Jun 13

Sol Republic Headphones

SOLREPUBLIC_TracksHD_111112_Perspective_white (1)

Ok there are headphones and there are mega headphones. When the PR for SOL REPUBLIC offered to send me a pair of the Tracks HD On Ear headphones telling me that it had been created by the guy behind Monster Headphones, my interest was immediately piqued. SOL REPUBLIC is a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through better-sounding headphones. Their ethos is to celebrate the people who make music, love music and are devoted to music. I was expecting to find a stylish set so I was pleasantly surprised to see what I would describe as a very slick piece of work. For a start they are the first interchangeable headphones to be launched in the UK. Therefor they are packaged like separate entities; the headband, ear pieces and cable are presented in different compartments and there is even a case for you to pop them in. The headband is described as indestructible, I have to admit that it is pretty sturdy as well as rather bendy but I cannot vouch for whether they are indestructible or not, however they are very comfy due to the padding at the top. You can mix and match the headbands to reflect the mood that you are in as they come in a variety of different colours and styles.

What is so impressive about the headphones is the easy comfort. The ear buds are padded with soft leather which feels very cool and soothing on your ears. They actually slide up and down the headband itself and because of this you can even take them off and use the cans as two portable speakers. The cable is pretty cool too; it has a three-button remote that lets you adjust the volume, skip music and answer or hang-up calls easily. The quality of the sound of course is stunning. You have amazing bass and definition and any outside interference is blocked out. The headphones come in a range of on-ear and in-ear styles and offers you a wonderful music experience featuring V10 HD Sound Engines for deep bass, high clarity and crisp vocals. They are compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android devices.

For more information about SOL REPUBLIC please visit their website.

May 13

The Olivia


Face it being a blogger can be quite trying physically. You need all your kit, smartphone, charger (I never home without mine), tablet, laptop and camera so you need a trusty bag that will hold all your tech stuff. However, it can’t be any old bag, a rucksack just won’t do now will a battered holdall. Other brands have come to our rescue such as Knomo and Marshall Bergman and now Jill-e Designs have joined the club of classy tech accessories. They have launched a stylish new collection of leather bags designed specifically for Apple products. There are five bags in the collection which have been created using lush leathers and are available in a variety of chic styles. Whether you have an iPad, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, there is plenty for you to choose from. Interestingly enough, each bag also has its own name.

Emma is a cross-body model, made in blue and black which is perfect for the 11” MacBook Air and iPad. Olivia is made in black and is a perfect fit for your 13” MacBook. You can either carry it over the shoulder, at your side or like a backpack. Veronica is available in black and is a stylish messenger with on-trend accent quilting for the 15” MacBook Pro. Jeremy is a briefcase style with spacious, accessible zippered compartments for the 13” MacBooks and iPad. It is made in black. Bennett has that trendy messenger style that is very fashionable. It comes in brown and black and is perfect for the 15” MacBook Pro.

I was gifted the Olivia by the PR rep and I was pleasantly surprised to see how soft the fabric was. The bags does look very solid and and it has enough room to carry all your cables and accessories. This would be the perfect bag that I would take with me when I am travelling abroad because the intense padding really protects your laptop and I would feel very secure leaving it on the overhead baggage container on the plane. Jill-e Designs started off designing luxury bags in 2007 for photographers who were looking for the perfect bag that could hold their kit safely but also matched their creative style. This their first step into tech bags and tt can be safe to say that they have taken off with a bang.

For more information about Jill-e Designs visit their website.

May 13

Tech at Press Days

Marks and Spencer's press day

Marks and Spencer’s press day

Press days or previews are no longer about showing off your fashion and beauty collections for the up and coming season. These days you need a bit of a novelty in order to get the interest of the journalist or blogger. With several events on most days it is the press day that has the wow factor that will generate the most buzz. Last week Twitter and Instagram was full of images and comments from the Jo Malone launch for their new fragrance, Peony and Blush Suede. When I got there I could see exactly why. It was pure decadence otherwise known as Cologne meets Couture. The room was covered in thousand and thousands of peonies which had been flown in for the stunning installation creating a divine smell. I am still swooning. Brands are now using technology as a way of making an impact. There is the obligatory tweet screen which contains people talking about the brand but an effect that brings out the personality of the brand.

As well as a stunning A/W collection, Marks & Spencer boasted a café and a stacked fridge full of M&S goodies. They also had a tweet screen and a bar with iPads for journalists and bloggers to encourage them to look at the M&S website and stay and work in the cafe area. However it was their use of Twitter that caught my eye.

“The iPads in the cafe were set up in case any guests wanted to tweet, browse the Marks and Spencer website, browse our Style Edit ,” a spokesperson from M&S told me. “We wanted to create a comfortable environment where writers and bloggers could pick up some lunch, grab a coffee, stay and work, post blogs or file copy for their pages. The feedback we got is that press enjoyed seeing their tweets on the screen and were also interested in which pieces were popular with their counterparts at other publications. From an M&S perspective it was great for us to get a real-time feed of the pieces the press loved at our press day.”

