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Sep 13

Bodhimaya -The Detox Retreat

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. This is because I have been on retreat in the South of France with Bodhimaya. An intense week but also one of the most amazing and transformative weeks for both the clients of the retreat and also the staff.

60 juices, 36 functional food dishes, 25 massages, 5 nutrition workshops, 18 nutrition consultations, 24 yoga classes, 12 meditation classes and more.

Bodhimaya isn’t just the run of the mill retreat company. From the moment you book with Bodhimaya your journey begins and this journey is like no other. Bodhimaya provides a luxury retreat experience that has been designed to cover every aspect of your health and wellbeing. Our aim is to bring your mind and body back into a state of balance through the use of yoga, meditation and a highly individualised detoxification programme. Our detox retreat programmes are effective, purely science based and tailored to the exact needs of your body, we are the only detox retreat that uses this highly individualised approach to detoxification and rejuvenation.

Why A Detox Needs to Be Individual

detox juices

Individualised Juices

Detoxification is a process that affects all the systems of the body. At Bodhimaya we believe detox is a key part of anyone’s functional medicine health programme. Our world is becoming an increasingly toxic environment and the process of getting rid of these toxins places significant demand on the body.

A detox should not only focus on the elimination of waste products from the environment but  also should include removal of hormones no longer needed, neurotransmitters and by-products of the immune system.

A functional detox and a completely individualised detox retreat experience, enhancing specific pathways in the body is key to improving health.

The dietary management of a detox programme is a complex issue. As a client of Bodhimaya, your current sign and symptoms, medical conditions, digestive health, lifestyle and motivation all play a role in the design of your detox retreat. We simply cannot throw standardised juices at you as this can greatly upset the detoxifing ability of the body.

The detox programme consists of:

The right balance of protein to ensure you will have the right balance of amino acids (the building blocks).

Exclusion of gluten for efficient detoxification and ensuring digestive health is functioning optimally.

Fruit and vegetables as they are rich in fibre to support detoxification.

Green leafy vegetables are fundamental as they support detox. You will be encouraged to chew these thoroughly as this action activates a specific detox process. Vegetables will also be presented lightly steamed or raw as cooking can reduce the detoxification ability.

The type of fat is important on a detox retreat. Polyunsaturated fats will be provided in supplement form as this can influence the body’s detox potential at cell level. No hydrogenated or trans fats will be provided as they are directly toxic to the body. Monounsaturated fat will be part of the detox as they can play a role in stimulating bile flow therefore encouraging elimination.

Herbs and spices shall be used to offer antioxidant protection and detoxification enhancement.

Fermented Food Workshop

Guests will learn about fermented food and it’s role in digestive health

Meditation Class

Early morning yoga and meditation in the beautiful castle grounds.


At Bodhimaya we encourage the use of fasting to promote detoxification and elimination. Traditionally this has been associate with detoxification and liver rejuvenation. Fasting can assist in the promotion of clearance of metabolic products, reduce the burden of toxins in the body and give your body a chance to rest. Fasting will be prescribed depending on the individual but may be something simple as a gap from dinner to breakfast.

Bodhimaya delivers supplement regimes bases on the individual to support detoxification on retreat. This will be to correct nutritional deficiencies, correct imbalances in detox pathways and to promote optimum health and wellbeing. This will be discussed with you when you join us on retreat.

We encourage the use of yoga as part of a detox retreat therefore we provide yoga classes and 1-1 yoga therapy. This encourages detoxification by promoting elimination through the skin, lungs, kidney and intestinal tract, through increased blood flow and circulation.


Bodhimaya Retreat Guests

The Bodhimaya Team & Guests September 2013


We currently have one date left this year (October 6-12th 2013) in the South of France. Our dates for next year are:

1st – morning of the 7th June 2014

6th – morning of the 12th July 2014

21st – morning of the 27th September 2014

If you would like to book or enquire about your health and detox goals, please email or call 0208 1234 135.


Daniel O’Shaughnessy Dip ION FdSc mBANT CNHC is a fully-qualified Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance coach.  A specialist in stress and gastrointestinal health and weight management, he has clinics across London. He is also the cofounder of Bodhimaya and holds transformative, educational and rejuvenating retreats in the UK and around the world. For more information please visit or call 0208 1234 135.



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