The creation of a princess: the sun campaign


The always lovely Princess Mary’s healthy lifestyle has also given rise to changes in the princess’s skin. When the crown prince and the Australian beauty first met, Mary’s skin was quite normal and tanned.

Now a healthy lifestyle and good skincare have made her skin stand out as perfectly clear and snow white. Mary’s  complexion is not simply a fairytale fashion statement, but also one of the ways in which she speaks up in support of the Danish Cancer Foundation & Society, an organization which aims to support the prevention and treatment of cancer. She is furthermore a patron of The Danish sun safety campaign ‘Reduce Your Sun between 12 & 3 pm’.

The Australian-born princess created the foreword to the movie I Want to Live. The film tells the story of the struggle eight cancer patients went through to survive. In the future every cancer suffer will receive a free copy of the movie from Danish Cancer Foundation & Society.

In May 2010, the princess helped kick-off the foundation’s Anti-Sun campaign, right in time for bikini season. Being Australian born, Mary knows the importance of protecting one’s skin from the sun. Cancer of the skin is the most frequent form of the disease in Denmark, affecting 80,000 Danes every day and killing one person every two days.


Over the years a tanned image has become a trend in Denmark, and many Danes have enjoyed years of unprotected exposure to the damaging rays of the sun, which has caused a radical increase in incidences of skin cancer over the last 30 years. Over 8,000 Danes are diagnosed with malignant types of skin cancer every year. The trend is now changing. Sunburned skin is out and natural skin color is in.

The UV rays are most dangerous in Australia because Australia is located right under the hole in the ozone. Mary says she uses a factor 20 sun lotion. “Of course it’s nice to get a glow, but if it results in serious illness and ultimately death, it’s not so beautiful”, said the Danish royal to the Danish newspaper BT. “I haven’t gotten sunburn since I was 16 or 17 years old,” she added.

The Australian SunSmart campaign inspired the Danish campaign and the the Danish Cancer Foundation & Society and the Australian Cancer Societies maintain an ongoing, close connection.

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