Getting More Vegetables Into Your Children

Getting your child to eat something that isn’t fried, sweet or salty can be quite a task in itself. It’s as almost they sense the fear that comes over you as you present them with a plate full of vegetables. They immediately screw up their face and you know that piece of carrot of broccoli isn’t going anywhere but the floor. What if there were to be an easier way to do this and actually trick your child into eating vegetables and actually like them. Below are some ways to get your child full of vitamins and minerals.

Children love charts: especially if there is a reward at the end. Construct a chart with your child featuring various fruit and vegetables that you have brought that week. Each day as they eat them tick them off. If they eat a certain amount then the reward is correlated to their interest.

vegetable table

Look at your diet: If you are not eating any vegetables then how do you expect your child to follow? Make sure your child sees you eating vegetables and they may follow especially if they are a daddy’s girl or mummy’s boy.

Disguise them in their favourite foods: By pureeing vegetables in their favourite foods such as bolognaise, your child will more than likely eat it without knowing. You will then get them used to this and also their taste buds. Eventually when you present a whole vegetable and get them to try it, you will be surprised that they actually like it.

Teach your child about food: By getting your child involved in the cooking or even growing the fruit and vegetables, they will be proud of what they have made/grown and therefore more than likely eat it.

Consider what they are eating with: If you child has an affinity towards SpongeBob then find them a plate and cutlery with SpongeBob on. This may encourage them to see mealtime as a fun time and actually want to eat their food. Perhaps even consider a day out to the pottery shop and enjoy painting your own plates and cups.

baby eating vegetables

Do remember that your child’s stomach is smaller than yours so if they say they are full then perhaps they are full. Sometimes the worst thing we can do as parents is make the child eat all of their dinner. It can be hard to workout when they are playing your for a fool so sometimes good old fashioned discipline works. Take the plate off them and then offer to reheat it if they complain they are hungry and stick to this.


Daniel O’Shaughnessy Dip ION FdSc mBANT CNHC is a fully-qualified Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance coach.  A specialist in stress and gastrointestinal health and weight management, he has clinics across London. He is also the cofounder of Bodhimaya and holds transformative, educational and rejuvenating retreats in the UK and around the world. For more information please visit or call 0208 1234 135.

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