Mrs Stephen Fry – a lady like no other!

Sometimes Twitter exposes a rare gem; a person we wouldn’t have met under any other circumstances.  This is certainly the case for Mrs Stephen Fry.  Mrs Fry (or Edna as she’s known to her friends) has been entertaining us for some time now with hilarious tweets about her life as down-trodden wife of Stephen Fry.

Mrs Fry's Diary.png

Having five, six or even seven children (she never seems to be too sure how many), Mrs Fry always has plenty to tweet about.  She recently told us:

“I’d better make some sandwiches – the kids will be home soon.  I don’t like facing them on an empty stomach.”

On 15th October, Twitter was home to a huge event, when  Mrs Fry hosted a virtual launch for her new book, Mrs Fry’s Diary.  The hilarious book takes us through a year in the life of an unwitting celebrity wife; exposing the truth about Stephen’s secret double life.

I chatted to Mrs Fry during the week and found her to be charming, obliging and only a little bit frazzled.  Despite her busyness, trying to juggle her newfound author status with the demands of her large family, she agreed to answer a few questions for me.


Darling Mrs Fry, how lovely of you to take time out of your busy schedule to talk to us here at!  And may I call you Edna?

Of course you may, dear.  It makes a change from what Stephen generally calls me – the old ball and chain.  Or after a night in the Red Lion; toots!

Edna, for those who didn’t realise that the lovely Stephen Fry had a wife, can you explain how you two met?

I’d like to say it was unforgettable, dear, but sadly Stephen doesn’t remember any of it.  He hasn’t got the best memory in the world but twelve pints of Stella and half a bottle of Tia Maria probably didn’t help.  On the other hand, I thought it was the most wonderful night of my life – although the other half a bottle of Tia Maria might explain that.  

You often refer to your ‘two’ adorable children – so where do the others fit in?  I believe you have six now?  Or is it seven?

I may have been exaggerating a little when I said two, dear.  Perhaps one is adorable – or at least it is until it learns to speak.  I’m reasonably sure we have seven altogether and they don’t fit into our small end-of-terrace at all well, to be truthful.  If it wasn’t for Social Services taking a few off our hands on a rota basis, we’d probably have to convert Stephen’s shed.  And the bins.

Gosh, and even with all that going on, you still manage to look fabulous all the time.  How do you manage it?

It’s the tea, dear.  And the hats.  And, of course, Stephen regularly gives me a healthy glow!

And as well as being a pretty face, I understand you’re a bit of a goddess in the kitchen.  I know you and Stephen love a bit of spam, but where does the inspiration for all your lovely recipes come from?

You can’t spend as much time bent over the kitchen table as I do without picking up a thing or two, dear.  It’s a sort of gift.  That’s one of the reasons why I finally agreed to publication of my diary – so I can share my delicious recipes with the world.  I like to think that, before long, my Spam Rumpy Pumpy will be sitting proudly on millions of plates across the globe.

I don’t want to upset you, Edna, but do you think Stephen really appreciates you?   I really feel your pain when you tweet that he hasn’t arrived home for tea but has instead gone for one of his… em… meetings with another glamorous woman.

Of course he doesn’t appreciate me, dear – he’s a man.  Besides, he’s too busy with her at number thirty-eight.  Not that I’d call her glamorous, exactly – more brazen.  With a touch of bovril.

Speaking of Twitter, you’ve become a bit of a Twitter sensation, gaining over 70,000 followers.  Why do you think you’re so popular?

I have no idea, dear.  After all, I’m just a normal, run-of-the-mill, extraordinarily beautiful and talented housewife.

And what do you love most about Twitter?

The opportunity to share my wisdom with those less fortunate, which is pretty much everyone on there as far as I can tell.  And the chance to put people to right about my Stephen – honestly, the things he writes on there.  What an imagination!

And what does your Stephen think about you being on Twitter?  Does he mind that you’re so vocal about his whereabouts and his bad habits?

Stephen’s far too busy with his kebabs and karaoke to give a thought to what I’m doing, dear.  Besides, he has enough trouble reading the cooking instructions on his Pop Tarts.

Now Edna, I’ve read your book, Mrs Fry’s Diary, and it’s absolutely hilarious but very revealing.  Why did you feel the need to publish something so private? 

