What do you think of True?

When I attended the Plus North event last month in Leeds, I met not only lots of bloggers but also representatives from a large number of retail outlets and designers. It’s so inspiring to know more high street chains are recognising there is a very substantial market for curvy women. I get lots of comments on this blog from readers says how frustrating shopping can be, but it’s all change at the moment – in the right direction.

At Plus North, I met a lady from Clothing at Tesco who was very keen for me to write about their brand new True range. I was very impressed to hear from her they are anxious to get feedback not only from me but other women out there – in particular you, the readers of The Full Story – which will help form further collections.

They want to know what you and I think of the range in general, and which looks/items are our favourites.

I think the range shows potential, especial the fitted black dress with the lace sleeves. It shows off a curvy figure but covers the upper arm which is a problem area for many women, especially as we get a little older. When I buy clothes I always go for outfits which go in at the waist and offer a ‘v’ neck – it flatters my figure much more and this one ticks all the boxes. As someone who goes to a lot of meetings and need to look formal but not fuddy duddy, this would work really well for me. I would jazz it up a bit with accessories.

I’d like to see more cowl or v necks in the range, as these two details simply give me a better shape every time.

I also enjoy colour – I don’t walk around looking like a set of traffic lights but love bold shades. The tops in the True range are too muted for me, plus they aren’t fitted – they don’t nip in at the waist – but that could be remedied by a nice belt. As ever, accessories would brighten things up.

I loved the waterfall style cardigan, I have a number of these and am always looking for more. They truly cover up a multitude of sins, especially if you are busty, by elongating the body. I’d like more colour though.

My main bug bear with most ranges for curvy women is the size and shape of models used to show off the clothes. The woman used to show off True is gorgeous, but must be around size 14 and doesn’t seem to have much in the way of hips and breasts, although fair enough she is far curvier than the norm. For us to judge what these clothes would look like on us, we need to see a woman looking more like us wearing them!

Clothing at Tesco also want to know whether these pieces encourage you to look at Clothing at Tesco online or in store. For me of course the answer is big old yes. I am always looking for clothes!

They also wonder if this new collection is more fashionable and trendy than previous Clothing at Tesco ranges or other Plus Size collections.
For me, I go for more classic than trendy or cutting edge. Some of my favourite dresses I have worn regularly for at least two years. What I’m after is good quality, something which will last for a while. An outfit can always be brought ‘on trend’ by using accessories.

So, handing over to you – what do YOU think of the new True range at Tesco?



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