Ben and I are very tactile and love a snuggle on the sofa

Hi everyone,

The Sats were at the We’re The Millers premiere last night – we had a great time and loved the film – can’t wait to tell you more about that next week. We were been busy rehearsing for V Festival yesterday too. We can’t wait to get there and open the main stage. We’ve played the arenas before but never the main stage, it’s amazing to think how far the Sats have come.


I went to watch the new horror film The Conjuring with Ben last week. I have to admit that I screamed! It was quite embarrassing because I think I was the only one that did. It’s based on a true story which made it all the more haunting – it was a really jumpy one. Despite the fact that I was terrified, I still enjoyed it and thought it was a well-written film and the acting was incredible. Ben held my hand for the whole thing but that’s not unusual for us. We’re a very tactile couple and love a snuggle on the sofa in front of the TV.




I’ve watched a fair few horror films. My favourites are The Ring and the Hitchcock’s Psycho – the remake has nothing on the original!

I started watching horror films at far too young an age (about seven or eight) – I really wouldn’t recommend that though! Not sure whether I should admit to this but I used to get my older cousins to go and rent them from the shop because I was underage.

We used to make our own horror movies. I was always the baddie and I’d do something horrible to my twin cousins – we always used the Prodigy as our soundtrack and filmed it on one of those old school camcorders. I loved playing the evil one – if I ever got the chance to film in a horror I’d want to play that role. I think it’s easier being the powerful, scary one rather than the vulnerable one – I’m not sure I’d do that very well. There was one that was particularly gory where we got quite serious and used props. My cousin wore a bandana on her head and we pretended to chop her head off by seamlessly putting the bandana on a football – you would never have known!




It reminded me of a programme that the Sats did a few years ago called Ghosthunting with The Saturdays. I ended up sitting in a room with a ghost in a really old nursing home in Wales and she threw marbles at me. The weird thing was that the marbles weren’t real – they were ghost marbles! I’m quite a spiritual person – I believe in an after lifes and ghost – and I guess if you’re open to that kind of thing and you believe it, you’re more likely to experience it.

I wouldn’t rule out acting in the future. I used to enjoy acting when I was at school and a lot of what we do when we are performing and putting on a show actually overlaps with acting.

I’ve actually got my first major solo presenting job in Ireland coming up at Christmas. It’s called Una’s Dream Ticket and it will be on everyday over Christmas on RTE which is Ireland’s national TV station, a bit like the BBC over here. The idea is that children send in their fantasies and I meet them and help make them come true. I think it’ll be a really lovely feel good show, perfect for the festive period.

I’d love to hear your film recommendations – leave a comment and I’ll make sure I read them.

Speak soon!

Love Una xxxx

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  1. Hi Una!

    It’s awesome that you like Horror films! :-)

    When i was at college, i did Film Studies and we had to make a short horror film.

    Now, being the only guy in the group, i was voted as the bad guy/killer (wasn’t my choice) and i ended up stabbed to death with gore all over me.

    When i say gore i mean Ketchup. Man that was an expensive food shopping day…

    Anyway, if you haven’t already seen them, i highly recommend the Candyman films. Pitch black room, in silence, is recommended for the best experience.

    My bro and i watched those films for a few nights in a row with a window open and the films ended up scaring us so much that, when the window moved or made a noise because of the wind, we just LOST IT!

  2. My favorite horror movie would have to “White Noise” with Micheal Keaton and Deborah Kara Unger. It’s a movie all about EVP (Electronic Voice phenomena). When Micheal’s characters wife goes missing and he is contacted by this guy saying that he has received messages trough EVP by Micheal’s wife. We later find out that when this guys got the messages his wife had already drowned and died. He then becomes obsessed with trying to contact her himself, even tough the warning of a psychic. During the rest of the movie you get drawn into a whole different world within our world I guess. From my experience whem I watched it, I jumped once or twice (Maybe it didn’t help I was watching late with as snow storm outside and closing all the lights.) It’s not a movie that scares you buy having things jump to the screen, it scares you cause you think that I might actually exists. Tell me if you watch it and what you think of it! And there is also a second one but I haven’t seen it yet, might need to get around to watching it haha.

  3. Glad you had fun last night even though it was scary! Who was scared the most your or Ben? ;) I’m more o a horror person. Disney and love films don’t do it for me. Death, blood and guts are spot on and I like haunted things like ghost walks etc but everyone is always too scared to come with me lol! X

  4. Heyy Una,

    Greetings from India..! Love your blog….Though it could be out of context, wanna suggest something here…Have you listened to Shania’s album – Up !, it had 3 versions – Pop, Rock & Indian…All the same songs with different background touches…you guys should definitely try that in your albums. You can tie up with the ever famous music director A R Rahman from our city Chennai, in south india :) If you arent aware of him – he got wide spread attention with ‘ Jai Ho’ song in slum dog millionaire.

    PS: Could you ladies try the saree outfit (traditional silk sarees) sometime and make your indian fans happy :)


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