And the gong for best supporting role goes to…

All curvy women know that wearing an underwired bra is pretty much essential to for the best support, plus clothes hang so much better as well giving you a more flattering look.
Lingerie designers Ultimo this week revealed its new Dreamwire bra, said to provide all the lift of an underwire but with none of the discomfort.
‘Sounds great’, you may say. But hang on a minute… What discomfort and why should we put up with it? Because in reality we don’t need to.

To my mind it’s a major myth that underwired bras dig into your rib cage, rub the skin or pinch the breast. If one wears a good fitting quality bra then one shouldn’t even be aware of its wire – at all.

The new Ultimo bra

For many years I’d opt for a soft bra, one that didn’t have an underwire because whenever I tried them they would indeed – as the clique goes – hurt and chafe in the tender areas – Ouch!

I wasn’t on my own, either. Friends and colleagues would complain about theirs. One woman I used to work with even cut the wires out of hers while in the office on one occasion because it pained her so much.
I had in it my head that if I wanted a good lift then a painful underwire was a necessary evil – rather like Victorian women who used to squeeze themselves into impossibly tight corsets because that was what everyone else did.
No pain, no gain, I thought; suck it up, woman.
Angry red weals along my ribcage were the price I had to pay for having a good shape. End of.

But I changed my mind when at last I was fitted properly…

In a good bra you should be able to walk, run, sleep, do cartwheels, hop, skip, jump, hand glide, go mountaineering, trek across the Andes (or anything else you see women doing on the tampon adverts) without discomfort caused by your bra. If the wire is digging in then you’re wearing the wrong size.
A good bra fitter won’t let you out of the changing room wearing an uncomfortable bra that doesn’t do the business for you and make you feel great.
Accept no less!




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