At their last press day New Look knocked the ball out of the bag by hosting a Google Hangout in the middle of the event with Muse TV. Now how cool and trendy is that? This season they took things a step further by issuing a ‘like’ scanner to everyone and asked them to scan all the items that took their fancy so they can analyse trends. With summer on its way (fingers crossed) all the beauty brands are talking sun care and Boots are on it. They have numerous products on the market to suit every skin tone and type. At their press day a few weeks ago they were showing off their new app which helped you work out you sunscreen was the best match for your skin. As I am a bit of a divvy with sun cream I found this to be very useful.

May 13

RHA Headphones


The SA950i headphones from RHA is certainly a sleek piece of equipment. Black and sophisticated, it is contains all the ingredients you need to make the perfect set of headphones. The SA950i features 40mm titanium-coated drivers and dynamic neodymium magnets in a compact supra-aural design. The on-ear model may be lightweight but it is very effective as it is engineered to produce studio quality sound. The creators did not lie because the sound from the SA950i is amazing. Excellent bass and wonderful pitching. They are also very comfortable to wear with contour-forming ear cups attached to adjustable chrome sliders as well as a detachable, fabric braided cable with in-line remote. Unlike some other on ear headphones, the SA950i feels great on my head, there is no tugging and adjusting involved and the ear cups feel very soft and almost bouncy. I love the fact that the cable is detachable and that I can adjust the length of the cord.

The impact of the Beats legacy is that on ear headphones are now in vogue as opposed to inside headphones. You no longer look like a looney strolling down the streets listening to your favourite beats. In fact the first thing that comes to mind when I see someone sporting on ear headphones is what brand they are wearing. RHA is a small British audio company who design and engineer high-specaudio products from their Glasgow base. Their products are available in Apple Stores as well as amazon. The SA950’s come with a three year warranty.

For more information about RHA go to their website.

Apr 13

The Designer Series

Griffin Designer Series

Those rumours about the release of the iPhone 5S are just getting stronger and once the new model drops I am sure we will be greeted with the usual Beatles like hysteria. And with every new phone comes a spanking new phone cover. While we await the release of Apple’s new baby, Griffin Technology have released a new collection of iPhone cases for iPhone 5 and 4/4S but with a difference. This collection is called the Designer Series and features cases that have been created by up and coming artists. The Designer Series range from an eclectic gamut, to organic illustration, clean graphic design and even tattoo artwork. The cases also have ethical attributes and a commitment to Fair Trade as they are produced by local printers in Nashville where Griffin’s headquarters are and the designers earn a set amount for each case sold bearing their artwork. If a design proves to be really popular then the designer may earn a distribution deal.

I love the idea of using emerging artists to design an accessories collection because I feel that it brings a fresh and funky vibe to what can be a saturated market. Some of the designs are really lovely with a real quirky feel. There are so many different phone cases out there that everyone is looking for that one case that stands out and makes a statement. It’s also good to know that Griffin are working on a collection for Android phones.

The Designer Series collection is exclusively available on the Griffin website

Apr 13

Coloud Headphones

ColoudIt’s not just Dr Dre who is causing a stir in the headphones department, in a bid to keep up a lot of brands are launching exciting new products on the market. Coloud have launched The Boom and The Knock which are headphones available in a variety of different colours. The Boom is an overhead model that allows you to enjoy your music without outside interference, The Knock is a streamlined design that feels light as a feather around your head and The Pop are the type that you insert into your ear. All the headphones are crafted with minimal parts and feature a mechanical construction, making them extremely durable and built to withstand the pressures of everyday listening. Coloud is a Swedish brand that launched last year and their concept is to create dynamic headphones that provide no-nonsense sound. The emphasis is not on huge logos, funny gimmicks or unnecessary details, just reliable and functional headphones designed to deliver your daily dose of music. I tried The Boom and it was pretty cool, comfortable to wear and gives your music and extraordinary bass that would rival many and at £35 it is not too heavy on your bank balance.

At a price that won’t break the bank Coloud headphones are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your everyday outfit.

For more information about Coloud, go to their website.

