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Jan 11

The royal twins meet the world

danish-babies.jpgThis afternoon the world finally saw the Danish royal twins. At 3:35 pm Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary entered the foyer of the Danish National Hospital, Rigshospitalet, with the babies in their arms.

150 reporters and press photographers from all over the world met the happy couple with well wishes, questions and flashing cameras. The 38-year old Australia-born princess proudly carried her sleeping baby prince through the crowd of admiring onlookers. The little sleeping beauty rested comfortably in the arms of Mary’s husband.

Frederik told the press that after the baby prince was born, he was put on his mother’s tummy. Mary held his little hand while she gave birth to his sister, who saw the light of day 30 minutes after her brother. Since the twins were born, the young royal family, which is now a family of six, has been in a bubble of happiness, Mary said.

Even though a Cesarean is the method of choice for many twin parents, Mary proudly announced that she never had considered a Cesarean. It was a completely natural childbirth, or actually two births, as the Crown Prince pointed out.

During the hospital visit, the royal couple had worked hard on synchronizing the twins. It is important for twins to have the same eating and sleep schedule, otherwise breastfeeding becomes an impossible task. The Australian beauty added that there are noticeable differences in the temperaments of the babies. The princess is calmer than the baby boy, she said and smiled.

A reporter recalled that Frederik had told the press that he was prepared to have more children. “Did I really say that?”, Frederik innocently asked and laughed. “We have our hands full now”, Mary added and laughed too.

At 3:52 the couple thought it was time to head home. Everyone had expected them to have a driver but the young couple fastened their babies on the backseat and then entered the driver’s seat and passenger seat in the front and took off to the castle.

Jan 11

Crown Princess Mary has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl

MaryRed.jpgCrown Princess Mary gave birth to her twins babies this morning on January 8, 2011. The first little baby to meet the world was a little boy, who weighed in at a grand 2674 grams and measured no less than 47 cm. Then a little girl saw the light of day. She weighed 2574 grams and was 46 cm tall. Very impressive measures for twin  babies. The 38-year old Australian beauty had been admitted to the hospital early this morning. Her husband Crown Prince Frederik was sitting by his wife’s side throughout the labour.

Frederik announced the arrival of the new prince and princess outside the Danish National Hospital, Rigshospitalet, in Copenhagen. Both mother and children are doing well, he said. Journalists and press photographers from all over the world were present to interview the happy father. The press had literally been waiting by the phone for days to be ready for the birth.

During the Crown Prince’s official appearance in front of the hospital, the press asked if the royal couple had thought of any names for the two little guys. Frederik responded that they were still considering names but that he had heard that the birthday was also Elvis’. “So for now, we can call the little Prince Elvis”, he added with a smile.

The royal twins will be fourth and fifth in Denmark’s line of succession after their father, their brother Christian, five, and their sister, Isabella, who is three.

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