Rochelle is such a natural mother, I always knew she would be


Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and made the most of the warm weather.

I took Aoife with me to see Rochelle and Alaia the other day. Aoife was really taken with the baby and was stroking her hair while Rochelle was feeding her – it was absolutely adorable. Aoife looked huge compared to Alaia, I forgot how tiny babies are when they’re newborn!

Every time I see Alaia she changes but she’s you can definitely see both of her parents in her. Rochelle’s mum said she is very much like Rochelle, she’s a really content and quiet baby. Rochelle is such a natural mother, I always knew she would be. Marvin is so sweet with his two girls, he totally dotes on them both.

Rochelle is missing us girls though and we miss her lots too and is looking forward to joining us again in the summer. You can’t rush going back to work when you’ve just become a new mum but I think she will be ready by then to start doing little bits with us.

Can’t wait to tell you all about our busy weekend – hope to see some of you in the crowds!

Love from Una xxx

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  1. Hi Una, fellow Sats fan from across the pond in the USA and have to say I love you girls and I love reading your blogs on here. I following each of you thru twitter and facebook. Hope to see you guys come out to the states soon!!

  2. aww I wanna see pictures to Alaia! ♥
    Argentina loves you! ♥

  3. how adorable is that pic of you and Aoife, just the cutest! <3 shes deffo getting more and more like you now :)

  4. Hey una, is there going to be an all fired up tour dvd and is there going to be a hello special introducing alaia mai like you had with Aoife belle? x

  5. Ciara Team Sats

    Lovely pic of u and little Aoife Belle :) Can’t wait til Roch is back out there with u again!!! Little Alaia Mai sounds lovely :) x

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