Apr 13

Mischa Barton Range for UUnique London

Mischa BartonYou guys remember Mischa Barton right? She played troubled teen, Marissa Cooper in The OC. She was also touted as a teen idol and fashion icon of her generation. Since leaving The OC in 2006 Marissa has been pretty busy; starring in the short lived glossy drama, The Beautiful Life and doing some film work and theatre. However, it is the fashion and beauty scene where she has made her mark. She has been the face of various brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Monsoon Accessorize and Neutrogena so it was only inevitable that she would try her hand at designing. In 2006 she created a handbag line for ASOS and two years later she followed that up with a line line of headbands for the Stacy Lapidus brand. Mischa now has an online boutique called Mischa’s Place where she sells her own line of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and bath products. She has now jumped on the sexy tech wave by collaborating with UUnique London and launching a series of bespoke iPhone cases. Uunique By Mischa features a mouth watering selection of elegant cases. Whether you want a white plain one that will blend in, a sophisticated black one or a highly feminine case with all the frills they are all here ripe for the picking. The prices are pretty reasonable too ranging from £24.99 to £34.99. Makes me wish I had an iPhone.

For more information on the Mischa Barton range check out the UUnique London website.

Mar 13

Dare To Be Uunique

UU_premier rangeGetting a new phone is always exciting but something else you need to think about is what case you are going to get. With the cost of phones getting more expensive each year due to the expanding features it is imperative that you keep your mobile safe from being dropped or getting scratched in your bag. Sadly gone are the days when mobile companies supplied a case with your new phone and now you have to fork out for one. The good thing is that there are a lot of beautiful and stylish cases on the market to suit every mood and occasions. You can have the wallet style case that also stores your credit cards, the flap case that covers that face of your phone and you can have that covers the back of your case.

Uunique London have launched a brand new limited edition of cases called Premier Collection which consists of 10 eye-catching cases. These luxury cases are covered in gorgeous Swarovski crystals that spells opulent and drop dead gorgeous glamour. The range has been created for men and women who love to make a dramatic statement. Each individual crystal has been applied by hand giving it a couture feel and each case is a one off. Rock chicks will love the Skull case which is bold and daring, glamour pusses will adore the Lollipop case which is bright and eye-catching and the elegant Scottish Argyle case will appeal to men and women who like the finer things in life. These impressive Premier cases are the perfect accessories for evening events, special occasions or simply for adding some glamour to everyday life

The cases are made for iPhones 5 and are priced at £249.99. You can buy them from Uunique London.

Mar 13

Nokia Purity by Monster

Nokia PurityMonster Headphones have been in the news a lot recently with the release of their exciting products, Swizz Beats becoming co-owner and celebrities such as Nick Cannon, Nicki Minaj and Tyson Becford becoming spokespeople for the brand. Despite their recent rise to the top, Monster Headphones have been trading for 30 years and was founded by Noel Lee with the aim of creating products that enhance the sound quality of music. The company is also the brains behind the sound of the iconic Beats by Dr. Dre® headphones, and are now the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, sonically superior headphones. I was gifted a pair of Nokia Purity by Monster which I could not wait to try out. I have obviously heard a lot about Monster Headphones so my expectations were very high. I was not disappointed, the quality of the headphones are amazing. Crisp, clear and consistent. The bass is not too over powering and you don’t get the crackly sound that you get when you turn the volume up to the top.

One of the annoying thing about using headphones is when the cables get tangled up and you spend a good few minutes trying to untangle them. Annoying. The cables on the Nokia Purity headphones are tangle-resistant which frees you up to be as mobile as you like. For those with Nokia phones you are in for a huge treat because you can also takes phone calls from your phone with the ControlTalk Universal™ feature. The on-cable remote allows you to take calls and talk hands-free, depending on your phone’s capability. The headphones also comes with a stylish hard shell case which keeps your headphones in perfect condition. You really can’t ask for more really.

The headphones come in black, cyan, fuschia, white, red and yellow and are priced at £99.95.

Nokia Purity for Monster is available to buy from Phones4u.

Pic taken from the Nokia Purity by Monster website.

Feb 13

Samsung Solar Charger Set

Anymode Wireless Phone Charger

London Fashion Week (LFW) is finally here and I can feel the buzz in the air. One thing about LFW is the hectic schedule that everyone has which involves hotfooting it to shows all over London, attending launches and smoozing at the various parties. All this plays havoc on your feet and not to mention your mobile phone that really works overtime tweeting, texting, emailing, snapping pics and instagramming. The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead phone. So those clever people at Anymode have come up with a wireless charger for the Samsung S3.

You can charge your phone and battery or spare battery by placing it on the charger which connects to an electricity supply. The advantage is that the spare battery can also be charged without the phone needing to be connected ensuring that you never run out of power wherever you are. The charger is very light so can be shoved into your bag with all your other essentials. It is also environmentally friendly with a  solar panel which can be charged up any time and anywhere very quickly. Ever so handy for when you are caught out.  I found the charger to be very user friendly and also very light to carry around. You literally just throw it in your bag and you are off and ready to go. It’s such a relief not having to worry about accessing a charger point or trying ti stuff your actual charger cable in your bag.

The set comprises of the charger, battery and charger cable and is priced at £85 and is available to buy from 1st March.

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