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Jan 11

Crown Princess Mary has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl

MaryRed.jpgCrown Princess Mary gave birth to her twins babies this morning on January 8, 2011. The first little baby to meet the world was a little boy, who weighed in at a grand 2674 grams and measured no less than 47 cm. Then a little girl saw the light of day. She weighed 2574 grams and was 46 cm tall. Very impressive measures for twin  babies. The 38-year old Australian beauty had been admitted to the hospital early this morning. Her husband Crown Prince Frederik was sitting by his wife’s side throughout the labour.

Frederik announced the arrival of the new prince and princess outside the Danish National Hospital, Rigshospitalet, in Copenhagen. Both mother and children are doing well, he said. Journalists and press photographers from all over the world were present to interview the happy father. The press had literally been waiting by the phone for days to be ready for the birth.

During the Crown Prince’s official appearance in front of the hospital, the press asked if the royal couple had thought of any names for the two little guys. Frederik responded that they were still considering names but that he had heard that the birthday was also Elvis’. “So for now, we can call the little Prince Elvis”, he added with a smile.

The royal twins will be fourth and fifth in Denmark’s line of succession after their father, their brother Christian, five, and their sister, Isabella, who is three.

Sep 10

The creation of a princess: hair styles


During the last ten years Crown Princess Mary has had a lot of different hair styles. How you wear your hair and your choice of hair color signal a lot about your personality and your particular mood on any given occasion.

The princess has changed her hair color on different occasions from her natural dark brown to chocolate brown and copper red. She also changes its style, frequently.

At official functions European royals dress glamorously, complete with sashes and tiaras. The Australia-born princess is seen wearing a short-sleeved silver-hued satin gown and one of her favourite evening hairstyles, in which most of her hair is beautifully gathered up at the nape of her neck.

This particular hairstyle conveys elegance and high-class. It also creates a sharp contrast to the Danish royal’s everyday look, with her hair falling straight over her shoulders.

Though Mary is rarely seen with curls, it does occasionally happen.


Curls convey warmth, sweetness and openness.

They can also signal a classic look, as is seen in the picture above right, in which Mary’s face is surrounded by Forties-style cascading soft waves, with a side parting.

The Crown Princess’s sculpted hair is reminiscent of the favourite hairstyles of Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall, Deanna Durbin and Marlene Dietrich in the Forties and early Fifties.

Mary’s hair, which is naturally straight, is in a perfect starting condition for the sculpted waves of that time period. In the picture above, Mary’s mocha-shaded makeup and golden-hued outfit nicely match her chocolate brown hair and fair skin tone.

To avoid frizz, Forties women with natural curls often needed to straighten their hair to achieve this sculpted look. Straightening and sculpting hair was a time consuming job. “I can’t go out tonight. I have to wash my hair” used to be a legitimate excuse for not going on a date. Washing and styling one’s hair every day would quite simply be too time consuming.

Starting from straight hair, modern women can achieve the crown princess’ Forties look with hot rollers and hair spray.


The ponytail is one of the Danish royal’s favorite hairstyles for official visits, work and outdoor activities. Mary’s ponytails are usually set slightly higher than the traditional Fifties girly ponytail. This is also known as the “half-up, half-down” ponytail.

Ponytails send off a signal of self-composure, grace and serenity. The slightly higher setting conveys energy, youthfulness and fortitude. The higher the setting, the younger the look. A super-high ponytail can literally make you look 10 years younger.

The ponytail is a newer phenomenon. Before the 20th century, it would be rare to see a grown woman outside the house with a straight ponytail. Now, this ponytail is more popular than ever. You can wear it on the treadmill and then later that same day go to a posh restaurant without changing hairstyle.

Sep 10

The creation of a princess: body changes


Besides having gone from an Australian business woman with little interest in fashion to a style icon reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has undergone many other changes. Since her first visits to Denmark from 2001 to 2003 she has shed several pounds.

The Australia-born princess is here seen above taking a stroll in 2002. Her style is classic and accentuates her beautiful female curves.

Mary’s body now shows signs of regular exercise. It is well-balanced and toned.

The Australian beauty is seen below enjoying a summer day at the sea with children and friends. Her body is admirably lean and athletic.


Soon her slim look will temporarily change, as the royal couple are expecting twins. On March 17 last year the Danish magazine Billedbladed reported that Crown Prince Frederik and his wife had been seen making several secret trips to the Danish national hospital Rigshospitalet, where the couple’s two younger children Prince Christian and Princess Isabella were born. They were seen leaving the part of the hospital that hosts the Juliane Marie Center – the hospital’s birth clinic – smiling and hand in hand.

Scandinavia’s largest bookmaker Unibet was so convinced that the crown princess would give birth before January 1, 2010 that they offered 1.5 odds. Now it has finally been confirmed that the 37-year old is pregnant. She is due in January 2011.

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