June, 2013

28 June


We’re very excited for ‘Gentleman’ to come out on Sunday

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I see lots of you enjoyed the last one, thanks for all of your lovely tweets, I really appreciate them.

The Sats have been busy promoting the new single Gentleman this week. It’s out on Sunday and it’ll be exciting to see how it does. It’s nice not to have the pressure and everyone telling you “This could be your number one” anymore but of course we still want everyone to enjoy it and we’re hoping for the best!una-blog

There’s no real way of telling how a single will do but as I’ve said before it’s one on my favourites – I love the cheeky lyrics – and I just hope you all like it as much as we do.

Ben and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary this weekend – it’s hard to believe how fast time has gone. We won’t be going far because I’m busy with the Sats but I’m hoping we can squeeze in a nice romantic dinner or maybe even go to London and see a show. I’ll let you know if he comes up trumps!

Have a great weekend.

Love from Una xxx

26 June


Photos from our family weekend in Cheshire

Hello lovely readers,

Thanks for checking out my blog.

I was away for the weekend with Ben and Aoife with his family in Cheshire and got back on Monday evening.



Mummy, Daddy and Aoife


We were lucky to have a few days up there and spent time with friends and Ben’s family. Ben was away in Argentina for three weeks with the England rugby team recently and we’d all really missed him so it was great to catch up with everyone.



Aoife loving the swing!


Aoife is really lucky in that she has two sets of doting grandparents as well as great-grandparents on Ben’s side of the family.



Aoife with her great-grandmother


One of Ben’s sisters has three kids and they have lots of fun with little Aoife even though they’re quite a bit older than her. I’ve got quite a small immediate family because I only have one sister but I’ve got an amazing 60 first cousins! My dad was one of fifteen children which resulted in lots of cousins for me so it’s weird that Aoife has just three.



Aoife is well looked after by her big cousins


One of Ben’s friends threw a housewarming barbecue on Friday afternoon and luckily it was quite sunny. They all discovered beer pong in the States a few years ago and now take the whole thing very seriously which is quite funny to watch!



Ben loves a bit of beer pong!


Our single Gentleman is coming out on Sunday so it’s like the calm before the storm at the moment because we’ll have lots going on to promote the new track.



I went straight from meeting Prince Charles at the Marie Curie opening to the BBQ


I’ve made the most of this quiet period and have been playing lots of golf. I played my first nine holes last week with Ben – I think I’ve caught the golfing bug and now I want to play all the time.

He’s got great patience and he’s a lot more advanced than me. My coach doesn’t want me to learn from anyone else and as Ben is self-taught I don’t really go to him for advice. But he gives me the odd tip which is handy.

Hope you like the photos!

Speak soon

Love from Una xxx

24 June


Prince Charles is really down to earth and has a great sense of humour

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

The Sats were at the opening of a new Marie Curie hospice in Solihull on Friday. We were there at the beginning of the project when the first bricks were laid so to see this amazing building completed was brilliant.

Prince Charles was there too so it was a real honour to meet him. We were actually introduced to him twice – us girls met him the first time round he came back once my husband Ben had joined us and he recognised him from rugby so popped over again to say hello to him.charles-saturdays-2-b


Charles was really nice, we expected him to be much more formal but he was actually really relaxed. He seemed very down to earth and had a great sense of humour. He was laughing and joking with us and we all had a good chat. Unfortunately I was a bit taken aback when we met him and the only photo I’ve got of me shaking his hand is taken from a really bad angle and is not good at all. I can’t believe I shook hands with a Prince but won’t be framing the moment!


Rochelle is back working full-time with us now. It seems like ages since we were working together and it’s always great to have the five of us together. She takes Alaia-Mai with her wherever she can but that’s not always possible. I remember it being really difficult the first few times I left Aoife when I went back to work because she was all I could think of and I worried about her a lot. But it’s the way our job is but you do get used to it.

Thanks for reading – speak to you all soon!

Love from Una xx


21 June


Aoife — my little wobbler

Hi everyone!

Hope your week’s going well.

We’re heading up to Birmingham today, Rochelle included which is really nice. The five of us will be together again! She’s had her hands full with baby Alaia recently but is back with us from this week.

We’re going to visit a Marie Curie hospice centre, where we actually laid the first bricks and now that it’s built completely, we’re going back for the press day. I think Prince Charles is also attending so that’ll be exciting!


Aoife taking a well-deserved break from her running and "wobbling"!

Aoife taking a well-deserved break from her running and “wobbling”!


