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I complain a lot on this blog about the time it’s taken for clothes designers to recognise us curvy women need nice flattering clothes in our size, a situation now creeping – slowly – towards being resolved. But I also have another problem with my appearance. I have very fine hair. It won’t grow past my shoulders without going into rats tails so I’m confined to having a bob.

It’s a genetic thing – my mother had the same fine mousy hair as did three out of her four sisters. But it didn’t look too bad on Mum as she was a very small petite lady. When my hair is at its flattest – I have flat then very flat days – I look decidedly odd.

As a full figured woman then my silhouette doesn’t look balanced if I have, how can I put it, a small head. Plus, a woman’s hair should be her crowning glory.

Of course a good cut and flattering shade (I have a basic red colour with purple and blonde highlights to make it look thicker and fuller) are important but I do struggle to find products to give my hair more body.

With most at-home treatments the shampoo, conditioner and mousse have the desired effect but very quickly my hair falls flat, not only in the glorious weather we’re having at the moment – please note it’s scorchio out there as I’m typing this – but also during the generic dampness we seem to have in the UK for the bulk of the year!

Typically, my hair gets pulled down very quickly.

So when I was asked to review some hair products from Look Fantastic for this blog, I automatically looked at what they had on offer for fine hair.

I was sent Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo, Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner and   Redken Body Full Instant Bodifier.


Shortly after the treatment

I didn’t need much shampoo, it foamed very easily. The conditioner again I didn’t need much of, but it felt a bit greasy and heavy to the touch. I whacked it on anyway and was pleased the greasiness washed out on rinsing.

The bodifier is a watery foam; when I first squirted it out I expected something firmer but it went on well and was easy to comb through.

Then I blow dried. I was really impressed with the ‘size’ of my hair afterwards, it was much fuller and thicker especially on the crown of my head which is my problem area. But I’ve had a great result with hair products before, they have made my hair look smashing when I’ve just blow dried but the body flattens soon afterwards.

I had climbed a steep hill and was standing under very hot studio lights at this point. (I wearing Pepperberry black dress and Evans denim jacket - both from this summer's range). The dog asleep at my feet is Rosey, owned the film's director


Happily, on the day I tried out the hair products I was being interviewed about a film I wrote last year so could put my hair to the test. I had to walk up a steep hill then stand in front of hot studio lights, guaranteed to make my hair as flat as the proverbial pancake.

But this didn’t happen with these products. My hair stayed full which I was really surprised about.

At the end of the day after I made the journey home, my hair still keep its volume

Then came the second test. I like a challenge! Volume boosting products always seem to not only be greasy but make my hair the same. I wash my hair more frequently than is healthy as a result. There must be some chemical reason for this – the thing that gives your hair that boost turns to bleugh over night.

But once again, with these products this didn’t happen. My hair stayed fresh and whilst not bouncy – I don’t have sufficient thickness for that – it kept its shape and didn’t need lots of work the next day which is typically the case.

The only downside to these three products is that they are pricey if you’re on a budget, but you don’t need that much to get a good foam and coverage. If you have fine hair then you don’t, do you?

So they get  a thumbs up from me.





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