I didn’t, dear.  It must have fallen out of my handbag on the bus and before I knew it, someone was offering to publish it – I can’t imagine why.  After all, it’s just your average recipe-packed, poetry-filled, high-octane, emotional rollercoaster of a diary. 

And I see your Stephen has written the foreword to the book.  So can I assume he’s… ahem… right behind you with it?

I allowed Stephen to write the foreword because I feel it’s important to encourage him – plus it stops him writing on the dining room wall!


Mrs Fry’s Diary is published by Hodder and Stoughton, priced £9.99; you can follow her on Twitter here.


  1. How fab that you secured an interview with a REAL celebrity! Never mind your Tom Cruises and George Cloonys – Edna is where it’s at in the twittershpere!

  2. That’s a great interview ladies, well thought out questions and fabulous replies. I particularly liked to read about, erm, seven children on rota…
    Genius Maria. You’re getting better at this than I am

  3. Hilarious interview, Maria. Mrs Stephen Fry is a crack up! Well done on such an insightful interview with her. Must go and buy the book now….

  4. Another great post full of fun and laughs.

  5. we all love Edna Fry on twitter it wouldn’t be the same with out her,god bless you @MrsStephenFry We Loves ya!

  6. Terrific entry!!
    Really witty and compelling to hear Mrs Fry.
    More Please!!
    Well done Maria

  7. Finally, an interview with a proper celeb.
    Edna Fry is someone we can all look up to. Someone who knows how to bear the weight of celebrity, although I understand Stephen is much lighter these days. A woman who can raise children, make the tea and still find time to look good in a hat.
    This is what Twitter was invented for. This and complaining about stuff.

  8. Roddy Jebkins

    Highy enjoyable as ever. Another wonderful piece by the lovely Maria Duffy! Keep up the good work, Maria! x

  9. I love it! Edna is absolutely hiliarious – another amazing blog! Keep them coming dear!

  10. Well done Maria, you have managed to reveal the true flavour of Mrs Stephen Fry with these artfully chosen questions. It is the mark of a great interviewer to be able to show to us the very essence of such a great celebrity.

  11. My Hero – Mrs Fry – I love her tweets and model my own career as a housewife on her experiences. Thanks for this wonderful post!
    Hope Santa brings me the book!

  12. What a brilliant interview, I really enjoyed all Mrs Stephen Fry’s wisdom as one with too many children to rememember also. And I love the bit about the book falling out on the bus. A sensitive and revealing interview.

  13. Very entertaining interview. Well done..keep up the good work.

  14. Another great post and a hilarious interview!
    I’ve been following Mrs. Fry’s wisdom on Twitter for some time now and can’t wait to read the book… :-)

  15. Dear Mrs. Stephen Fry –
    Well done, dear. Your first interview since the book can’t have been easy for you, and I am proud of you for holding up to the brilliant Maria Duffy!
    She’s such a lovely person that she’s able to sneak in the really tough questions before you know it: “I assume [Stephen Fry’s]… ahem… right behind you with it?” and “do you think Stephen really appreciates you?”
    You conducted yourself with grace, hilarity and a plum, but I think that last one fell out of your hat.
    I, for one, am going to go right out and buy your book – for the spam recipes, of course – I’m not one to get into other people’s business…unless a book happens to fly out of someone’s purse, that is… :))
    xo, Kristi

  16. How wonderful of you to use your – hitherto – rather frivolous blog to highlight such an “important” work. Edna Fry is an inspiration to downtrodden housewives everywhere. Her blood should be bottled and incorporated into a special edition black pudding. After all, I hear Stephen is partial to a nice bit of sausage…. ;)
    Well done Maria :)

  17. Great interview. Congrats Maria

  18. Oh what a fabulous interview! You have simply got to love Edna not only does she keep us all updated regularly but sometimes she even drops you a personal tweet. Absolute legend in her own right.
    Maria, I am so jealous that you were granted an interview with Edna. I am in awe.

  19. With grateful thanks Maria for daring to go where other celebrity chasers fear to tread, to bring us the reality behind the sparkle.
    Dear Edna Fry is an inspiration to us all. Thanks to her bravery and generosity of spirit, I can rest easy in these dark times, knowing that me and mine will enjoy a fine Christmas lunch of Spam Rumpy Pumpy.
    Edna is a real woman who speaks to the heart of all the real women in the world.
    Maria Duffy is surely the interviewer of the moment. This is a breathtaking piece of work. Hats off and kettle on to you both!
    Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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