My summer style and dressing up with the Sats

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all okay and looking forward to the weekend.

I’m loving this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been having. I much prefer dressing for warm weather than cold weather. I’ve ditched my jacket and wore a patterned jumpsuit and sandals today which might have been a bit premature — I’ll soon find out!

When I’m with the Saturdays I dress slightly differently to how I would if it’s just me going about my everyday life. We try to look like we’re part of the same group when we’re together because it’s part of our look. We’ve got a stylist Frank Strachan and he styles us as a group. Our own personal tastes come into it too though. I think I’m a lot more girly and I tend to wear more high heels and dresses when I’m with the band.


I don’t feel much pressure to doll myself up when I’m not with the Sats. When we were in LA, there were a lot more paparazzi around so we felt a bit more pressure. When I’m in the UK though, I don’t often come across them. Ben, Aoife and I live out in the countryside and luckily there aren’t many paparazzi there!

When we’re out as a band we’ve come to expect it though. In LA there was one particular photographer that followed us around LA constantly, I don’t know how he didn’t get bored! But there was nothing we could do to stop him and he was quite harmless.

When you see the Saturdays’ style in everyday life, that’s our own business and there are no stylists involved. My own style is quite laid back, a bit of a mix between boho and rocky. I’m most comfortable in a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

I’ll be back blogging again on Monday!

Love Una xx

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  1. Love ur and The Sats’ styles Una :D
    I always think u look amazing in and
    out of The Sats, as do Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle and
    Frankie :) Looking foward to Monday, loving your blog! x

  2. You always look gorgeous no matter what you wear and could wear a bin bag and still look amazing! :p you do have great style though, if only we could all look like you :’)

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