Lunch On The Go

 TV was good last night so you didn’t get round to preparing lunch. You’re sat at your desk and getting hungry as it is coming up to lunch-time but you are sick of the places to eat near work. All claiming to offer difference but it is pretty much the same; two pieces of bread with a something small and unfulfilling in the middle or some overpriced meal which feels like it doesn’t even touch the sides.

Whether it is baked, grilled, microwaved or fried, you are sick of it and you are trying to be good, so need something substantial that will make you last until afternoon snack time.

 So what’s the solution?

 Well this week, I had this very same dilemma. There was nothing to eat around my place of work so I ventured into M&S and found a quick and easy quick solution for lunch on the go.

 First: Pick your protein. M&S currently have offers on their deli items 3 for £6. The lean chicken and the fish options are the healthiest. Ideally you would stay away from processed meats. My favourites are the poached salmon fillet or the grilled calamari rings.



Second: Go to the salads to go section. There seems to be a reoccurring offer of 2 for £3 on most of their salads. They also have added some new additions to this. I love the nutty superfood salad and the minty greek salad.



So in total you have 3 deli items and 2 salad. This means you have two lunches and an extra protein snack. Totalling £9 and working out at £3.50 for each lunch, it sounds a great way to have enjoy healthy options without the need for cooking or preparing.

 It such a great idea to stockpile these if you can at work and even condsider having a couple of M&S fuller for longer meals in your freezer at home for when your cupboards are bare and you don’t know what to eat.

 If there is not an M&S near you, just stick to the idea of lean protein and a wholefood salad. Be careful to check the dressings as these can often be laden with sugar.


 Always remember to:

-Take a break from your desk while you are eating your lunch to fully concentrate on you meal to optimise digestion.

 -Chew your food thoroughly. You food should almost be liquid when swallowed. The process of chewing assists your body to produce the enzymes to break down the food and trigger the digestion.

– Enjoy your food.

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