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We live in a world of shocking celebrity revelations, many of which we hear about first through a tweet.  Whether it’s a split or an affair, an arrest or a confession, it seems there’s always something to shock or sadden us.

So being a ‘glass half full’ sort of girl, I’m not going to tell you about any of those things – well not yet anyway! In keeping with today’s rare appearance of sun in Dublin, I’d like to talk about two of my favourite rays of sunshine on Twitter – TV presenters, the beautiful Angellica Bell (@angellicabell) and her equally gorgeous fiancé, Michael Underwood (@mikeyunderwood).


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                                Photo by Ray Burmiston 


In my opinion, Angellica and Michael epitomise all that’s good about celebrities on Twitter.  Friends for eleven years, we finally saw them step out (do people still say that?) as a couple two and a half years ago.  In fact only the other day, Angellica, who has more than 10,000 followers, delighted us with a tweet that said:


“Had a break from filming n @mikeyunderwood came up to northampton to see me! We have just ordered our wedding bands! *she gulps* #commitment”. 


And almost immediately, fans were treated to Michael’s response to that which was:


“And it seems that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!”


Another spate of tweets that endeared the couple to us happened on a recent Saturday morning.  It seems their… em… sleep was disturbed by builders letting themselves in to the house. Angellica tweeted:


“Hw can builders let themselves in unannounced?! Thought they were burglars! Was polite bt firm – nt their fault. The boss will get it! Ha!”


And minutes later from Michael:


“I love @angellicabell! These builders are wishing they had taken the weekend off. You go girl.”


Okay, so the builders arriving is hardly ‘News at Ten’ stuff, but it’s that sort of banter that makes us smile and proves to us that even celebrities wash behind their ears.


I chatted to Angellica the other day and asked her what it is about Twitter that she loves.  She said she was sceptical at first, unsure about how much of her personal life to reveal but soon learned that just being herself was the best way to go.  She told me:


Being on Twitter and having Michael on there is funny! I know what he’s up to and we’ve even had twitter bickering matches and our followers get involved too!  At the end of the day I may work on television but I have a very normal life and do the same things as everyone. On twitter everyone is on the same level.”


Michael too was sceptical but soon came to realise how powerful and addictive Twitter can be.  He told me:


What I really like about it is that I can share those random thoughts or funny moments I have in everyday life; whether on a train or holidaying in Australia.  It allows me to keep up with what industry friends and colleagues are doing.  Angellica and I have a great time on it as well, although we occasionally end up winding each other up or bickering in front of thousands of our Twitter friends.”


Michael writes a movie blog and he says twitter is a great way to promote it.  With over 18,000 followers, a single tweet from him about a new post and thousands flock to have a look.


Angellica and Michael haven’t set a date for their wedding yet but no doubt we’ll hear it on Twitter.  I wonder will Angellica have a secret pocket made in her wedding dress for her blackberry so we can have live tweets. Let’s hope so! 



  1. Wonderful post, Maria. I had only heard of Michael Underwood when he did Dancing on Ice and broke his ankle and was so upset. He seems like such a nice man and just normal so it’s nice to see that Angellica is the same. The look lovely together. I think what they, and you, said about Twitter putting everyone on the same level is really true. People are just people in the end. Twitter is an amazing platform and you really bring it to life in your blog. Can’t wait for the next post!

  2. Another great post, Maria! You’re really getting into your stride. Keep it up! :)

  3. Another great post, Maria. Love your twitterscoops!

  4. What a fun post Maria. It’s great to see the person behind the figure.

  5. It’s lovely to see people like Michael and Angelica on Twitter. So down to earth.
    I think Twitter has changed the way we interact with celebs now. They’re not just faces on a screen any more; they’re people, with lives and everything.
    I am disappointed that Angelica has agreed to marry Michael though.
    Is Sarah Cawood still single?

  6. Great column! I love your chatty style, it’s really fun to read – more like we’re having a gossip over coffee!
    Like you say, it’s brilliant being able to connect with celebrities on Twitter. You can get into the habit of idolising celebs and think they have perfect lives (that is, the ones that aren’t in rehab or on an island somewhere ;)) and it’s nice to see the normality of their lives too.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Another great post Maria
    Angellica always comes across as a genuinely lovely person. She’s a sweetie.
    J x

  8. Hazel Katherine Larkin

    Hi Maria
    Aren’t they gorgeous together? I love the fact that Michael & Angelica were friends before they were…more than friends. :)
    It’s wonderful to get an insight into the lives of celebrities – like you say, to learn that they, too ‘wash behind their ears’. :)
    I look forward to your next update – it’s wonderful read something that isn’t all doom and gloom.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. This is the first time I have visited your blog or read Hello Magazine. I enjoyed your writing style and the insights into what makes Twitter such a support to people working away on their own.
    Celebrities who share some of the inconsequential details of their days are just like the rest of us. We can tweet about minor disasters – the car breaking down – or things that cheer us up make us laugh .
    Thanks Maria

  10. What a lovely post – I am so thrilled to see the charming, personable way you write what’s goin’ on in the Tw’hood. (OK- that’s taking the Tw+___ stuff entirely too far. My sincere apologies for that twerible lack of twaste)
    Angelica Bell and Michael Underwood should be thrilled that someone like yourself has noticed, thanks in part to Twitter, that they are not just celebrities, but actual people.
    Love it!

  11. A love story in Twitter? How lovely! I wanna be a bridesmaid!

  12. Another great post, Maria. Well done chick!
    I loved this interview, Mikey and Angellica look such a lovely couple and very well suited. I shall be following their tweets from now on.

  13. Love this article! I follow both Angelica and Michael on Twitter. Their tweets are soo funny especially the ones about the builders!!! I was tweeting Michael asking him to tweet exactly what Angelica was saying to the poor builders!!
    After watching them on Mr and Mrs they were so funny and their tweets run along the same vein in tone and humour.
    It is nice that they share so much about themselves on Twitter their highs such as Michael’s charity bike ride and Angelica’s fantastic time in the Great North Run as well as when they are feeling poorly as I’m sure all the support and get well wishes cheer them up.
    Can’t wait to hear their tweets about their wedding plans!!!

  14. Laura McGuinness

    Fab couple to follow !, and they tweet back :))

  15. Another great post Maria – great to read more about the celeb behind the Tweet.

  16. mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it is not open

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