May, 2013

08 May


‘The Sats are absolutely thrilled that Frankie and Wayne are expecting a baby’

saturdays-1-zHi everyone,

 Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

The Sats are absolutely thrilled that Frankie and Wayne are expecting a baby. We’re so excited for a third Sats baby and we think they’re going to be wonderful parents. We’d known about their exciting news for a while because Frankie told us straight away. I did the same thing when I found out I was expecting, it’d be really hard to keep it a secret because it’s such exciting news so you naturally want to share it.

There were a few times when I almost let the news about their baby slip! In various interviews they would ask about the Sats getting married and having children and Frankie’s news was in the tip of my tongue but luckily we kept it under wraps.


It seems like we’re all becoming mummies now. Just because we’re in a band it doesn’t mean we’re any different to other women. We meet people, we fall in love then we want to get married and have babies!

una-healy-golfI think it’s great that women can have children and still manage a career nowadays.

I worked as far as I could into my pregnancy and returned quite soon after having Aoife but I never sacrificed my family time, it’s very precious to me. I’ve showed Rochelle and Frankie that it is possible to juggle the two. I’m always there for them and very happy to give advice if they need it.

We saw Rochelle last week. She’s doing great, she’s really fit and healthy. There are only a few weeks to go until her and Marvin’s baby is due and I think she’s got to that point in her pregnancy where she really wants to meet the baby and of course the Sats aunties can’t wait either!

I’m off to the driving range with Ben tonight. We went at the weekend with Aoife and some friends and I’m totally hooked. We started off on the crazy golf then we hit some balls. I’ve never played properly before but Ben and my dad are both pretty good so I’m really keen to get into it.

Ben is trying to teach me but I’m probably going to need some proper lessons. He’s told me I’ve got a really good swing. When I was younger I would sometimes go along with my dad and I couldn’t even get the ball off of the tee but now I can swing and lift the ball off the ground so that feels like an achievement in itself!

Hopefully the weather will last because I really want to get better at it, I’m so busy with the band and being a mum but I do still want to have another outlet and I think golf could be my new thing! It strikes me as being very relaxing and it’s always good to get outdoors.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in the sunshine.

Love from Una x


03 May


My secrets for glowing skin

una-garnier-2Hello everyone,

Hope you’ve had a good week.

The Sats have been busy over the last couple of days — we did a magazine shoot, a radio gig and we’ve got a songwriting session today. We’ve got the melody written already so today is all about adding the lyrics in. It’s a great song and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve been helping to launch a new product with Garnier recently. It called 5 sec Perfect Blur and it’s similar to a primer and has an airbrushing effect. It leaves your skin flawless, my pores and lines vanished instantly. I think it’s a great product and it’s very lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re wearing heavy makeup. I wore it to my cousin’s wedding and lots of people kindly commented that my skin was looking good. It’s going to be launched in stores all over the UK in June and July and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

My skin care routine is quite simple. I use the right products for my skin and make sure to cleanse and moisturise regularly. I drink loads of water too, I know a lot of people say that but I really do think it’s the key for clear skin.

As a band we’re really good at eating healthily which is really essential in our line of work. The Sats really enjoy food but we always try and order the healthy stuff. It’s not often that we opt for junk food, we’d much rather eat plenty of the stuff that’s good for you instead.


That’s not to say I don’t treat myself from time to time. My biggest indulgence is red wine. I love a glass or two with dinner, it really helps you to unwind after a long day. Someone once told me that you should stick to two though, as the third will never have that same relaxing effect and I do my best to follow that as much as possible.

I’m loving this sunshine we’ve been having — let’s just hope it lasts! Ben, Aoife and I are looking forward to a relaxing weekend together at home.

Hope you enjoy your bank holiday —I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

Love Una xxx

01 May


The Sats in Ireland and my advice for budding musicians

una-30may-3 una-30may-4 Hello lovely readers,

I want to tell you about what the Sats were up to last weekend in Ireland. After a mad dash from Scotland where I’d been for my cousin’s wedding, I flew to Dublin to join the girls where we were performing on the Irish version of The Voice.

The girl I did a duet with, Kelly, was due to have a baby any minute so it was touch and go as to whether she was going to be able to come but she made it. She was an absolutely fantastic singer and I think she’s got lots of potential. We sang Pink’s Perfect together and she came second in the end. As a group, we performed our first-ever number one single What About Us and Issues. The entire performance was live which always brings extra pressure but it comes with a special buzz too.

My parents were sat in the audience and it was brilliant to have them both there. I’m very lucky in that they’ve always supported me in everything I do. Music runs in the family. My uncle, Declan Nerney, is a well-known country singer back in Ireland. He taught me a lot and was a great source of inspiration for me when I was growing up and he still is now.

My advice to anyone wanting a career in the music industry is that you have be persistent. If you’re auditioning for TV shows like The Voice or The X Factor and you’re not getting through the rounds, it is possible to still have a successful career — I’m living proof of that. I did a couple of auditions for TV shows when I was younger and although I made it through the first few rounds, I never made it onto the live shows. It didn’t put me off though, I guess it just wasn’t my time and decided that everything happens for a reason.

It’s very important to get as much experience as you possibly can because you just never know where a little gig in a pub might lead you. When I was starting out, I took my guitar and played all over the country. I did lots of cover gigs and introduced a few of my own tracks too. I performed anywhere that would have me. They weren’t very glamorous venues, often they’d be in pubs or hotel bars. But when I auditioned for the Sats, the confidence that I’d gained from live experience really paid off.

So follow your dreams! I wish you lots of luck.

Love fruna-30may-1om Una xxuna-30may-2

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