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The girls working hard during a winter boot-camp.

This is a message I received this week from my client Jan.  It really sums up what my course and the message that I want to share is are all about.  So,  rather than write a blog this week I thought I would share Jan’s email with you.

“Good morning all,

I’m so glad everyone is giving a big push!!!

I’ve had a good week but more importantly I had a lapse that has caused a revelation.

Yesterday was pretty dire not enough hours in the day, to much to do, the usual so I didn’t go for a walk at lunch time as too busy, didn’t really drink enough water (not good on detox) as too busy, worked late and ate too much tea too late (about 10pm).

Eight weeks ago I’d have had a bar of galaxy for my breakfast and moaned about how much of a failure  I was after a day like that but not today.

I don’t feel like I have failed just that I had all my 20% treats in one day, back on detox this morning and eating veg for breakfast. I am taking 2 bottles to work today so I always have water and have changed my diary so I can walk to a meeting this morning, already done tea, its in the fridge and lunch is in the car ready for my day.

The revelation is I CAN DO THIS, I still have a face like a baboons bum after class and I can’t do as much as I think I should be able to BUT I can do more than I could 8 weeks ago.  5 sit up and press ups seems a silly number now and although it is still difficult I get out of bed to do 20 of each every morning and one morning I know 20 will be too easy as a warm up.  I may never run a marathon but I can run for a bus……….not that I ever get a bus but one day who knows?

So well done me and well done all of us!!!!


Like many of you who might be reading this, Jan is a full time working mum.  She had not done any exercise for a long time and joining a ‘boot camp’ was a very scary step for her.  But guess what?  We all need to start somewhere.  Jan is no different to anybody else out there, except she has taken massive action.  Just by deciding she was going to get healthy and fit and then by turning up to her sessions, trying out a new way of eating and believing in herself.

I hope this email inspires you to take some action today.  Is it going to be a galaxy bar or a walk and some nutritious food this evening????


  1. You really know your own stuff… Keep up the good function!”

  2. seems girls are tring very hard

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