I know how Rochelle feels with little Alaia! Aoife’s at the age where she’s not a toddler and not a baby, but what I’d call a “wobbler”. She runs around but all wobbly and you have to run after her —it’s such a good workout. You literally can’t take your eyes off her so you just constantly run after her in case she falls.

When I was in Ireland last week I was a bit worried as my parents’ house isn’t as child proof as ours so it was a bit more of a task. But at home I feel more confident. She can walk around and I’m not worried about her banging her head or grabbing something that’ll fall on top of her.

Aoife enjoying some down time in Ireland

Aoife enjoying some down time in Ireland

My mum’s always been a great help. She babysat one night in Ireland, the night I had dinner with friends, and she flies over regularly to see Aoife and help us out. She was a huge help when Aoife was really young too, coming over to LA with us, so they’ve really bonded now.

I think we’re going up to Cheshire this weekend to see Ben’s family which’ll be great as we haven’t seen them together as a family for a while.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx

18 June


My trip down memory lane, Ireland

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to tell you about my trip to Ireland. It was so nice going back home for a week with Aoife, and catching up with old friends who I’ve known since I was a child.

One night my friend Katherine threw a dinner party, and our task was to bring along old photographs of ourselves from when we were younger. Some of them I just couldn’t share with you all!


school days

Looking too cool for school back in the day — I’m on the right!


This was one of my favourites though. I think I was about 16 at the time, hanging out with my friends. We thought we looked so cool, too cool to smile. I can’t believe how we dressed, the long denim skirts and trainers. We had such a laugh going through everyone’s photographs, passing them around and thinking, “Oh God, I can’t remember that!”

We also went down with my sister and parents to a little village called Clonakilty in Cork, and Aoife absolutely loved it. We stayed in a coastal hotel which was beautiful and overlooked the sea.


Me and Aoife braving the windy beach

Me and Aoife braving the windy beach


I could tell Aoife really enjoyed it. She had all this space to run around, she loved the freedom. She also loved playing with Jackson and Bono, my parents’ dogs. She absolutely loves dogs, looking at them and woofing at them!



Aoife making new friends


I thought it was going to be lovely and sunny but as soon as we got onto the beach it was pouring with rain and so windy. We had amazing food though. I get really excited about Irish food because a lot of stuff you can’t get here, so I tend to overindulge. I am mad about crab claws and had to take a picture!



Crab claws — my favourite Irish food!


I do go back to Ireland quite regularly, and still call it home. I have thought about raising Aoife in Ireland if it was possible, maybe in the future but for now we’ll see. It all really depends on mine and Ben’s schedule.

Speaking of which, Ben has just got back from his rugby tour in Argentina. He’s been away for three weeks, so I can’t wait to have proper family time with him! He got a card from Aoife on Father’s Day so was happy with that and we saw him on Skype every day.

Anyway, bye for now.

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx

14 June


Sweating the Small Stuff

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog – hope you’re enjoying it.

The Sats are all taking it in turns to fill in for Rochelle on Nick Grimshaw’s BBC show Sweat The Small Stuff.

I’m in the season finale on Tuesday night, on a team with Melvin O’Doom and Rick Edwards and we’re against Katy B, Rickie Haywood Williams and comedian James Acaster.

Me at the BBC for Sweat The Small Stuff

Me at the BBC for Sweat The Small Stuff

Filming was so much fun! You just banter about stuff that’s going on at the moment and the little things that people get annoyed by, so it’s a laugh a minute.

We filmed in front of a live audience and it took about two hours in total. The final show only lasts about half an hour so they just take the best and most appropriate bits. I don’t know what parts they will show yet, but I certainly had fun doing it!

Hope you manage to catch it – it goes out on BBC Three on 18 June at 10pm. Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend.

Lots of love Una xxxx

12 June


My little trendsetter, Aoife Belle

Hi everyone,

I’m having a great time at home in Ireland. It’s the first time I’ve been back to my hometown since Christmas and it’s my first holiday since then so it’s great to relax for a bit.

I’m here with Aoife who is of course really used to travelling because she was out in LA with me when we were filming for Chasing The Sats. I hadn’t flown with her since she was a really little baby though so it was a different experience. I had Mickey Mouse at the ready – she’s so into Disney at the moment – and we arrived fine.



Aoife hiding in the bookshelf


Travelling with a little one means you have a whole lot more stuff to take. I had visions of flying with just hand luggage but realised that was totally unrealistic and ended up with a massive suitcase, a buggy, a nappy bag plus hand luggage!

Aoife’s had a busy schedule of late. She came along with us to our gig at the Newmarket races. She always comes backstage while we’re getting ready. You have lots of time set aside to get ready so there can be lots of hanging around and Aoife provides the entertainment. Our nanny Ruth said that she was bobbing along at first during the gig but she fell asleep halfway through! She has little headphones to protect her ears and they must do a good job if she managed to nod off.



