December, 2012

Dec 12

Just engaged!

It’s been four whole weeks since I got engaged, and I still can’t quite believe it’s real. Every morning since my now-fiancé got down on one knee I’ve woken up and remembered I have a gorgeous, sparkling ring on my finger… and I get butterflies every time!

We were on a minibreak in Iceland, a country I’ve always wanted to visit, when he proposed two days before my birthday. Looking back on it now, he’d been behaving a bit strangely all day, getting panicky when his hand luggage was searched at Gatwick airport – “But Al, there’s nothing in there!” he insisted – and asking me incessant questions to try to establish my mood. “Are you grumpy? Are you in a good mood? Are you feeling happy, upset, a bit tired…?”



I’d been excited all day anyway – I love a good minibreak. I was even more excited once we arrived in Iceland and we transferred to a secluded resort in the (very) remote southern part of the island, where we had a gorgeous chalet to ourselves complete with outdoor Jacuzzi. It was freezing cold outside, the stars were so much brighter than they ever are in London, and the chalet was cosy and warm and super-chic… it really was romantic.

I still had no clue what was coming though, not even when, over dinner that night, he declared that he was going to buy a bottle of champagne for us to take back to the chalet and drink in the hot tub – to toast the first night of the holiday and my impending birthday.


Once we got back, though, I clocked that something was going on – and I was right. I hadn’t even had time to take off my coat and numerous items of knitwear when he nervously called me into the living room and, in what seems like slow-motion, got down on one knee. The whole time he was speaking to me I was thinking: “Oh my God! This is it! I must remember absolutely everything!” But I was so shocked, so happy, so overwhelmed and so tearful that I actually can’t remember a word he said. It’s all a big, fuzzy, happy blur. All I know is that it was perfect and he has made me the happiest girl in the world.

And that now, we have a wedding to plan!

Being engaged is brilliant. Everyone is so lovely – even the airline staff en route back from Reykjavic. Having not seen any of our friends and family, by the time the holiday was over I was bursting to tell people our news. “We’re engaged!” I exclaimed breathlessly to a sales assistant in Iceland, when I was buying a British wedding magazine I’d managed to find. The sales assistant didn’t seem too impressed by our news – but it didn’t deter me from telling more people. So, when the air hostess asked how our holiday had been when we boarded our WOW air flight back to London, I was surprised to see that news of our engagement had gone down well – and even seemed to have brought a smile to her face. We were incredibly touched when, about an hour into the flight, she announced over the intercom that a couple on board had just got engaged, and made everyone clap as she brought over some champagne. To us! It suddenly all felt very real…


So – I feel like the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of champagne, congratulations and devouring wedding magazines like they’re going out of fashion. But now it’s time to get down to business. My lovely friend Kath, who got married last September, told me to start with the venue and the date. So that’s precisely what I’m going to do…

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