My trip down memory lane, Ireland

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to tell you about my trip to Ireland. It was so nice going back home for a week with Aoife, and catching up with old friends who I’ve known since I was a child.

One night my friend Katherine threw a dinner party, and our task was to bring along old photographs of ourselves from when we were younger. Some of them I just couldn’t share with you all!


school days

Looking too cool for school back in the day — I’m on the right!


This was one of my favourites though. I think I was about 16 at the time, hanging out with my friends. We thought we looked so cool, too cool to smile. I can’t believe how we dressed, the long denim skirts and trainers. We had such a laugh going through everyone’s photographs, passing them around and thinking, “Oh God, I can’t remember that!”

We also went down with my sister and parents to a little village called Clonakilty in Cork, and Aoife absolutely loved it. We stayed in a coastal hotel which was beautiful and overlooked the sea.


Me and Aoife braving the windy beach

Me and Aoife braving the windy beach


I could tell Aoife really enjoyed it. She had all this space to run around, she loved the freedom. She also loved playing with Jackson and Bono, my parents’ dogs. She absolutely loves dogs, looking at them and woofing at them!



Aoife making new friends


I thought it was going to be lovely and sunny but as soon as we got onto the beach it was pouring with rain and so windy. We had amazing food though. I get really excited about Irish food because a lot of stuff you can’t get here, so I tend to overindulge. I am mad about crab claws and had to take a picture!



Crab claws — my favourite Irish food!


I do go back to Ireland quite regularly, and still call it home. I have thought about raising Aoife in Ireland if it was possible, maybe in the future but for now we’ll see. It all really depends on mine and Ben’s schedule.

Speaking of which, Ben has just got back from his rugby tour in Argentina. He’s been away for three weeks, so I can’t wait to have proper family time with him! He got a card from Aoife on Father’s Day so was happy with that and we saw him on Skype every day.

Anyway, bye for now.

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx

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  1. Your first photograph is so funny :) I hope to visit Ireland one day. It’s really beautiful country and there are many picturesque places! Maybe I’ll meet you there :) ! Love Maria xxxx

  2. Lovely! My friends and I are really exited about you and Ben being together again! We gave him a little letter for you girls! We hope Ben can deliver it to you!!!

  3. Brenda Bergin

    Love u Blog, will be following for updates….Brenda @ xx

  4. Una please, you can ask Ben the letter I wrote for you?. Ben told you some about his trip to Argentina?

  5. Una, can you remember when I used to call you Nuala ? and you used to sing “Teddy O Neill” and you’d make me cry ! Great to see a true genuine Thurles girl with no airs or graces make it in the big time. Up Tipp

  6. hahahah Una that skirt!!! x_x.. so happy you have now moved on from that and become a fashion icon! haha.. aww Aoife looks so cute with the dogs <3

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