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I am a gallerist, columnist and occasional TV presenter as well as the mother of two gorgeous girls Anouska and Violet.

When I´m not dashing off to some fabulous location on a photoshoot, writing assignment or to attend a friend's event, I am busy juggling work at my photography gallery, The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, with keeping my Italian husband Giorgio and our three-year-old daughter Violet happy and fed. Writing up the previous evening's adventures is not so easy if I break the cardinal rule of no drinking on a school night!


Julian Lennon photography, Fleetwood Mac and a fabulous ladies’ lunch

They say moving house is up there with divorce and death as a major stress factor and I can now testify that the displacement I have felt for the last 6 weeks has indeed been quite full-on! Add to that the fact that my precious little girl has just started at big school and it really is a miracle that I haven’t started midday drinkies! Our new home does seem to be coming along though, and I think I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel of the seemingly endless snagging list. Apart from the house move, I have also socially been equally rushed off my, nearly totally faded tanned, feet.

So instead of my usual long-winded, waffly approach to blogging I will try to be concise, factual and hopefully with more than a whiff of the amusing…

Me with the talented Julian Lennon

Me with the talented Julian Lennon ©Gabriel Lovas

Firstly my business partner and I had the honour of presenting Julian Lennon’s first London show of his photography at The Little Black Gallery. The run up was jam packed with press interest in Julian and on the opening night he was inundated with friends, fans and new collectors who wanted to come and meet him and see his work.


Malin & Tim Jefferies, myself and Boris & Lilly Becker

Malin & Tim Jefferies, myself and Boris & Lilly Becker ©Gabriel Lovas

Boris & Lilly Becker, who used to be neighbours of his, swung by, Robert & Masha Hanson came and even my dearest friend and fellow photography gallerist Tim Jefferies made an appearance. The evening was quite exhilarating and it was also fun to have boy-about-town Mark Francis Vandelli come and show his handsome face. After the show, a group of us headed to Zafferano for a true Italian feast in their newly renovated wing.

The dashing Mark-Francis Vandelli

The dashing Mark-Francis Vandelli and me ©Gabriel Lovas

A few days later, more cultural delights awaited as my naughty old partner in crime Martyn Lawrence Bullard (interior designer to the Hollywood stars) had blown into town and scooped up a ‘Best Reality TV Show’ award. I popped in to watch his Q&A alongside Nicky Haslam at the V&A and was very impressed. That evening we headed to the Christie’s preview of their Kate Moss sale from the collection of Gert Elfering.

Melissa Odabash and Martyn Lawrence

Melissa Odabash and Martyn Lawrence Bullard © Gabriel Lovas

Some of the 58 photographs were absolutey stunning. Kate Moss arrived in her trusty uniform of skyscraper stilletos and itty bitty black dress escorted by her father Peter and her husband Jamie Hince. She looked thrilled with the show and I did spot her magnificent agent Sarah Doukas looking on proudly from the sidelines.

Kate Moss with Philippe Garner of Christies

Kate Moss with Philippe Garner of Christies

Mary McCartney was also milling about as was her great friend and loyal supporter David Tang who was in deep discussion with David Linley. At that point we decided dinner was a must, grabbing Martyn and my business partner Ghislain I coerced them into joining me at Hertford Street for dinner.

Kate Moss at Christies

Kate Moss at Christies

The next morning I was thrilled to have no hangover and had the added excitement of having been invited by a new group of friends to the Fleetwood Mac concert at London’s O2 Arena. My husband Giorgio and I have quite a funny history with the music – far too long a story to enter into here, you’ll be relieved to know, but he heavily encouraged I go despite him being in New York for business.

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

For me going off with a group of people I have only met once before is not what I consider daunting and, since my host and hostess were so funny and inclusive, I had a ball. The evening itself was so wonderful and having the original line-up play with Stevie Nicks was literally like Christmas come early. I sang along to every song and could have easily listened on for few hours and hours. Mick Fleetwood deserves every morsel of his legendary status. Funnily enough my father had also gone that night with his girlfriend and they came to find us mid-show, my only peeve was that I hadn’t hit the merchandising stand before we went up to our seats – the queues on the way out were something to be seen!!! I conclude Fleetwood Mac are my ultimate guilty pleasure!

Erin O'Connor, Naomi Campbell and Caroline Winberg

Erin O’Connor, Naomi Campbell and Caroline Winberg

Later that week I was off to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden as a guest of Naomi Campbell’s to watch a pre-screening of her new Sky Living TV show “The Face” (she is also the Executive Producer!). Erin O’Connor and Caroline Winberg are her fellow supermodel mentors on what I believe is the ultimate ‘model talent show’.

Valerie Campbell and me

Valerie Campbell and me

It goes without saying Naomi is the star attraction, she is so watchable you just want more and more of her and her antics! I was super happy to bump into her glamorous mother Valerie, whom I have known for years. We caught up and took our seats in the front row. Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw was on hilarious form as he took to the make-shift runway and strutted his stuff.

Nick Grimshaw with Erin, Naomi and Caroline

Nick Grimshaw with Erin, Naomi and Caroline

Sadly for him, Naomi, Erin and Caroline really showed us why they are the top girls. The show itself was fabulous, glamorous and I think pretty true to life, showing that the modelling world can be cruel and full of rejection. I for one have been tuned in ever since!

Celia Dunstone and Jenny Halpern

Celia Dunstone and Jenny Halpern

I had one last duty with a girls’ lunch thrown by the very lovely Celia Dunstone at her more than fabulous house. Introducing us all to a new brand of casual knitwear and heavenly leather jackets by ME&EM alongside the much sought-after Monica Vinader jewellery and the best part of it all was that a percentage of our fun (i.e. our spending) went to the worthy cause of The Prince’s Trust. All in all it was a win, win situation! Lunch for over 30 women can often be a bit much but Celia’s organisation was great and I had Monica Vinader and Jenny Halpern Prince all to myself – noone really ever drew breath! Our delicious and extra light in the calorie department lunch by The Cellar Society was tip top and, to add a cherry on the top of the event, we were sent off on our merry way with gorgeous gifts so, like I said, it was win, win!

Since I have got back my weeks seem to have got shorter and fuller… (Not a great look if I was talking legs!)

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