Wearing a lovely Ralph Lauren trench coat from her Auntie Frankie


Aoife recognises me now on TV but she is still too young to get what her mummy is doing. I’m looking forward to talking to her about what I’m doing. As long as she can come along with us from time to time I’m happy. I can’t always combine family and work but it’s great when I can.

I’ve had a couple of comments on Twitter that Aoife Belle has been hairstyle trend setting – a mum sent me a picture of her little girl with her hair with bows in and said ‘my daughter’s got an Aoife do’! It really made me laugh. She’s got a great head of hair – that comes from Ben’s side of the family, his sisters have got the most gorgeous, thick hair.



Apparently Aoife is setting trends with her bows!


I like dressing Aoife in quite traditional clothes – the kind of things I probably would have worn when I was younger. Baby Boden is great for that kind of thing. She’s got a couple of cute ponchos from Baby Monsoon too and they’re great for this kind of unpredictable weather.

Can’t wait to tell you more about my trip to Ireland.

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx


10 June


Dressing room demands and famous faces at the Capital FM Summertime Ball

Hi everyone,

I’m off to Ireland today after a really hectic but incredibly exciting week. We had two days of rehearsals leading up the Capital Summertime Ball which took place on Sunday.

The tour rehearsals can be very intense – you’re literally singing and dancing all day. I always sing in dance practice because you have to know that you’re going to be able to do both when you’re up there on stage and not sound breathless. It’s a great opportunity to rehearse your vocals too.



Rehearsing before the performance – I always use the time to practise my vocals too


I always treat our dance rehearsals as a workout – I dress in my gym clothes and use it as my gym substitute!

The actual ball was so much fun from beginning to end. I think we had the smallest dressing room going and there were about 20 of us – hair, makeup, styling, people from our record label, and the dancers – all crammed in there and although it was a bit claustrophobic, I think it’s more fun that way. Will.I.Am and Taylor Swift’s dressing rooms were just next door to us!



Outside our tiny dressing room


We’re not very diva-ish in our dressing room demands – in fact, we’re probably a bit boring! We always share a dressing room – our staples are water, energy drinks, some soft drinks, cheese and biscuits, toothbrushes, mouthwash, deodorant and face wipes.



The Sats hanging out with DJ Marv


The show was great – hearing 80,000 people singing What About Us back to us was brilliant – it is one of those moments you need to soak up because they don’t happen all the time!

I bumped into Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field in the corridor and they introduced me to their little girl Teddy (Theodora Rose). We had a great chat about our children – when you’ve got kids you instantly have a bond with other parents and lots to talk about.



Early morning soundcheck ahead of the concert


I managed to see a few of the performances – Justin Timberlake was a favourite. His acoustic set was so impressive – I’m a big fan and he is unbelievably talented.



I couldn’t resist photobombing Mollie’s pic at the Newmarket races on Saturday


So now for some rest and relaxation in Ireland – I haven’t had any time off since Christmas so it’s going to be a blissful week.

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

07 June


Rochelle is such a natural mother, I always knew she would be


Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and made the most of the warm weather.

I took Aoife with me to see Rochelle and Alaia the other day. Aoife was really taken with the baby and was stroking her hair while Rochelle was feeding her – it was absolutely adorable. Aoife looked huge compared to Alaia, I forgot how tiny babies are when they’re newborn!

Every time I see Alaia she changes but she’s you can definitely see both of her parents in her. Rochelle’s mum said she is very much like Rochelle, she’s a really content and quiet baby. Rochelle is such a natural mother, I always knew she would be. Marvin is so sweet with his two girls, he totally dotes on them both.

Rochelle is missing us girls though and we miss her lots too and is looking forward to joining us again in the summer. You can’t rush going back to work when you’ve just become a new mum but I think she will be ready by then to start doing little bits with us.

Can’t wait to tell you all about our busy weekend – hope to see some of you in the crowds!

Love from Una xxx

06 June


The Sats rehearse for an exciting weekend…

Hi everyone,

una-rehearsals-bThe Sats are getting excited for the weekend! We’ve got a couple of big performances coming up – we’re playing at the Newmarket races on Saturday and the Capital Summertime Ball at Wembley on Sunday – and we’re hoping the weather stays lovely.

We had rehearsals for the ball on Wednesday and Thursday and here’s a photo of me in the studio.

On Friday night I’m covering for Rochelle on Sweat The Small Stuff  so tune in and let me know what you think of the show – it should be lots of fun.

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx



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