May, 2013

31 May


Gorgeous gifts from the Sats aunties for adorable Alaia-Mai

Hello lovely readers,

Hope you’re all enjoying the blog.

The Sats aunties have been doting on Rochelle and Marvin’s adorable baby girl Alaia-Mai. We went to visit her last week and went back yesterday.

She is so unbelievably gorgeous. We’ve been showering their baby with gifts for a while now, we can’t seem to stop! Last week, I took Alaia a really cute Ralph Lauren bib and babygro and a hamper full of sweet little baby gifts and goodies. The other girls took her pretty little dresses and outfits so she’s got a great wardrobe already!marvin-alaia

It’s hard to tell whether she looks like her Mummy or Daddy at the moment because she’s so tiny. I think she’s got Rochelle’s lips and the rest is a good mix of both of them.

Rochelle is doing great and loves being a mum. Of course she’s really tired though. They say sleep while you can before you have the baby (which we all know is almost impossible) — and now she knows why.

After visiting Alaia, I sent a tweet and mentioned that I was getting broody. Spending time with such a gorgeous little girl is enough to make anyone broody but it doesn’t mean Aoife will be getting a little brother or sister right away! I am happy for the moment with just the one.

Rumours always start flying that we’re splitting up when a pregnancy is announced but having children is no reason for the Sats to stop. I proved you can do it and we’ve got a really bright future together.

Speak soon!

Love Una xxx




29 May


When Mollie met Bradley Cooper…

hangover3-sats-2  hangover3-sats-4Hi everyone,

The Sats went to the Hangover 3 premiere in London last week which was a brilliant evening out.

Mollie went up to Bradley Cooper, who stars in the film, and had her photo taken with him. She’s the best at grabbing an opportunity like that when there is one.

We were all a bit jealous that we hadn’t been braver and asked

He said he recognised us which was amazing because he’s such a massive Hollywood star — but I think he might have been told who we were while he was on the red carpet!


My white mini dress was by a designer called Rachel Gilbert. It had really pretty embellished details and I loved wearing it. I had huge heels on which I struggle with sometimes but I was alright on the night! We all accessorised with dazzling Swarovski jewellery.


The Sats got ready together in the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair. Our wonderful ‘glam squad’, Nick Peters and Celena Hancock, were on hand to make sure we were red carpet ready. Our stylist Frank Strachan was there too and made sure we looked the part. We get to try lots of outfits on then we see what looks best together. We like to pick outfits that suit our personal style but we make sure we look like a group too.

I think the Hangover 3 probably appeals more a guy’s sense of humour than a girl’s but it’s definitely worth seeing if you liked the first two.

Aoife and I said goodbye to Ben today because he flew off to Argentina for a three-week tour with the England rugby team. We’re going to miss him lots but we are quite well-adjusted to spending time apart. We make the most of Skype and that makes the distance not feel quite so huge.

Did you like our outfits from the Hangover 3 premiere? I would love to know what you thought.

Thanks for reading!

With love from Una xxx


28 May


Radio One’s Big Weekend was very special for me

Hi everyone
Hope you had a lovely bank holiday and made the most of the sunshine while it lasted.

The Sats were performing at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Derry-Londonderry in Northern Ireland at the  weekend.

It was a particularly special performance for me because I performed at the BBC sessions in Belfast ten years ago when I was trying to break into the music industry. I remember hearing that they were looking for unsigned artists to perform. There was no fee involved or anything but I was just grateful for the opportunity and the exposure.

The contrast between the two performances ten years apart is just amazing. You never know what will happen and being up there on the main stage is something I always dreamed of. It’s a totally different experience performing solo compared to with the girls. It can be quite lonely as a solo artist but having the girls means the experience is shared and that’s one of my favourite things about being a Saturday.

Our show went so well, we did an exclusive performance of our new single Gentleman. Because it was the first time we’d done it and we’d only learnt the routine a few days before, we did it early on in the set. We wanted to be as fresh as possible and give it our best and we were really pleased with how it went!


Did any of you manage to catch the performance on BBC3? I’d love to know what you thought.

Love from Una xxx


23 May


Baby Alaia-Mai is absolutely gorgeous

Hi everyone,

It’s been such an exciting week for the Sats aunties – we met little Alaia-Mai on Wednesday and she’s absolutely gorgeous. We’re thrilled for Rochelle and Marvin and I’m delighted to say they’re both doing really well.una-sats-downing-stuna-downing-street-2

As well as spending time with baby Alaia-Mai, Mollie, Vanessa and I were at 11 Downing Street for the charity Rays of Sunshine’s 10th Birthday party.. We went to a tea party with the children and met Samantha Cameron while we were there. The charity grants wishes to children and teenagers living with serious or life-threatening illnesses in the UK.

