Aoife — my little wobbler

Hi everyone!

Hope your week’s going well.

We’re heading up to Birmingham today, Rochelle included which is really nice. The five of us will be together again! She’s had her hands full with baby Alaia recently but is back with us from this week.

We’re going to visit a Marie Curie hospice centre, where we actually laid the first bricks and now that it’s built completely, we’re going back for the press day. I think Prince Charles is also attending so that’ll be exciting!


Aoife taking a well-deserved break from her running and "wobbling"!

Aoife taking a well-deserved break from her running and “wobbling”!


I know how Rochelle feels with little Alaia! Aoife’s at the age where she’s not a toddler and not a baby, but what I’d call a “wobbler”. She runs around but all wobbly and you have to run after her —it’s such a good workout. You literally can’t take your eyes off her so you just constantly run after her in case she falls.

When I was in Ireland last week I was a bit worried as my parents’ house isn’t as child proof as ours so it was a bit more of a task. But at home I feel more confident. She can walk around and I’m not worried about her banging her head or grabbing something that’ll fall on top of her.

Aoife enjoying some down time in Ireland

Aoife enjoying some down time in Ireland

My mum’s always been a great help. She babysat one night in Ireland, the night I had dinner with friends, and she flies over regularly to see Aoife and help us out. She was a huge help when Aoife was really young too, coming over to LA with us, so they’ve really bonded now.

I think we’re going up to Cheshire this weekend to see Ben’s family which’ll be great as we haven’t seen them together as a family for a while.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx



  1. Can’t wait to see you all together performing on the stage :) Have a great weekend and enjoy family time ! Greetings from Poland :)

  2. you received the letter I sent you in the hands of Ben? ask her!
    Try asking Ben about his journey in Argentina!

  3. Good to know you manage to have some quality time with your family! Love, Matías from Salta, Argentina :)

  4. As my friend Paula says, she gave Ben a letter to you girls when he was in Salta, Argentina. Hope you can read it or answer it!

  5. Ciara Team Sats

    Its great to hear you were back in Tipp again :) i hope I’ll
    get to meet you aswell as The Sats one day!!! Aoife Belle is soo
    cute its so cute watching her develop!! x

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