Prince George and post-pregnancy dieting

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re having a great week. The Sats were shooting the video for the new single Disco Love last week which was lots of fun. I’ve got a couple of exclusive photos to share with you next time to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Ben and I watched the live coverage of when Prince George was introduced to the world – we were really wrapped up in the whole thing and got quite excited! Of course we were over the moon for William and Kate, who are such a gorgeous couple, when we heard the happy news of the safe arrival of their little boy. It seems that people not just from the UK but from all over the world enjoyed hearing that they’d had a baby.




Being in the public eye I’ve come to expect people to disagree with me and my views and I accept that I will never please everyone. For example, a few people said that I’d turned my back on the Irish by getting excited about the birth of George. That really isn’t the case at all. I’m so proud to be Irish and i’m very patriotic but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating their baby being born – I think it was the same for lots of people worldwide.

I’m sure Kate and William are having a great time getting to know baby George. I didn’t feel under any pressure to ping back into shape when I had Aoife. It takes a few weeks for the body to get back to normal. Your tummy is still swollen because your uterus hasn’t contracted yet and there’s no amount of dieting that will change that. It’s a very natural process.

After I gave birth to my little girl, I wanted to get back into shape quite quickly but also safely and I think that would have been the same regardless of whether I was a member of the Saturdays. I actually followed a diet for about six weeks which involved having really freshly prepared food sent to me. It wasn’t a weight loss plan – it just involved lots of healthy, nourishing food that was perfect for me as a busy new mum. The food deliveries made mealtimes very convenient – they sent three meals a day and two snacks. It wasn’t a case of going hungry at all – I’m a big eater so it’s important to me to eat well and sensibly.




Like many women, my weight tends to fluctuate. Even since I was about 16 years old, I’ve weighed around eight and a half stone – sometimes three or four pounds more or less. I’m lucky in that that is my natural weight and I don’t have to diet to maintain it. Often if I’m very busy, my eating patterns slip and I tend to lose a few pounds – people tend to comment and it’s quite noticeable.

While I was on holiday, I put on about half a stone but I’m not too bothered about that. A holiday isn’t a holiday to me if I’m counting calories and worrying about my weight. Ben is watching what he eats at the moment because he’s started pre-season training so that suits me quite well because we’re both eating lots of protein and going easy on the carbs so I’ll lose those extra holiday pounds soon.

Thanks for reading – I’m really enjoying reading your comments on the blog and your tweets.

Speak to you soon.

Love from Una xxx

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  1. Ciara Team Sats

    Hey Una :) hope ur enjoying ur week. Love your blog so much!! I really enjoy
    reading and as a very dedicated Team Sat I love seeing what your life is as a Sat ♥
    You looked absolutely amazing after having Aoife!! I remember seeing you and thinking;You still looked amazing!!! Love that pic of Aoife above;) (I can see WAU and Gentleman covers in the background LOL) Talk soon xxx

  2. Hello from the Netherlands!I love your blog & your

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