We met some incredible children with truly amazing stories. We met one particularly special little boy called Oscar. He is a huge Saturdays fan and we surprised him by answering the door to him when he arrived. He was so cute and we all wanted to take him home.

We do a lot of work with that particular charity so we’re really keen to help out where we can.

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

21 May


The Sats can’t wait to meet Rochelle and Marvin’s baby girl

rochelle-una-blogHello everyone,

The Sats are so excited that Rochelle has had her baby! It’s a little girl named Alaia-Mai. We’re over the moon for her and Marvin and can’t wait to meet her.

We’d been waiting for a call to hear the baby had arrived for a while. Every time my phone rang I thought it was baby news. The last few days we hadn’t heard from her much so we were all thinking it was very soon so we’re delighted that their little girl is here and well.

The Sats were performing at the Doncaster Races on Saturday. It was great fun, we’re doing quite a few racecourse concerts this summer. They’re great because there’s always a big crowd, at Doncaster there were about 9,000 so the atmosphere is electric. The people in the audience are a real mix so it’s really fascinating as a performer. You get the fans who have bought tickets specifically to see you and then there’s the race goers who hang around afterwards to catch the show. Lots of them were wearing fascinators which is quite novel for one of our gigs and they looked really glam! We sang What About Us and it proved a real hit with the crowd who were singing it back to us which gave a really cool echo effect.

I found time to watch Eurovision over the weekend, it’s a really special show to me because I performed on it with Ireland in 2006 as a backing singer for Brian Kennedy. I watched the competition when I was little — Ireland were really successful back then. We came last this year — I was so shocked, Ryan Dolan is such a good singer and the song was great. Bonnie was great too. I’m a big fan of hers and power ballads in general. I supported her at a gig in Ireland once so I’ve got a bit of history with her too. She’s a lovely lady.

I thought the general level was incredible this year. I’m a massive fan of the whole spectacle — not just the singing but the staging, the dancing and their costumes too. I remember being really wowed by performing on the Eurovision. It’s such a huge event with millions of people watching so it’s an awesome thing to be a part of.

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

16 May


Rumours about the Sats’ series being axed

saturdaysHello everyone
It was reported in the press last week that our TV series Chasing The Saturdays had been dropped.The real truth is that we signed up to make 10 episodes, which we did and they were all shown in America. The series is now being shown in over 40 different countries, which is so exciting for us. It’s such a shame that the press are saying it’s been axed because we had such a great time making it and has been such a positive experience. For us – Chasing The Saturdays is only just starting in several countries, so we’re going to be talking about it and promoting it for probably the rest of the year!


Love Una

15 May


Why The Sats love having family and friends in the crowd

una-healy-parisHello everyone,

Hope you’re having a great week. I’m in Paris with the Sats at the moment, we’re having a fabulous time, it’s such a glam city. Can’t wait to tell you more about it next time.

At the weekend, we had a fun family dinner with my parents who were visiting and on Sunday we went to watch Ben playing rugby. It was a big game for his team Northampton Saints and I’m happy to say they won and that they’re through to the finals of the premiership.

The Sats are performing at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Derry-Londonderry on the same day so sadly I won’t be able to see him play. But of course I’m looking forward to being up on stage with the girls and it’ll be the first time we perform our new single Gentleman so that’s very exciting.

Aoife and I watched the match from one of the boxes because it’s safer for her up there than down with the crowd. She’s still only tiny and not quite ready for that yet so we were up in a box with all the girlfriends, wives and children from the other team, Saracens. We didn’t wear our Saints shirts this time because we were mixing with the enemy and I thought it might’ve been a bit cheeky if we’d turned up in our Northampton colours.

I always used to watch Ben playing rugby in the stands, I love the atmosphere down    there. When Aoife gets a bit bigger and can sit on my lap for the duration of the game I’ll take her closer to the action.

I’m hoping she’ll get into watching her Daddy play rugby but at the moment she’s still too little to understand what he’s really doing. Even so, I know that Ben absolutely loves us being in the crowd and knowing that we’re there to support him.


