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The Key To Nutrition

This week we are talking about nutrition.  I’ve mentioned before that proper nutrition probably accounts for 80% of attaining your health and fitness goals.  The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is completely true.


You will notice immediate improvements in your energy, weight, appearance and more with just a few simple tweaks.  The principle of clean eating is simply that we eat foods in as near to their natural whole state as possible.  The more processing and storage that any food goes through the less the nutritional value.

Traditional ‘diets’ based around reducing calorie consumption are not going to provide the long term benefits that you need.  To give an example if two people consume 1500 calories per day each but one person  gets all of their calories from chocolate and the second eats four balanced nutritious meals of course the latter is going to have far greater  health benefits.

So you see not all calories are equal and when selecting your foods calories should barely factor into your decision.  Instead opt for foods full of energy giving properties.

There is not room here to give specific examples of foods but suffice to say that the closer to nature your foods are derived from the better.

I have two simple rules that my clients follow.

1. If your great Grandmother wouldn’t recognise it.  Don’t eat it.  That pretty much eliminates all processed foods full of e numbers and chemicals. 

2. If it has more than 5 ingredients or ingredients which are unpronounceable don’t eat it.

Have a look in your cupboards and fridge today and you will see exactly what I mean.

The second thing you MUST be doing to be successful in eating more healthily is planning.  I can not stress enough how important this is to keep you on track.  Create a 3/5 or 7 day meal plan and get your shopping in advance.  You are much much less likely to cave into takeaways and unhealthy snacks if you have a plan.

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