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una-healy-studioHi everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This week the Saturdays have got some time in the studio for some recording and writing. Hopefully we’ll get to do some writing with Sandy Vee who produced Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World and has worked with Katy Perry and David Guetta. He’s a brilliant producer and we’re all really enthusiastic about spending a couple of hours writing songs with him.

We want to try and finish the new album that we started while we were out filming Chasing The Saturdays in LA. A couple of really brilliant new tracks have come in and we’re really keen to record them. The tracks might be for our next album or they could just be for the future.


I really love song-writing, I used to write a lot before I joined the Sats so if there’s any opportunity for song-writing, I’m there like a shot. I’ve got a lot of melodies running around my head and if some says something catchy, I’ll write it down and try and incorporate into the lyrics somehow. I’m much better at melodies than I am at lyrics. I can pick up the guitar and just make a song up on the spot but I’m slower with lyrics. I still get there, it just takes me a bit longer.

When the Sats are writing, we tend to break off into twos or threes because that’s how we work best. Mollie and I in particular work well together on heartfelt ballads. Rochelle and Vanessa bring a more upbeat, R and B sound. Frankie is fantastic at coming up with clever lyrics. We adapt the way work depending on what we are working on but we never write together as a five.

We’re always writing music as we go along. That’s the nature of the pop industry, you can’t really afford to stop. We don’t do it for fixed periods of time, it’s more of an impromptu thing, like when there’s a good writer around. If I have time off I like to write songs then too, I absolutely love doing it and it doesn’t feel like work to me.

The next Sats single is out in the summer. We haven’t seen the final edit yet but it’s definitely my favourite one of all the ones we’ve ever recorded. Now that we’ve had our first number one with What About Us, the sky’s the limit!

Thanks for reading — I’m really enjoying reading your comments so please keep them coming!

Love from Una x

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  1. The Sats are my favourites :) I love your blogs Una :)
    The Sats songs are absolutely amazing and always
    cheer me up :) So proud of The Sats’ number 1 it makes
    me smile! :)

  2. I’m dying to hear the next single!

  3. Love the blogs mrs foden! ;) keep them coming and good hearing your in the studio writing again! Loving the pics too and get that guitar out in doncaster next month! :p

  4. Hello Una!
    Its Carlos from NYC, remember that morning at The Today Show? LOL I will never forget it thank you so much. Im so glad youre writing blogs and giving us a glimpse of your life, as well as the bands updates. As I told you in person Aoife Belle is GORGEOUS and I love the examples that you set as a wife/mom/artist, I know it can be hard but it will work if you balance out your life. Thats one of the reasons why I am #TEAMSATS because you girls are prime examples of our daily lives and have such good morals to pass on to the fans worldwide. Give my best to the girls and the management team, see you soon! Xx

  5. Hi Una,

    I’ve been trying to write a song of my own for years and I have had many failed attempts. Have you got any advice on how to go around it and get the best result?

    Hannah x

  6. Great to see the sats at number 1. Well done girls.

  7. Hi, Una!!

    I am Brazilian and I love reading your posts. It’s amazing how a treat life as normal form. I’m really looking forward to the next single from The Sats. I loved ‘What About Us’, she became my favorite song and even having difficulty with English can already sing the whole song. Congratulations!

    Kisses, We (BRASILIANS) love for you! O BRASIL TE ESPERA (The BRAZIL YOU WAITING)!!!

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