My little trendsetter, Aoife Belle

Hi everyone,

I’m having a great time at home in Ireland. It’s the first time I’ve been back to my hometown since Christmas and it’s my first holiday since then so it’s great to relax for a bit.

I’m here with Aoife who is of course really used to travelling because she was out in LA with me when we were filming for Chasing The Sats. I hadn’t flown with her since she was a really little baby though so it was a different experience. I had Mickey Mouse at the ready – she’s so into Disney at the moment – and we arrived fine.



Aoife hiding in the bookshelf


Travelling with a little one means you have a whole lot more stuff to take. I had visions of flying with just hand luggage but realised that was totally unrealistic and ended up with a massive suitcase, a buggy, a nappy bag plus hand luggage!

Aoife’s had a busy schedule of late. She came along with us to our gig at the Newmarket races. She always comes backstage while we’re getting ready. You have lots of time set aside to get ready so there can be lots of hanging around and Aoife provides the entertainment. Our nanny Ruth said that she was bobbing along at first during the gig but she fell asleep halfway through! She has little headphones to protect her ears and they must do a good job if she managed to nod off.



Wearing a lovely Ralph Lauren trench coat from her Auntie Frankie


Aoife recognises me now on TV but she is still too young to get what her mummy is doing. I’m looking forward to talking to her about what I’m doing. As long as she can come along with us from time to time I’m happy. I can’t always combine family and work but it’s great when I can.

I’ve had a couple of comments on Twitter that Aoife Belle has been hairstyle trend setting – a mum sent me a picture of her little girl with her hair with bows in and said ‘my daughter’s got an Aoife do’! It really made me laugh. She’s got a great head of hair – that comes from Ben’s side of the family, his sisters have got the most gorgeous, thick hair.



Apparently Aoife is setting trends with her bows!


I like dressing Aoife in quite traditional clothes – the kind of things I probably would have worn when I was younger. Baby Boden is great for that kind of thing. She’s got a couple of cute ponchos from Baby Monsoon too and they’re great for this kind of unpredictable weather.

Can’t wait to tell you more about my trip to Ireland.

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx


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  1. Aww Aoife just gets cuter and cuter everyday, shes so beautiful!
    glad you are having a lovely time back home and hope your enjoying all the irish foods. :)

  2. Aoife is so adorable :D Love her Ralph Lauren trench coat from Frankie. Can’t wait to read more about your trip to Ireland and much more!

  3. Awww! I love reading your blog! I really apreciate that my idol Una Healy spends some time writing to us :) xxx from Argentina! (I was happy to see Ben in my hometown last sat!)

  4. oh shes so cute im just oh wow crying

  5. She’s gorgeous una she’s my favourite celebrity baby I wish I could just meet you and be able to play with her and hug her! xxxxx

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