The Saturdays: ‘Our amazing few weeks’

photo[8]Welcome to my new blog for HELLO! Online

The Saturdays have had a really amazing few weeks with What About Us going to number one. It was our first number one and the fastest selling single this year so it was really exciting.

We were all working really hard in the run-up to that. We’ve simmered down a bit again but it never really stops. We were in Germany this week because the single has been released on iTunes and our TV show Chasing The Saturdays has just begun over there. We’ve got lots of travelling coming up because Chasing The Saturdays is being broadcast on E! in lots of different territories now so we’ve got trips planned all over the place!

We’re really lucky that we get to see the world. Living out of a suitcase for me feels quite normal. I do enjoy it and it’s great to meet our fans. Some of them have been following us since the beginning and they’re just happy that our music’s finally being released internationally now.

When we were in New York we met some really hardcore fans in Times Square who had old CDs from the beginning for us to sign which they had obviously had imported. We’re picking up a lot of new fans but we’ll never forget our fans back home.

Last week we were on home soil and we opened the Grand National Festival at Aintree. Rochelle wasn’t with us because her baby is due soon and she’s gone past that stage where it’s safe to be dancing around. It’s never the same when we perform and a member is missing. It feels like you’re missing a limb or something! But we all just give our best performance possible if a member can’t be there.

I had tonsillitis and I was really dreading having a coughing attack on stage. Luckily I got through it and no one even knew I was sick. When you’re onstage you don’t feel the pain. I forget everything and I get in my zone. I really enjoyed it and the crowd were great.


That was Aoife’s first Saturdays show. Obviously she had no idea what her mother was doing up on stage or what she was doing in a big crowd but that’ll be standard for her now so she’s just going to have to get used to it!

Ben was holding Aoife in the crowd and everyone said that she saw me go up on stage her little mouth was open and she could tell it was me.

She was bopping away. I couldn’t stop looking over to the side of the stage to see how she was. I could see Ben dancing around with her and she kept being passed around and everyone having a little dance. She was loving it.


I was well prepared because I had these little headphones for her, they’re called Peltor Kids, and they’re for protecting their hearing. But she wouldn’t wear them, she kept taking them off.

Luckily she was in the audience in a place where the noise level wasn’t very high so she managed really well without them. I love this cute picture of her trying to pull them off. She looks like a little DJ trying to jam.

Thanks for reading!

Love from Una x

Pictures are courtesy of E! Entertainment Chasing The Saturdays.



  1. I love your new blog Una! I can’t wait to read more and more!!!!!!!!!

  2. Una I love you!!! And Aoife Belle is the cutest little gal ever! Can’t wait to read your blog every week, and can you make sure Ben is in some of the posts too! Wonderful family, love the three of you! Sx

  3. Welcome!! Love your first post! Will you be sharing your beauty tips? You always look so flawless, and I always love how you make-up your eyes!!

  4. Una you are so beautiful! Soooooo excited for this blog, great first post with you and little Aoife Belle, so cute!

  5. Your perfect Una!! Aoife is SO cute!! I cant wait to read more of your blogs :-)

  6. Wow. This is great. I am really looking forward to the next instalment.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!! Can’t wait for the next one!! <3 <3 <3

  8. OMG dis iz gr8, hv showed dis 2 al my matez!!!!!!!!

  9. Una your so great I love u!!

  10. I love this blog Una can’t wait for the next blog

  11. Wow this is awesome Una!!!! Keep it up girl :)

  12. I loved your first column and will be reading it weekly if its going to be up that much.

  13. Absolutely love this blog, great job Una cant wait for the next one :)

  14. You’re blogs are so interesting to read! Couldn’t
    have got a better person to do it! :) I love The Sats,
    you’re one of my musical inspirations. :)

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