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I am a gallerist, columnist and occasional TV presenter as well as the mother of two gorgeous girls Anouska and Violet.

When I´m not dashing off to some fabulous location on a photoshoot, writing assignment or to attend a friend's event, I am busy juggling work at my photography gallery, The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, with keeping my Italian husband Giorgio and our three-year-old daughter Violet happy and fed. Writing up the previous evening's adventures is not so easy if I break the cardinal rule of no drinking on a school night!


Spring ponies and a brilliant Bar Mitzvah

So much for the Spring!  I came back from LA full of girly ideas about short sleeved dresses and ultimately have almost hibernated in my cashmere cupboard.  Not to be deterred I flew down the M40 for a fun weekend with two old girlfriends who have decided country living is the way to go.  First stop was my oldest friend, Tasha from boarding school who conveniently has two little rosie cheek girls Violet’s age.  Violet didn’t seem to notice that all the other kids at the Birthday party  were new to her but what she did notice was the sublime pony hiding in his stable across the lawn!  Desperate to get to him she tried every trick in the book to escape.  Promises of pony treks the following morning were thrown down if all three girls had baths and went to sleep immediately!  Highly unlikely or impossible  just down to the gargantuan amounts of sugar that had been consumed..  remarkably the three little bears had only one illicit trip down stairs and then true to their word hit the sack until bright and early the following day.  Violet couldn’t believe her eyes when two other ponies arrived tacked up and ready to go.  What a genius friend I have!  Only complaint I have is when our girls wanted to go for a trot us Mummy’s looked ridiculous trying to keep up, leading the energetic ponies and making sure no one fell off!  Talk about a work out!  My lungs almost exploded. It was all worth it as the look of wonderment on their faces was priceless.


Vivi & Tasha © Tamara Beckwith

Off like the crackers to make my other girlfriends kiddies party in Great Tew. We lost count of chocolate box pretty thatched cottages but Vivi still finds driving through the countryside fascinating.  My girlfriend Linda has no clue how to do low key and so we were greeted by a gang plank and a mean Pirate. The rest was hilarious until again us Mum’s have to start flying around on a fiercely competitive treasure hunt!  It is genius and she ropes in a lot of her friends to assume characters.  Vivi thinks it’s a hoot!  I found my sister and her youngest daughter Amber and we ambled around.  Ed Allen, the writer and son of the legendary comedian, is a popular local and always helps out with the best BBQ in Tew.


The treasure hunt craziness!

The treasure hunt craziness!

My country bit over with it was back to the fast pace of London. I have vowed my bottom will not drop any further and so headed back to Grace Belgravia.  The new Health Spa and Gym is so perfectly located for me as I really can’t back out of going!  I worked out surprisingly hard but was told that my co-ordination was useless!  I don’t think I am used to being spoken to in such a blunt way!  It sure worked though!!


Nick Rhodes' exhibition "Bei Incubi"

Nick Rhodes’ exhibition “Bei Incubi”

I was super excited to get to my old friend Nick Rhodes photography show “Bei Incubi”  at The Vinyl Gallery, Chelsea. Obviously he is far better known as the keyboard player of Duran Duran but as long as I have known Nick he has always carried a small camera.  The Vinyl Gallery is quite small but it was bursting with so many old faces of the past that no one was leaving.  His sexy polaroids were beautiful and the only thing holding me back were the multiple red dots on all my favourites. Bumping into designer Pam Hogg was a sight for sore eyes, as I first met her in Kensington Market and she sold me a tartan lycra, faux fur and silver tassle trouser suit!  I thought it was the most beautiful thing I ever owned!  I am sure it was not a good look for me. Miliner Philip Treacy, one of Nick’s close friends was there as was John Taylor, also of Duran Duran, who was accosted by a young fan who wanted to create a Duran opera from what I could work out.  Brit actor Nick Moran was lurking around and I was hoping to catch up with the designer Anthony Price who used to be the King of all the pop bands styling including Bryan Ferry.  No such luck as we were in a hurry…


Me with designer Pam Hogg

Me with designer Pam Hogg

Being good, healthy and on the wagon just seems an impossible path for Giorgio and myself.  We were off to The Dorchester’s “China Tang” with Tommy and Dee Hilfiger and had had high hopes of a quiet night.  Well as soon as I saw bikini-babe Melissa Odabash, and her lovely husband had joined the group, I knew we were in for trouble. Tommy ordered the David Tang Special menu (they are great friends) and we literally seemed to sample every dish known to their chef!  Great wine flowed and that famous and terribly familiar feeling of  “I’ll go back to the programme tomorrow” washed over us.  I thought I spied my girlfriend the jeweller Zara Simon and teetered off to find her but got way laid in the fabulous restrooms where David has some entrancing poetry going on in a loop.  By the skin of our teeth it was a midnight curtain…


Me with the girls (Tara B, Eliane, Arabella and Lisa B)

Me with the girls (Tara B, Eliane, Arabella, Lisa B and other guests)


The big whooopppee of the weekend was a good friends middle son’s Barmitzvah.  I must admit I love a good Barmitzvah.. a lot of good old fashioned singing and speeches galore.  I think the fact that I knew there were going to be 100 kids alone filled me with huge excitement.  I had decided to wear a slightly too short apple green Valentino number with some scaffold-worthy Charlotte Olympia’s.  We headed off to the secret City location..  The first obstacle was the slightly scary, open steep staircase. I know I did not handle this in anything resembling a lady-like fashion as a friend who will remain nameless imitated my efforts.  There were so many good friends of ours there that I lost Giorgio immediately.  Our hostess looked sensational looking every inch a 1940’s Parisienne.  Our Barmitzvah boy, Louis was brought into the party by a bevy of naughty, appropriately clad girls as if he was James Bond.

Bar Mitzvah boy Louis and the girls

Bar Mitzvah boy Louis and the girls

Raising that party bar even higher…  Lisa B and Anton had managed to leave the mountains to put in an appearance.  Tommy and Dee were there and I finally had a chance to catch up with the stylish Elizabeth Saltzman whom I last saw whilst guzzling curry at the after Oscar Party. Elizabeth is quite a must have ingredient have for any soiree – she is always up to speed on all sorts of fabulous insider knowledge.  She also happens to dress some of the most sought after girls in the A List world so – yup she’s a fun one! Sadly we didn’t do much cheesy singing – this was certainly a chic affair..  A few too many champagne’s later I was terribly confused as to why all the kids suddenly seemed to be wearing individualised Onesies… I half expected (Model of the moment and Onesie Queen) Cara Delevigne to appear on the dance floor.  The party was a smash and we all headed home very merry and laden with pompom hats, glasses and onesies…..

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