Stage 1 of the Formula

Here are your detailed instructions for step 1 of my system for success. This may feel strange but trust me it works and is instrumental in achieving your goals.



It is really important to have a defined goal with your fitness.  It might be getting into a certain pair of jeans, being able to climb the stairs at work or anything else personal to you.

But, you have to know where you are trying to get to and believe that it is possible.

Complete the exercise below by writing out your answers to the questions.  This will help you to get really clear on your intention and in the right frame of mind to achieve anything.


a) Imagine there were no obstacles in your way (time/money/family) and you could achieve anything what would your ultimate health and fitness goal be?  Write it down.

b) Write down what will it feel like to achieve it?

c) Write down what would happen as a result of achieving it?

d) Write down what wouldn’t happen if you don’t get there?

e) Now write your goal as if it has already happened, i.e. “I am so happy now that I fit in my favourite jeans and can wear nice vests without a muffin top.”

f) With your newly established goal, transfer it onto pieces of card (I use record cards) and place the cards in as many places as you can so that you will constantly see the goal message.

Hopefully just going through that process already has you feeling positive about your goal.  The cards will serve as a constant reminder to your subconscious so that you are much less likely to sabotage your own efforts, because you are absolutely clear on what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Good luck with Step One!

Vicky x

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