Despite the fact that he can’t see us, I know that it’s really good mentally for him to know that we’re watching. It’s the same for me when I’m singing with the girls. In fact, all of us love having family and friends in the crowd watching.

Thanks so much for all your comments about our new single Gentleman, I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying it. It’s a really fun track, has anyone managed to learn the lyrics yet?

Speak to you soon.

Love from Una xx

12 May


Learning the dance for our new single ‘Gentleman’

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve managed to hear our new single Gentleman. We’ve had some great feedback so far and think it’s going to be a really fun tune for the summer. Has anyone managed to learn the lyrics yet? They’re pretty speedy!

It was announced last week that the Sats would be playing at Radio One’s big weekend in Derry-Londonderry and we’re really excited to be performing there. We’re opening the main stage on the Saturday and I think it’ll be the first time we perform Gentleman.


We’ve got to learn a new dance routine for it next week. We work with a choreographer named Paul who we’ve worked with for ages. He’s worked with everyone in the business from Five to Liberty X so we’re very lucky have him in charge. If Paul is booked up we work with a guy called Aaron who used to be in S Club Juniors so he knows Frankie and Rochelle well.

The Sats can normally learn a new routine in one day but it takes a couple of days to get it into your head properly. In the early days, I struggled with the dances. I didn’t have a dancing background so I found them harder to pick up than the others but learning the routines is something you get better at. I’m not an amazing dancer but as my confidence has grown I’ve found that the routines sink in quicker.

My previous experience was quite limited to sitting on a stool with a guitar so I had to learn quite fast. But the truth is that our routines are actually quite simple and people can do copy them at home quite easily.

I’d love to hear what you think of our new track – you can leave your comments here and i’ll make sure I read them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love from Una xxx


09 May


The Sats’ new single ‘Gentleman’ is my favourite so far

sats-gentlemanHi everyone,

It’s a really exciting day for the Sats today because our single Gentleman premiered on Capital FM.  Hope you managed to hear it — if not you can hear it here. It’s set for release on 30 June.

I’ve got a lot of love for this track, I’d have to say it’s my favourite ever Sats song and I’m really proud of it.

It’s great that What About Us is still current and I think it’ll be thsatse perfect summer tune but Gentleman brings something else. We think it’s really catchy and that it’s the kind of track that will make you want to know all the lyrics, they’re really cool lyrics.

We were over the moon when What About Us went to number one. There was always a pressure to get the first number one in the bag and I’m so glad we achieved that, it was quite a relief after having had so many successful singles that just never quite made it to the top. But we did prove that you can be good without having topped the charts.

Of course we’d love another number one, we’ve got a taste for it now! I don’t think there’s a strict formula for a chart-topping single but I would say it has to appeal to not just your fan base but to others too. I think that’s part of the reason why What About Us did so well.

On Friday I will be back in the studio with Ed Drewett putting the finishing touches to the song that we were writing last week. It’s a really fun tune so it’ll be great to complete it and eventually share it with our fans.

Please let me know what you think of Gentleman — leave your comments here and I’ll be sure to read them.

Lots of love from Una xx

09 May


A trip to the zoo with Aoife Belle

Hello lovely readers,


Hope you’re having a great week and made the most of the gorgeous weather while it lasted.


Aoife and I had a lovely day out at the zoo on Tuesday. We hadn’t been to a proper zoo before so it was a really exciting day out for her.




She was really taken with the giraffe but she loves all animals really. She woofs at them regardless of whether it’s a dog or not which is quite funny.


We’d love to get a puppy but I think it’s best we wait until Aoife is a bit older so that she appreciates it more and can take care of it. I had lots of pets when I was growing up, our house was practically a zoo!


Sadly Ben couldn’t come because he was busy training with the Northampton Saints. It’s a big week for him because his team is through to the semi-final of the premiership so they’ve got a big match against Saracens on Sunday.


Our nanny Ruth came though. We hired her recently to look after little Aoife at home during the day when Ben or I can’t be there and we treat her as part of the family.

The weather was perfect for our day out. I think we’re quite deprived of Vitamin D here in the UK so I’m really glad the sun has been out recently. When I was pregnant I found out I was deficient in Vitamin D so I started taking supplements to boost my levels.  Although I love lying out in the sun, I do take care not to over expose my skin and it’s really important that Aoife is protected with her sunblock too. I always wear sunscreen and I use an especially high factor on my face because I’m prone to getting a burnt face and also I want to keep risk of wrinkles to a minimum!

Love Una xx


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