Rumours about the Sats’ series being axed

saturdaysHello everyone
It was reported in the press last week that our TV series Chasing The Saturdays had been dropped.The real truth is that we signed up to make 10 episodes, which we did and they were all shown in America. The series is now being shown in over 40 different countries, which is so exciting for us. It’s such a shame that the press are saying it’s been axed because we had such a great time making it and has been such a positive experience. For us – Chasing The Saturdays is only just starting in several countries, so we’re going to be talking about it and promoting it for probably the rest of the year!


Love Una

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  1. Max Ng-Kon-Tia

    I am glad you talked about it. I was kind of distressed when I saw the headline. Hopefully there will be more episodes, not just the 10.

  2. I’m a massive Saturdays fan. I enjoyed the show hugely and think it was awesome, My favourite members are Mollie, Una and Frankie. Ah what am I kidding I love ‘em all!

  3. Ciara Team Sats

    I would like to say thank you and well done for setting the record
    straight! I really loved Chasing The Saturdays, it’s one of my favourite tv shows! It would be amazing to have a second season, it’s a brill show! ♥ ☺

  4. thanks for letting us know the actual truth than having to read all the rubbish the press are publishing!

  5. I love Chasing The Saturdays, it’s amazing having a reality show that isn’t nonstop, over-the-top drama for once! The focus really balances out. It’s awesome how it shows that a group of girls really can get along and be so close without the bitchiness people always associate and assume goes on with female friendships.
    Here’s hoping for a second season, or more reality shows about the Sats in general! :)

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