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May 13

How will I have my hair for the big day?

My hair has been a lifelong battle. It’s curly and thick and difficult to control if it’s anything but sunny and dry – and I’ve already formed a contingency plan to have a pair of emergency GHDs at our venue in case it’s raining. Because rain equals game over on me looking well-groomed, whether it’s my wedding day or not!

People keep asking me how I’ll be having my hair at the wedding, and until recently I hadn’t given it much thought, other than that I definitely want it long and down. Then, I went to the launch of Holly Willoughby’s latest clothing line and she was wearing her hair in the perfect, perfect style. I snapped a cheeky photo while she was giving a speech…

I think Holly's 'do is perfect for a wedding

I think Holly’s ‘do is perfect for a wedding

I think I’ll probably get a hairdresser in to do my hair on the day – not to wash and blow dry it (I find I get better results myself because professionals always underestimate how unruly it is!) but to put it up and make sure it will hold in the style I choose.

Other than style, there’s the issue of colour to tackle. I veer between being blonde and having my hair red – and since I’m getting married in the Autumn, I’m thinking red would look the best. (Also, it suits me best red anyway.) But getting the shade right is tricky.

So when Wella invited me down to their HQ to try out their new Illumina range – which apparently leaves your hair 70 per cent shinier than it is naturally – I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. Who better to advise me on wedding hair than the experts?

My hair was looking pretty dull, drab and lifeless before Martin worked his magic.

My hair was looking pretty dull, drab and lifeless before Martin worked his magic.

While getting my hair done and munching on the tasty pizza they’d provided, I picked the brains of my colourist Martin Quenault, salon director at KH Ashby and art team member at KH Hair. He’s behind loads of poster campaigns for KH and works the shows at London Fashion Week, so I was in good hands.

“Get your final colour done about a week before the wedding,” he advised. “You don’t want any regrowth but you do want it to settle down a bit. Definitely experiment before this, though. Decide what colour you want long before you get your final colour done! While you’re working out what you want, take in swatches of your bridesmaids dresses so your hairdresser knows what shades will and won’t look good on your big day.”

Interesting! I’d never have thought of that but it definitely makes sense.

Flicking through the Illumina colour charts!

Flicking through the Illumina colour charts!

“Don’t do anything too drastic before the wedding – unless you’re super confident. And look around for hair accessories you want well in advance. They have to go with your dress, obviously, and you’ll need to take them with you to your trial.” I’ve already bought mine, but I’m keeping them hush hush along with the dress… I’d best make sure they arrive before I book a hair trial with a stylist, actually. I’ll add that to my ever-increasing ‘to do’ list.

Martin put three colours on my hair – Very Light Brunette Blonde mixed with Medium Red Gold Blonde mixed with Light Blonde, and I was really, really pleased with the results. This is definitely how I want it for the wedding – if I can find someone to do as good a job as Martin, that is…


Ta-dah! The end result.


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