A year into our marriage, Ben is more romantic than ever

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well.

The Sats have got a really hectic schedule at the moment because we’re promoting our new single Gentleman but Ben and I managed to get away for a romantic night to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

We didn’t want to go too far from home so we had a night at a lovely hotel in Buckinghamshire. We carried on the celebrations at home on Sunday (our actual anniversary) and had a family barbecue. Of course we wanted Aoife to be part of our celebrations too!



Ben and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend


It was our paper anniversary so I wrote Ben a letter. He handed me the paid hotel bill and said “That’s my treat”!

My parents, who have been married for nearly 37 years, are a real inspiration to me. I hugely admire their relationship. They’re barely ever apart because they work together. My dad is a GP and my mum is a nurse so they’re together all day every day.

The longest time they’ve ever been apart was when my mum came out to LA with me for three months to help out while we were filming Chasing The Sats. I felt really sorry for them because you could tell they missed each other like mad but they’re back together now.




They met when they were students in Galway and they’ve owned and run the practice together for most of their working lives. They are really old school and their systems are really cute and quaint.

They’ve got so many patients that have been in their care for a long time and they say they wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. My dad is close to retirement age now but he has said he never wants to give up.



Aoife enjoying the sunny weather


Can’t wait to tell you more about my busy week with the band in my next blog post – thanks for reading!

Love from Una xxx




  1. How sweet are you two!

  2. How sweet are you two! Sounds like you had a great weekend away even if it wasn’t for long! You look gorgeous as always in the pics :)
    Good luck with the single this week too! X

  3. Hi Una,Congratulations on yours and Bens first anniversary! Glad you both had an amazing lovely time!

  4. fiona o'reilly Team Sats

    Aww congratulations you guys on your 1st wedding anniversary, hope you’s had the best time! You look beautiful in the pics as always Una, I love the new single, “Gentleman!, I’ve downloaded it already and I hope this gets to number 1 too, every Sats song is amazing, I love every single one!! Keep up the fantastic work you girls are doing, love you so much Una, am loving your blog so much, I love reading what you’ve been getting up to and seeing Aoife Belle get bigger each time with all the adorable pics you put up, thank you for sharing them with us all.

    Lots of love,
    Fiona, in Dublin!!!

  5. Congratulations you guys on your first wedding anniversary :) Wish you all the best ! Can’t wait to read next blog posts :)

  6. Congratulations you guys on your first wedding anniversary :)

  7. Aww how gorgeous for a gorgeous couple …. no doubt you will end up as happy together and your own parents Una XXXX

  8. Awh!! Congrats!!!! xo #Teamsatsireland xxx

  9. I love the way you are so grounded, despite everything you have achieved and your good looks! Congratulations on your paper anniversary!X

  10. Hey Una. A couple things You are beautiful.And Congrats On your anniversary.Oh By The Way Aoife Belle Is the cutest thing in the world.
    I love your Music.Good Work Tell the Girls I love them.Okay Thanks And i wish Frankie and rochelle the best of luck with the baby and the Pregnancy.

  11. Ciara Team Sats

    Love your blog so much Una!!! Awwhhh #LoveBenUna you’re
    so cute together and I wish the best of luck in the future with little Aoife Belle
    too!!! x

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