Sifting through the evidence and 90s diets

The media is full of frightening stories surrounding Nutrition. We are constantly being told what we should and shouldn’t eat and the papers are full of stories about magic pills for ailments, such as Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and not forgetting to mention those miracle diets that “enable” the trusting investor to lose 10 pounds in one week while boosting their IQ by 50 points.

 Even as someone who has spent years studying nutrition, I often find it a challenge to filter the constant stream of contradicting nutritional advice. I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be for someone with limited or no knowledge of the subject. Take the recent advice on egg consumption, for example. One minute we are told, “eggs are BAD” as they may increase your bad cholesterol. Then a few months later “eggs are good” and may benefit our cholesterol only for us then to be told that eggs are bad once again. How is it possible not to be confused by all of these mixed messages? So, I invite you to join me as I wade through all the information, evidence and science (or lack of it) behind the headlines, in an effort to find the truth. Presenting a clear and accurate picture of the evidence I aim to provide a balanced, non-biased and realistic view of nutrition and what your food can do for your health, whilst encouraging you to make up your own mind.

My earliest memory of an awakening interest in nutrition was around the age of 10. My mum had recently shed almost 4 stone and had become a leader for a popular weight loss group. I remember her asking me to take a photo of her before her first night at work. The transformation in her was amazing: she looked great and you could see in her eyes that she felt on top of the world. As I took those photos it dawned on me that food has the power to change our lives. I had seen what could happen when someone switched from what could be defined as the ‘average British diet’ to a diet that was rich in fruit, vegetables and fresh produce. Admittedly it was the 90s so there were a few things in her diet that weren’t perfect (as was the case with 90s fashion!), but the principles were there.

I guess you can say this was the beginning of my nutritional adventure and now, as a training nutritionist, I don’t want to keep my learnings to myself – I want to share them with everyone!

Keep an eye out for my regular blog posts and if you have any topics you’d like me to blog about then just let me know.

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