Metabolic Balance- a weight-loss solution?

Are you tired of going on a diet, losing a few pounds, finishing the diet, only to find the weight has piled back on in no time at all? A vicious cycle then moves on so you are feeling exhausted and also angry with yourself for breaking your diet until you start again but maybe with a different diet this time. We’ve all been there and even led us to carrying out bizarre actions against our nature such as inappropriately starred at someone eating a baguette so enviously wishing you could at least get near to smell it.

Well perhaps there is a solution but it seems that this solution actually allows you to have bread and even your favourite sweet treat whilst ensuring adequate nutrition. This is at the same time of feeling great and also having great skin and hair in as little as two weeks.

The solution?

Metabolic balance® is a nutritional programme for weight management and well-being. It has been developed by doctors and nutrition scientists. The plan is completely individual based on your personal blood test results to bring your metabolism into line with what it should be. To keep you motivated you are supported by a Nutritional Therapist that has undergone specialised training each step of the way.

Being my sceptical self (I’ve been scorned by too many diets in the past) and even though a trained Metabolic Balance coach, I decided to have a go at following the plan myself. So I received my individual plan based on my blood results and began

Phase 1: This was a gentle detox for two days to get my body prepped to begin the adjustment phase. This was probably the hardest as you don’t really eat much for the day and found my skin breaking out in spots, which is an obvious sign of my body detoxing.

Phase 2: This was the metabolism adjustment phase for 2 weeks. I’m not going to lie; it was very strict (the plan is German after all). The great thing was that I wasn’t feeling hungry and was allowed rye bread with each meal. This is the toughest phase but at the end I had never felt so healthy. My skin was glowing and felt refreshed after each sleep. This phase was 14 days so not really a whole lot of time in the long run.


Excuse the picture but at 14 days I had lost a total of 7.6kg and also 2.5 inches from my waist.

Feeling great about this, I now am moving onto the next phase.

Phase 3: In this phase I can have fish oils, coconut oil and also olive oil, have more foods included in the plan and best of all have a treat meal once a week with pudding, cake or chocolate if I so wish. This is the phase you stay on until you reach your goal weight. I don’t want to lose any more weight so I am going to adapt the plan to suit my needs.

Overall really happy with the plan and now it has given me the confidence to know how to fully support my clients through the stages of Metabolic Balance.

Daniel is a Nutritional Therapist and Metabolic Balance coach. For more information please visit .


  1. hi, i am also practicing MB now, today is the 10th day and only got 2 kgs off. You reduced 7kg in 14 days, just wondering why the efficacy on me is so “slow”. My BMI is 22.

    • thenakednutritionist

      It very much depends on the person. With the clients I have, I notice men drop quicker initially than women. There may be factors such as thyroid output or stress that may be affecting the weight loss. MB can help correct imbalances but some can take time.

      My plan was even for weight maintenance even though I dropped kg’s.

      Are you a therapist or a client of a therapist?

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