April, 2013

30 April


A sunny Scottish wedding

Hi everyone,

Hope your week has got off to a good start. I’m writing this on my way home after a few days away at a wedding in Scotland and working with the Sats in my native Ireland.

People often ask me what a typical week is – but I can never find an answer to that! Last week, I was in three different countries within the space of three days. On Friday I travelled to Scotland with my mum and sister for my cousin’s weddings. Anne-Marie is one of my best friends. We grew up together so we’re very close and I wouldn’t have missed her special day for the world. She got married in a charming, remote village called Banff and luckily the weather was perfect! She looked absolutely beautiful just as I knew she would.




I wore an Amy Childs dress for the wedding. I didn’t wear a fascinator but had my hair up and wore French Connection shoes and carried a Kate Spade bag. I love to wear a mix of designer and high street clothes. I always make sure I wear good shoes though.

Sadly Ben and Aoife couldn’t be there. Ben was on a stag do in Berlin and had some training to do. I helped him with his stag costume, they all had to dress up as WWF wrestlers and he was the ‘Heartbreak Kid’. We got really creative with the fancy dress online shopping and he ended up with hair extensions. He sent me pics and they all looked hilarious.

I’m so excited about seeing Aoife and Ben when I get home. Three days is a long time to be away and although I try to take Aoife with me as much as possible, sometimes it’s just too difficult to take her to work as any working mum will tell you.

The wedding was on Saturday and I caught a flight to Ireland early on Sunday morning. The Sats had a great time over there performing on The Voice of Ireland and doing various other things. It was a real whirlwind visit and we had a really tight schedule. I’m looking forward to telling you more about that next time.

Thanks for reading!

Love Una xx

26 April


My summer style and dressing up with the Sats

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all okay and looking forward to the weekend.

I’m loving this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been having. I much prefer dressing for warm weather than cold weather. I’ve ditched my jacket and wore a patterned jumpsuit and sandals today which might have been a bit premature — I’ll soon find out!

When I’m with the Saturdays I dress slightly differently to how I would if it’s just me going about my everyday life. We try to look like we’re part of the same group when we’re together because it’s part of our look. We’ve got a stylist Frank Strachan and he styles us as a group. Our own personal tastes come into it too though. I think I’m a lot more girly and I tend to wear more high heels and dresses when I’m with the band.


I don’t feel much pressure to doll myself up when I’m not with the Sats. When we were in LA, there were a lot more paparazzi around so we felt a bit more pressure. When I’m in the UK though, I don’t often come across them. Ben, Aoife and I live out in the countryside and luckily there aren’t many paparazzi there!

When we’re out as a band we’ve come to expect it though. In LA there was one particular photographer that followed us around LA constantly, I don’t know how he didn’t get bored! But there was nothing we could do to stop him and he was quite harmless.

When you see the Saturdays’ style in everyday life, that’s our own business and there are no stylists involved. My own style is quite laid back, a bit of a mix between boho and rocky. I’m most comfortable in a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

I’ll be back blogging again on Monday!

Love Una xx

24 April


A busy week and supporting Ben


Thanks so much for all your lovely comments about the blog.

Last weekend, we enjoyed some family time when we took Aoife Belle to watch her first rugby game – my husband Ben’s team Northampton was playing. Aoife was taken onto the pitch afterwards and she loved it.

Northampton has a dog mascot called Bernie – who Aoife met. Every time Aoife sees a dog, she says ‘woof’, which is very sweet.

We watched the match from a box because the crowds would have been too much for Aoife. Normally, if I go to a game, I just watch from the stands like anyone else, but we stayed with the other rugby players’ wives, girlfriends and children in the box. It was chaos! There were so many children running around, it was like being in a crèche.

I know a few of the other wives and girlfriends quite well. I haven’t been to that many games in the past year because of conflicting work schedules and the weather being quite bad. But the girls are all lovely.

It was also great to see Ben playing. He had three months off last year when he had to have ankle ligament damage, but he is back to his old self again. Northampton Saints beat Sale 47-7 and it was the last home game of the season, so it was a great day, very exciting.

22 April


The Sats in the studio

una-healy-studioHi everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This week the Saturdays have got some time in the studio for some recording and writing. Hopefully we’ll get to do some writing with Sandy Vee who produced Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World and has worked with Katy Perry and David Guetta. He’s a brilliant producer and we’re all really enthusiastic about spending a couple of hours writing songs with him.

We want to try and finish the new album that we started while we were out filming Chasing The Saturdays in LA. A couple of really brilliant new tracks have come in and we’re really keen to record them. The tracks might be for our next album or they could just be for the future.


