn’t mean you should blindly buy it for your child. And 4.) Miley is an adult now. In America, if she’s old enough to join the Armed Forces and make other adult decisions she can definitely practice her autonomy in other ways. I personally think Miley’s shaking her head, counting her bills and awaiting the release of her new album that’s going to skyrocket up the charts. All this publicity (neg. and pos.) just help that case. Anyways, that’s just my thoughts. I can’t wait for the new Sats album and can’t stop listening to Disco Love! MUCH love!

  3. What a lovely woman; her comments regarding Miley were very nice and humane unlike other celebrity reactions. Good on her; I for one cannot wait to see the girls perform at Birmingham.

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