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I am a gallerist, columnist and occasional TV presenter as well as the mother of two gorgeous girls Anouska and Violet.

When I´m not dashing off to some fabulous location on a photoshoot, writing assignment or to attend a friend's event, I am busy juggling work at my photography gallery, The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, with keeping my Italian husband Giorgio and our three-year-old daughter Violet happy and fed. Writing up the previous evening's adventures is not so easy if I break the cardinal rule of no drinking on a school night!


Photo shoots, princess parties and fabulous art!

Being back in London feels great although I am quietly nervous about the airing of my new CH4 TV show “Four Rooms”.  It was a great experience shooting the shows and I really enjoyed working with my fellow gallerists but there is a lot that can be done in editing!


Tamara on the Four Rooms photo shoot

On the set of Four Rooms © Ch4

Straight back into the thick of it though, Vivi and I headed off to Euston to a serious old-school studio for a HELLO! Magazine photo shoot with the maestro, photographer John Swannell.  It was a huge excitement for Vivi and watching her have her hair and makeup done was just too precious. National treasure, Patsy Palmer’s three children were also there and they were so good looking, polite and generally charming that I would have considered stealing little Bertie…


Vivi having her hair done! ©TamaraBeckwith

Vivi having her hair done! ©TamaraBeckwith

I was up bright and early for yet another shooting lesson with my new BFF Pat. Remarkably I seemed to really get the hang of it and even got so cocky as to suggest we try a couple of pretend rabbit targets. I must say, it certainly gets the old adrenaline pumping. Not long to go now before the actual Highclere Shooting Challenge.

Kate Driver and her daughter Lily

Kate Driver and her daughter Lily

Next we had my great girlfriend Jenny Halpern Prince’s twin girls 4th birthday party. Jenny had gone all out! Little Princesses ran amok and poor Mr. Marvel really had to raise his game to keep them in line. Vivi had decided she wanted to wear her sari. I have to say it is the best thing I have given her in a long time! All my girlfriends were there and I finally had to drag Vivi home when she decided she had to help the poor face painter. Needless to say she was an unwanted assistant. Kate Driver and I left with Vivi and her daughter Lilly laden with armfuls of helium balloons and guilty chocolate-covered mouths.

My gorgeous older daughter Anouska had come home from Paris for a precious weekend with her new beau Maxime. I was very keen to meet the boy who has made her so happy!

Anouska and her boyfriend Maxime

Anouska and her new beau Maxime

Firstly I had to be up really rather early for a Sunday to appear on one of my favourite shows, CH4’s “Sunday Brunch” to promote “Four Rooms”. I watch it usually from the comfort of my bed but it was all quite different getting there at silly o’clock as it’s live. I was thrilled to be on with my old friend Capital Radio DJ, Lisa Snowdon. She is just a gem. Always cheery and what a body! We gossiped and laughed about the old days in LA and our mutual friend Adam Bernhard. She really needs snapping up! The boys, Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer were up to their normal high jinx but the whole show was an absolute pleasure to be on.

Me, Monty and Lisa Snowdon

Me, international cricketer Monty Panesar and Lisa Snowdon

Back to my other reality, The Little Black Gallery. We had curated a “Flowers” show with stunning pure black and white photographs by Japanese photographer Hiroyuki Arakawa, and as a contrast, highly digitised colour flowers by emerging British photographer Lisa Creagh. This was slightly different for us, but with two stellar photographers we hoped it would entice our loyal client base to come and take a peek.

Mark Vandelli, Tamara, Giancarlo Giammetti and Heather Kerzner

Mark Vandelli, Tamara, Giancarlo Giammetti and Heather Kerzner

Well the preview night was crackers. Ex Supermodel Marie Helvin, looking quite unbelievable, was one of the first to appear as she is longtime friends with Hiro’s wife, the heavenly Maxine Van-Cliffe. Maxine arrived from Tokyo and I must say between the two of us we never drew breath. We had met years ago at the Cannes Film Festival at the legendary Hotel Du Cap.


Marie Helvin and Hiroyuki Arakawa

Marie Helvin and Hiroyuki Arakawa

It was also quite mad to see another old familiar face, Charlotte Lewis.  We used to hang out in LA when she was still acting. She brought her very well behaved little boy along and was another old friend of Maxine’s. I remember so many crazy nights with Charlotte it made me feel ancient just recollecting them…

Tamara and Maxine Van-Cliff Arakawa

Tamara and Maxine Van-Cliffe Arakawa

Scent by Design, a seriously cool florist and candle maker run by my friend Charmian Taylor, had made some special arrangements for the show and even legendary florist Rob Van Helden made encouraging noises although it was his naughty sidekick Sebastien who was after more photographs for their home. Heather Kerzner swung by looking svelte and happy and full of vigour for her charity, The MacMillan Trust. Bless her for being such a tireless Charity Chick.

Heather Kerzner, Grainne Stevenson, Charmian Taylor and me

Heather Kerzner, Grainne Stevenson, Charmian Taylor and me

Designers Betty Jackson and Edina Ronay, both uber elegant, also came by to say their hello’s to Hiro. It was a huge success and we were all a bit worse for wear, having drunk the many Hibiki Japanese Whisky Highballs courtesy of Suntory Whisky, as we slunk off for a small supper afterwards next door at Eleven Park Walk. I was told off, in a nice way by Hiro, for not letting Maxine eat as we gossiped all night!

Edina Ronay and Betty Jackson

Edina Ronay and Betty Jackson

Another day, another lunch!  So much for eating light and exercising like a lunatic! It was off to Harry’s Bar for a small welcome lunch for the incredible Lorraine Schwartz, jeweller to the stars thrown by Denise Rich. The food is always the same old but I was seated next to Lorraine and I was allowed to touch and try all her magnificent rocks. OMG I was in heaven. Sliced 10 carat diamonds, I know they sound OTT but trust me, once on your little finger they so lose that vulgarity!! She was a character with a capital C and I loved every minute of her chat. I learnt more about Hollywood from her than I have seen in the 20 odd years I have flitted back and forth! All I can say is that I love Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds even more now….

So another quiet week has flown by but I have my eye firmly set on the prize of next week’s Highclere Shooting Challenge. Excited? Like a kid? You bet…

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