A trip to the zoo with Aoife Belle

Hello lovely readers,


Hope you’re having a great week and made the most of the gorgeous weather while it lasted.


Aoife and I had a lovely day out at the zoo on Tuesday. We hadn’t been to a proper zoo before so it was a really exciting day out for her.




She was really taken with the giraffe but she loves all animals really. She woofs at them regardless of whether it’s a dog or not which is quite funny.


We’d love to get a puppy but I think it’s best we wait until Aoife is a bit older so that she appreciates it more and can take care of it. I had lots of pets when I was growing up, our house was practically a zoo!


Sadly Ben couldn’t come because he was busy training with the Northampton Saints. It’s a big week for him because his team is through to the semi-final of the premiership so they’ve got a big match against Saracens on Sunday.


Our nanny Ruth came though. We hired her recently to look after little Aoife at home during the day when Ben or I can’t be there and we treat her as part of the family.

The weather was perfect for our day out. I think we’re quite deprived of Vitamin D here in the UK so I’m really glad the sun has been out recently. When I was pregnant I found out I was deficient in Vitamin D so I started taking supplements to boost my levels.  Although I love lying out in the sun, I do take care not to over expose my skin and it’s really important that Aoife is protected with her sunblock too. I always wear sunscreen and I use an especially high factor on my face because I’m prone to getting a burnt face and also I want to keep risk of wrinkles to a minimum!

Love Una xx


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  1. Ciara Team Sats

    Aww! I hope u and Aoife had a great time at the zoo! :D
    I’m really excited for The Saturdays new vid for Gentlemen and
    the release, the new album :D and a tour maybe? ;) Love your blog
    it’s really enjoyable to read and u are so down to earth! ♥ x

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