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Jan 12

What’s a real woman?

I, of course, fly the flag for curvy women – I’m one myself and the celebration of having a full figure is what this blog is about. But the debate about what constitutes a ‘real’ woman makes me shudder. We are all real women, whether we are flat chested or blessed with an impressive cleavage; someone with slim hips is as beautiful as those of us who are more cushioned. One is not better than the other.

The conversation about what is attractive seems to me to veer into quite nasty territory sometimes…

There’s an awful Nigella Lawson vs Gillian McKeith image floating around on the internet and on Facebook at the moment which really gets my back up, the premise being that one is the most attractive and desirable.

In her photo Nigella is seen in a gorgeous evening gown (wouldn’t mind one like that myself, it’s beautiful – and very flattering), wearing full professionally done make up, hair coiffed gorgeously and she’s well lit. The photograph was taken at a public event and she’s made an effort, to put it midly.

The Gillian portrait contrasting Nigella’s is a still from ‘I’m A Celebrity (Get Me Out Of Here!)’ She wears no make-up and surprisingly enough hasn’t had time to do her hair, probably because she’s been doing things like diving into tanks of fish eyes and kangaroo boy bits to earn food for her fellow camp mates. Oh, and she’s been living on rice and the odd courgette for God knows how many days at this point so forgive her if she doesn’t quite look her best.

It’s unfair to compare the two with these photographs, and it muddies the waters about beauty and body shape.

This isn’t some sort of competition where one type of woman comes out on top. What we should all be aiming for is that us curvies get an equal deal from retailers, magazines and so on, and that skinny women aren’t represented as the only ideal. Being horrid about a slim woman not looking her best isn’t the way to go, we need to celebrate all women and encourage acceptance of all shapes and size!

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