Guest list woes

It’s taken us a whole two months. But I think – I think! – we have finalised our guest list.

Phew. I had absolutely no idea how tricky drawing up a guest list is until it seemed like all our discussions about it were turning into heated debates. When we first scribbled down a list of names to invite to our big day (on the flight on the way home from Iceland), it totalled about 150 people. But due to budget constraints we had to slash that to 80 people. And half that number will be made up of just my family!

At first it seemed like a nightmare task. But in reality, it’s turned out to be a really good thing. When we sat down and looked at it, we’d added a lot of people we felt like we had to invite to the list. But do we really want them there…?

Here's a sneaky peek at our save the date cards...

Here’s a sneaky peek at our save the date cards…

It’s our big day. And the more we spoke about it the more we realised that when we’re exchanging our vows, we want to look around the room and see all the people in the world that mean the most to us. I certainly don’t want to glance behind me and think: ‘Oh! Who’s that…?’ about half the people there. Which is what would happen if we invited everyone’s plus ones.

Yes, that’s where we’ve had to slash our numbers. After a chat with a few friends who had done the same thing we came up with a strict rule that if we don’t both know a plus one, then they aren’t invited.

What it really boiled down to was the fact that if we do invite people’s other halves when neither of us (or just one of us) know them, then that person is taking up a space at our wedding that a really, really close friend is missing out on.


Ticking off the guest list

Ticking off the guest list


Then there’s the issue of children. Aside from immediate family (our gorgeous little niece Matilda, who will be a bridesmaid, and her little brother or sister who will be born in March), we’re not having any babies or children whatsoever. It would be different if we both had families full of little ones, but we don’t. Hopefully our friends will love the opportunity to get a babysitter in and let their hair down at our wedding – and not be offended that their offspring can’t come.

Now I understand why so many people decide to elope!

So – now it’s time to start inviting people. We bought some great value save the date cards on a stationery website I found before Christmas – – and I feel like they’ve been sitting in a cupboard forever. Now that we know who we’re sending them to, we can finally getting cracking on writing them this week. And then I can turn my attentions to more exciting matters – like finding a dress…

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