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Hello and welcome to my new blog. I hope you’ll take this journey with me over the coming months and perhaps share your own thoughts and views.

Firstly, are you on Twitter? If not, why not? It couldn’t be simpler to join. If you log on to and follow the instructions, you’ll be part of the Twitter family in seconds.

Let’s face it; we’re all interested in and intrigued by celebrities. We love to get a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous.  We revel in hearing about who’s dating who, who’s having a baby or simply what shoes will be worn by certain stars to an award ceremony.

In the past, most celebrity announcements would be made through a press release or a publicist. These days, we often get to hear the news first on Twitter.  As Twitter is a real-time, instant messaging service consisting of only 140 characters, it doesn’t lend itself to detail. However, sometimes just a few words from a celebrity can set the gossip train in motion.

For instance, Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) once tweeted while on a plane and later arrived at his destination to a gathering of paparazzi.  Well with over a million and a half followers, the word was bound to get around!

Stephen Fry took blogging to new heights when he ‘tweeted” from a stuck lift

Dannii Minogue (@DanniiMinogue) is also a regular tweeter and treated her fans to a picture on Twitter of her beautiful four day old son with the caption; “Hey everyone thanks for all your wishes, we are loving baby Ethan and Kris is the best dad in the world. X” As you can imagine, that story took legs and was all around the Twitterverse in a matter of minutes.

Another thing you should know about celebrities on Twitter, is that there are lots of fakes out there.  The one way of truly knowing if a celebrity is for real is if they have a blue tick beside their name and the words ‘verified account’.  However, some celebrities don’t get their accounts verified but there are other ways to check, ie. if their official website links to their Twitter account or often celebrity friends will confirm their authenticity.

Now it’s obvious why we mere mortals love to follow celebrities on Twitter, but I’ve been catching up with some celebrities to find out what Twitter does for them.  I’ll be sharing their thoughts with you in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, get tweeting and please come and follow me at @mduffywriter and of course @hellomag for all the latest celebrity news.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about Twitter.
    If there’s any breaking celebrity news, Twitter is the first place I’ll see it. It was Twitter that told me about Michael Jacksons death. And it was Twitter that we used to announce that Jeff Goldblum was still alive and well.
    As for the celeb fakes, they’re usually found out quite quickly. Recently a fake Chantelle (from BB) was caught out when she changed to Pixie Lott overnight. Follow the right people (like @mduffywriter) and you’ll always be kept up to date.

  2. Simply fabulous darling!!
    Eager for more!

  3. Great post Maria!
    You are, as far as I am concerned, an expert on celebs on Twitter, I am in awe of your power for engaging and interacting with real stars!
    Can’t wait to read more posts here, and this is the first time I’ve been to the Hello blog, so there you go!

  4. I agree with you, Maria – Twitter is a great invention. I love the way celebs are ‘real’ people on there. It is the one medium that really breaks down boundaries. It’s lovely to feel as though you’re part of a conversation with celebs you love – and a huge thrill if they actually respond to something you’ve said!
    See you on Twitter!

  5. Lovely blog, dear. You had me at Hello! Now that you’re such an influential writer, could you possibly arrange for Stephen to get stuck in that lift again? Not for too long, of course – a couple of weeks should be sufficient.
    Edna Fry (Mrs) x

  6. This promises to be a super column, Maria – very important, as you say, for people to look for the blue verified tick when in doubt. And remember many celebs, because they weren’t necessarily in at the start, don’t use their name (often someone else nabbed it in the hope of selling it back eventually to the celeb – there was actually a rather heartening story a while back when a normal chap who just happened to be called Rob Brydon and had an account in the name [@robbrydon] gave it up to the comedian Rob Brydon). There are websites like that will help you with lists of celebs
    Dan ( @agnieszkasshoes )

  7. Hello! Maria. Congrats on your new venture! The celebs will absolutely love you as you’re clever and quick and lovely. Treat ‘em like people ’cause that’s what they are. With a tinge of special like you have.
    A great celeb to follow in US–he’s new on Twitter–is comic Steve Martin. He’s an absolute hoot!
    Tom Hanks, the actor, is wonderful to follow too. He is so natural, unaffected by fame. He is still so excited about the movie industry and generously shares all sorts of interesting tidbits as movies are in production.
    And hello to Mr. Stephen Fry when you get your words on here. Maria is so worthy of your attention.
    Congrats again Maria! Have great fun.
    With my best regards from Austin, Allie Dillon

  8. Great first post, Maria. Looking forward to hearing what the celebs have to say about Twitter. Well done and can’t wait for the next one.

