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I’ve written on this blog before about how difficult it is for me, as a curvy woman, to find dresses that offer a good fit. It’s often the case that those accommodating my bust are often are way too big for my hips or are too long in the arms so it looks like I’m drowning in fabric!

Many designers assume if a woman is generously proportioned in the hips and bust then we’re obese or freakishly long-limbed. It’s ridiculous and demoralising for us curvies but it means there’s a lucrative gap in the market for canny designers!

However, this week I was delighted to receive some dresses from SimplyBe. Their strapline ‘fashion without limits’ strikes a chord with me. I love dresses, preferring them over separates, but have my choice limited because of my body shape. Frustrating!

Simply Be sent me three dresses…
The first one – a red jersey dress – was from their Glamorosa range. Specially designed for those with a fuller bosom, Glamorosa clothes come in three sizes – standard, voluptuous (l love that word) and very voluptuous – my size!
I’ve only recently got into wearing red and have become addicted if I’m being honest.  Old clichés about bright colours making one look larger couldn’t be more wrong; it’s only recently I have realised this and pulled myself out of wearing just black, black and yet more black.  Embracing my love of colour has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

The fabric for the jersey dress is stretchy but it would fit comfortably enough without. The other thing I adore about this dress is that you really can dress it up or down – it’s so adaptable. The first time I wore it properly I went to a meeting during the day to discuss a new project I’m working on. To give a good impression I needed something quite formal but not frumpy.  That evening I attended an author friend’s book signing (see picture below), still wearing the same dress.
I just put on some evening make up and jewellery and I was ready to go.


Myself in the red jersey dress celebrating the publication of the The Helper by David Jackson, with David himself and Mel Sherratt author of the Amazon best seller Taunting The Dead


The second item is also from the Glamorosa range, this time a denim dress.  I’m normally a little anxious with denim as it tends to have little give in it. If not generously cut around the bust then buttons gape and it looks just awful. I love the blue of denim but sadly I’ve often had to put something back in a shop due to this problem. I didn’t have to worry with this in the Very Voluptuous size, though.  I can see this being my gig going outfit of choice this year; I attend a lot of live music events as well as book launches and signings so this is definitely a winner.

Denim dress from Simply Be’s Glamorosa range

I’m a big fan of wrap around dresses and tops. They flatter the fuller figure so well, defining the waist and giving an hourglass shape along with a V neck which shows a subtle cleavage. The third Simply Be dress is a wrap over and therefore very ‘me’ but rather different from my usual choice. Why? Because I love leopard print and own a couple of wrap overs in the pattern but in understated browns and greys – this is a glorious pink, red and black creation! Something of a departure for me, it really is a dress for when you want to get noticed. It’s called the Bespoke Maximum Statement dress for a reason.  I’m going out for a meal with my husband this weekend so I’ll definitely be wearing it for that!


THAT statement dress


Thanks to Simply Be for letting me try out these lovely dresses which have expanded my wardrobe beautifully.


  1. Lisa Symonds

    Denim dresses were a HUGE no-no for me until I read your blog Cath. I had always assumed that – not having the smallest chest – they would be incredibly unflattering! However, judging by your photo, Very’s denim number has proved me wrong! Going to take a look at their collections more closely… and revamp my wardrobe accordingly! Hopefully, there are more styles I’ve actively avoided over the years that might – in the right size – suit :)

  2. I do LOVE that swishy statement dress! As a curvy girl I am always looking for ways to glam up without looking too, how shall I put it, ‘booby’ (if you know what I mean) – Overspill is not a good look whether it’s above the waistband or further up!

    I shall definitely track that third dress down in the Simply Be store in Liverpool, hopefully they will have one of their epic sales on soon!

    With the Glamarosa dress, did you find that the skirt part hugged your hips too tightly making you look huge on top with sticky little legs? I have a dress in that style, albeit from Asda, and like the style but the next size up was too swampy on the top. I’d like one with a better all-round fit.

    • The pink dress is a cracking fit, Vicky. Asda do quite nice wrap dresses but the fit isn’t that brilliant. Bravissimo used to do them but not so much anymore

      • I have just been in the Lpool1 store today to pay off my store card and they have increased my limit, the swines!!! I didn’t look for the dress, didn’t trust myself! But may do now I have a little more credit to play with. Bad bad BAD store credit!

        Alas at the mo, Asda pockets are all I have… but hopefully that will change soon! x

  3. You sent me scampering over to the Simply Be website with this. I especially love the ‘statement’ dress. You’ve also set the bar high for book launches. I definitely need a new outfit to wear to Mari Hannah’s ‘do’ next month!

  4. Dear Cath, you look good in all your photos, and you can also be a wonder woman, you’re strong, have a pretty face and wonder brests! All said. I enjoy your writtings very much…

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