“I’m definitely the stricter parent”

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I tweeted earlier in the week about Aoife’s Irish/English accent. It’s so funny never really knowing how she’s going to say something. Ma-ma were the first syllables that she put together. They say a lot of children either say “mama” or “dada” first. “Duck”I’ was another of her first ones. “Doggy” and “no” and “what’s that” have been favourites from the beginning. “Mickey Mouse”, “ball” and “bobo”(her word for her milk bottle) are newer ones.

When she says the word ball, it sounds really British with a strong ‘o’ sound whereas in an Irish accent you pronounce your l’s. But when she’s saying no (which she does a lot at the moment!), she says it in a really strong Irish accent. It’ll be really interesting to see how her accent develops. It’s hard to tell what her accent will be like at the moment because she’s not speaking in sentences yet but I can hear Irish and English lilts in the words that she says now.




She babbles away in her own language a lot, a lot like in the CBBC show In the Night Garden and I really haven’t got a clue what they’re saying but they speak a bit like she does and she babbles back.

Ben wasn’t offended that she said “mama” first  – she says “dada” enough now! Ben thinks Aoife’s more of a mummy’s girl than a daddy’s girl because I’ll leave the room to go off and do something like cook dinner and she’ll follow me, wrapping her arms around my legs in the kitchen while I’m trying to cook and I’m like “Ben, you said you’d look after her!” and he’s like “Well, she wants to be out there with you!”. I think she’s quite a girly girl but Ben does a lot of the playing and the swinging her around and that sort of thing and he’s very good. He loves taking her out and about and being really active with her.




I’m definitely the stricter parent. My mum came to visit last week and Aoife’s like a different child when my mother’s around because she knows she can get away with things when Granny’s around! She wouldn’t go to bed until 11 o’clock and she wouldn’t eat her breakfast, she was being really quite bratty and she was always wanting to be picked up and to be held! Such a little diva! But as soon as my mother left, I put her to bed at her normal time and she slept through the night and we went back to normal feeding times. My mother does spoil her a bit, she can’t resist! Aoife would never get away with that with me, definitely not! Not in a bad way though, I just think it’s important to get routine into her life.

Speak soon.

Una xxx

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  1. I always wondered what her accent would be like, I was raised in Inverness but my sister wasn’t, so even though we still live in Scotland. I have a posher Scottish accent thanks to being in Inverness for 10 years but my sister has an English accent sometimes when she says things.

    Speaking of sisters, cant wait for the day (even though It wont be for a few years!) that you say that Aoife is having a sister or brother!x

    I really appreciate you doing this blog Una, I think it’s so nice of you.
    Emma xx

  2. Hi Una, so funny reading your blog, it’s just like our house. My daughter alice who is 1, does exactly the same. Trying to cook dinner with a 1 year old hanging off your leg is fun isn’t it……my husband says exactly the same thing to me, while he is sat watching sky sports!! Xx

  3. A few months ago I did some designs inspired by your song “ladykiller”.
    I didn’t know how to let you know about the sketches, until I happened to leave a link here.
    Im from Spain so my blog is in Spanish, but there is a button to translate the text. I know it’s too much to ask your opinion about them, but I’ll be very happy.
    Thanks so much!
    Sorry for my bad english!

    Celia Algora

  4. Hi Una I read all of your blogs and I think it’s great that you have time to balance work, home life and doing personal things – you’re such a great role model!!!

  5. Hello Una, your blog is great, Aoife is so cute. Love The Saturdays, all your songs are perfect.
    Please, come to Serbia! :)

  6. Una I am loving your recent posts about fashion, beauty, and skincare. it’s exactly what a 16 year old girl like me loves to read. (especially since I’m a massive fan of you and love your irish beauty) I think you’re an incredible mother to Aoife and love reading about all your adventures and cute shenanigans with her. And each picture is just adorable. love your blog. Read it each week. Have a nice week.

    Priyasha xxx

  7. Hello Una :D Your new posts are always really entertaining. Aoife is the cuttest little lady in the world :D All the best <3

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