  9. Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with your favourite celebrities, though some are more interesting than others. Many celebs don’t really ‘get’ Twitter and just use it to endlessly plug their latest show/song/book etc. without interacting with anyone. I don’t bother following those people because Twitter is really all about the conversation. I have had replies from all sorts of people, including Jonathan Ross, Dara O’Briain, Matt Lucas and Sinead O’Connor to name just a few. Also from this man (faints).
    It’s also a great way to meet interesting and funny new people who are not celebs of course – so get out there and start following!

  10. Congrats on your first bloggage here! I’m looking forward to hearing about the Twitter experience from the Other Side and see what some celebs make of it. Should be fun!

  11. Feel free to hit me up if you want an interview ;-) See you on Twitter

  12. Wow what a fab and very persuading blog. I was beginning to wonder why I had entered the world of twitter but this has just helped concrete the reasons why. Thank you and good luck xx

  13. The other fun thing about celebrity Twitterers is they often respond!
    Through Twitter I’ve had several exchanges with people I admire that wouldn’t have happened any other way.
    And, like you, I’m a writet. Twitter helps me find like-minded to hang out with in my ‘breaks!’
    Nice article and good luck!

  14. Well done, enjoyed reading your blog as I enjoy reading your Tweets, yeh when a celebrity responds to you in Twitter you get so excited (well I do). I got a Tweet read out on This Morning yesterday by Colleen Nolan, I’m still showing off about that, looking forward to reading your blog from now on. Good Luck xx

  15. One of the great things about twitter is that I met you, my lovely. And then I find out you have great taste in shoes too!
    I wish you all the success for your blog. You are a great tweeter and Hello will soon find you an asset.
    Bring on the goss!

  16. I am new to Twitter only recently and now, looking back, I don’t know what I did beforehand. It is great for networking and having a nose at celebs.
    Great post – I look forward to reading more.

  17. Great new blog, Maria, I will be following future posts for sure.
    Whilst not interested in huge, in depth articles on celebs (well, with a few exceptions), love that Twitter gives you ‘snippets’ – and that you can choose exactly who to follow.

  18. Maria, what a great idea to blog about the stars on twitter! We all grab snippets of information from our faves but to have you bringing them all together in one fabulous place – genius!
    Look forward to keeping up to date – and if you could nab a tweet from @NathanFillion, I’d be as green as Kermit!

  19. @stephenfrys_dog

    Having heard about Twitter over a year ago, I had always wondered why it was so popular and everyone rated it rather highly. For a while, I ‘just didn’t understand it’!
    However, on discovering that daddy (@stephenfry) was on Twitter, I joined! Has to be said, I think its wonderful! An intriguing online world, sometimes a giant chatroom, sometimes a monumental messaging centre and always interesting. Love it :)

  20. Hey ho sleb-slut, jolly well done!
    A great first post, and I’m sure you’ll carry on in the same vein. You have an absolute talent for connecting with celebrities – soon, they’ll be the ones queuing up to be interviewed by you!
    I have to say, though, I’m concerned that @mruku’s account may have been hacked. I’ve never known him to be nice to anyone before…

  21. Well done . Well written. Looking forward to next article.Keep up the good work.

  22. Excellent blog post! Twitter is amazing for keeping up to date on what is going on in the celeb world, and as some here have already said, you can choose who to follow/how much of their specific news you see. I think Twitter gives a nice, slightly more intimate stream of news from the celeb, and a chance to interact with them too, if you’re lucky!
    Looking forward to reading more from you!
    C x

  23. All the best with this great new blog, with your fab personality, genuine warmth and glamour you are exactly the right person for letting us all know what’s happening with the celebs. Every success with it!

  24. This is so exciting. I’m hoping you’ll bring me up to date on the celebrity front, but I might need a crash course first. Best of luck Maria.

  25. Fab first post Maria – could we be looking at the new Perez Hilton I wonder? To infinity and beyond, me thinks – look forward to the next entry!

  26. You have a fab way with words and certainly piqued my interest. I love the interview element and your ease of style. Keep up the great work.

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