Aoife’s in the ‘wow’ phase

Hi lovely readers,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

I’ve got some really cute photos of Aoife to share with you all. She turned one in March and she’s really coming into her own now. She’s at that age now where she’s discovering new things every day and is really intrigued by what’s going on in the world around here – everything is ‘wow!’ at the moment. I’m not sure where she picked the word up from but it seems like it can be applied to just about everything in her world at the moment! Even really little things like she’ll notice flowers in the garden and she’ll point at them all wide-eyed and amazed.


She’s still woofing at every dog she sees – whether it’s on the TV, in a book or in real life – she just woofs! I can’t take my eyes off of her at the moment because she tears off. She’s learnt how to run and there’s no stopping her. She runs for a bit then stumbles, we say she looks like a little drunken sailor when she’s running around.

The photos are from when I took Aoife to work with me. I’m doing some work with the children’s toy company Fisher Price for their new range called ‘Little People Big Discoveries’. It’s aimed at Aoife’s age group and the idea is that they have toys that they grow up with.


They’ve been a real hit with Aoife – so much so that she climbed into the box for Princess castle when it arrived! The little farm is a favourite of hers too – she’s worked out how to press the buttons to make the animals make their noises. We ask her ‘what does the cow say’ and she goes ‘MOOOOO!’. Animals are a big favourite of hers, I think we might hold off on getting a pet for a while though!

Speak to you soon!

Love Una xxx

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  1. Will you post the link to a video of her Woofing and WOOing Una?

    I bet it’s ADORABLE.

  2. Aoife sounds so cute!

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