I really love song-writing, I used to write a lot before I joined the Sats so if there’s any opportunity for song-writing, I’m there like a shot. I’ve got a lot of melodies running around my head and if some says something catchy, I’ll write it down and try and incorporate into the lyrics somehow. I’m much better at melodies than I am at lyrics. I can pick up the guitar and just make a song up on the spot but I’m slower with lyrics. I still get there, it just takes me a bit longer.

When the Sats are writing, we tend to break off into twos or threes because that’s how we work best. Mollie and I in particular work well together on heartfelt ballads. Rochelle and Vanessa bring a more upbeat, R and B sound. Frankie is fantastic at coming up with clever lyrics. We adapt the way work depending on what we are working on but we never write together as a five.

We’re always writing music as we go along. That’s the nature of the pop industry, you can’t really afford to stop. We don’t do it for fixed periods of time, it’s more of an impromptu thing, like when there’s a good writer around. If I have time off I like to write songs then too, I absolutely love doing it and it doesn’t feel like work to me.

The next Sats single is out in the summer. We haven’t seen the final edit yet but it’s definitely my favourite one of all the ones we’ve ever recorded. Now that we’ve had our first number one with What About Us, the sky’s the limit!

Thanks for reading — I’m really enjoying reading your comments so please keep them coming!

Love from Una x

19 April


Filming ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’

ben-una-all-star-2-blogHello all,

Hope you’ve had a great week.

My husband Ben and I had such a good time filming for ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’ this week. It was for charity and lots of fun to take part in. I feel like we know each other inside out but I couldn’t help thinking that couples who have been together longer than we have might be at a real advantage, apparently that’s not the case though.

I was told that often couples who might not have been together for decades still know quirky things about each other and I think that’s very much the case for Ben and I.

Ben and I got married last July and we’d been together for about three and a half years before that. The story of how we met is quite funny. I was introduced to him after his agents went behind his back and asked if I’d go on a date with him. They got my number and passed it on to Ben who then called me. That was it really!

I’m taking Aoife to watch her first rugby match this weekend. I can’t wait to see how she reacts to her daddy playing out on the field. She’s still very young but I’m hoping it’s something she’ll get into and we can enjoy watching Ben play together.

I used to go and watch him play a lot but haven’t been to a game since I had Aoife. I’d been meaning to take her along to watch earlier in the season but she was ill at Christmas and it’s been really cold so I’ve been reluctant to go. Ben plays once a week, normally on a Saturday and I’m hoping that little Aoife will take to it and watching him will become part of our routine.

I’ll let you know how we get on next week!

Love from Una x



17 April


Frankie’s gorgeous engagement ring and The Saturdays in Munich


Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your comments and can’t wait to hear your feedback on this update.

The Saturdays have not long been back from Germany, that was a really fun trip and it was doubly exciting because Frankie had announced her engagement to Wayne Bridge just before we set off.

We’re all so delighted for them. They’re such a lovely couple. Frankie’s ring is so unbelievably gorgeous. Her close friends and family weren’t far away when Wayne proposed so she’d celebrated with them then. We haven’t had the chance to celebrate properly as a band yet but if Frankie hosts an engagement party, we’ll all be there.

Frankie, Vanessa, Mollie and I were in Munich to promote the E! Entertainment channel which has just launched out there. Chasing The Saturdays is their flagship programme — over there it’s called Der Weg Nach Oben, which is the only German I learnt while I was there! It means ‘On their way up’ I’m told.

We’ve travelled a lot as a band and we’ve stayed in all sorts of places, some nice and some not so nice, depending on what the budget is for whatever we’re doing.


But this one was by far the best ever. It was so gorgeous and the staff were lovely to us. It was the perfect base for our time in the city.

It was my first time in Munich. We were working lots with a couple of events, a few interviews and we had a performance one night so we didn’t get to see much of the city sadly. But while we were there we went for a couple of really nice dinners as a group. We always try and do that when we’re away.

Munich is definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to. It’s got a good vibe, it’s the kind of place I’d like to go with my husband Ben some time. We like exploring new cities when we go away. Vienna’s not far away and it supposed to be really romantic so that might be a trip for us to do together in the future.

Love from Una x

15 April


Juggling being a Saturday and a mum

Thank you all for your lovely comments about the last blog post.

The Saturdays were in Germany last week to promote our single What About Us and our TV show Chasing The Saturdays. Once we got back we had a couple of days off.

Although the Saturdays love working together, it’s also very important to all of us to spend time with our families when we’re not working.

My husband Ben also has a really busy schedule because he plays rugby for Northampton Saints and England, but he has more of a routine than I do. My schedule often changes at the last minute, for example if I’m called in to do a shoot or something we have lined up might get cancelled. But Ben knows the hours he’ll be training and that really helps with establishing a routine for Aoife.

Ben leaves for training very early in the morning but he’s back at around the same time every day. He plays a game once a week, normally on a Saturday, and he always has two days off per week. It can be hard to plan things to do things together but we’re both very devoted to our jobs so we find a way to work around it.

We don’t get a lot of time at home but we make the most of it when we do. When Ben and I are with Aoife, we love going out for Sunday lunch. Even just playing with her at home and doing really simple, silly things like teaching her how to play peek-a-boo and blowing kisses is fun.

I’m really looking forward to having a fellow Saturdays mum when Rochelle has her baby. Rochelle is very well prepared, a lot more than I was I can tell you! I felt like I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. But an instinct kicked in at the right time and I feel quite confident about most things baby-related now. But I’ll never know everything, every baby is different.

Rochelle has got a lot of experience even just by being around me. Her best friend also had a baby around the same time as me so she has seen it all first-hand. She’s got really good maternal instincts, too.

I’m making sure I take lots of photos and videos of Aoife — apparently you always do when it’s your first child. She took five steps the other day. She’s been toddling about for a while but she hadn’t taken that many before and I managed to capture it in this video.

Aoife has got a very busy schedule. Sometimes I look at it and think her diary’s busier than mine! She’s very active, we take her to a class every Sunday called Water Babies. She loves music too and bops away when we put her songs on but it’s probably too early to tell if she’ll follow in my footsteps.



Although she’s out and about a lot, it’s not like we’re pushy parents or anything. Ben and I just think that as she’s not at preschool yet, it’s really important for her to be around other children.

I’m friends with Michelle Heaton and her little baby Faith. We love to meet up and it’s hilarious to see the two little girls together. They are a couple of months in age apart and it’s wonderful to watch them interacting.

Love from Una x

12 April


The Saturdays: ‘Our amazing few weeks’

photo[8]Welcome to my new blog for HELLO! Online

The Saturdays have had a really amazing few weeks with What About Us going to number one. It was our first number one and the fastest selling single this year so it was really exciting.

We were all working really hard in the run-up to that. We’ve simmered down a bit again but it never really stops. We were in Germany this week because the single has been released on iTunes and our TV show Chasing The Saturdays has just begun over there. We’ve got lots of travelling coming up because Chasing The Saturdays is being broadcast on E! in lots of different territories now so we’ve got trips planned all over the place!

We’re really lucky that we get to see the world. Living out of a suitcase for me feels quite normal. I do enjoy it and it’s great to meet our fans. Some of them have been following us since the beginning and they’re just happy that our music’s finally being released internationally now.

When we were in New York we met some really hardcore fans in Times Square who had old CDs from the beginning for us to sign which they had obviously had imported. We’re picking up a lot of new fans but we’ll never forget our fans back home.

Last week we were on home soil and we opened the Grand National Festival at Aintree. Rochelle wasn’t with us because her baby is due soon and she’s gone past that stage where it’s safe to be dancing around. It’s never the same when we perform and a member is missing. It feels like you’re missing a limb or something! But we all just give our best performance possible if a member can’t be there.

I had tonsillitis and I was really dreading having a coughing attack on stage. Luckily I got through it and no one even knew I was sick. When you’re onstage you don’t feel the pain. I forget everything and I get in my zone. I really enjoyed it and the crowd were great.


That was Aoife’s first Saturdays show. Obviously she had no idea what her mother was doing up on stage or what she was doing in a big crowd but that’ll be standard for her now so she’s just going to have to get used to it!

Ben was holding Aoife in the crowd and everyone said that she saw me go up on stage her little mouth was open and she could tell it was me.

She was bopping away. I couldn’t stop looking over to the side of the stage to see how she was. I could see Ben dancing around with her and she kept being passed around and everyone having a little dance. She was loving it.


I was well prepared because I had these little headphones for her, they’re called Peltor Kids, and they’re for protecting their hearing. But she wouldn’t wear them, she kept taking them off.

Luckily she was in the audience in a place where the noise level wasn’t very high so she managed really well without them. I love this cute picture of her trying to pull them off. She looks like a little DJ trying to jam.

Thanks for reading!

Love from Una x

Pictures are courtesy of E! Entertainment Chasing The Saturdays.

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