Christmas Work Party Tech Kit

Christmas Work Party Tech Kit

In case you haven’t noticed it is December which calls for mass opening of advent calendars and Christmas decorations going up. The build up to Christmas also means the looming work party which some dread but a lot of people actually look forward to. Lots of food, drink and dancing – what’s not to love? Technology can make planning for the Christmas work do a lot easier, from buying an outfit last minute, getting home or booking a last minute hotel. I have put together a tech guide for your Christmas work party.

Finding the Perfect Outfit
You have been slaving like a dog all week, meeting deadlines and buying Xmas presents so you have not had time to choose the right outfit which means eeek you have nothing to wear to the party. What’s a girl to do? Get apping. Practically every decent fashion brand has an app where you can pick out an outfit and have it delivered in 24 hours. ASOS, Net a Porter, Topshop and Marks and Spencer.

Getting There
Running late for the party or those heels are just not public transport appropriate? You might want to think about calling a taxi or better still your own cab. Hailo London and Get Taxi offer a service where you can book a cab to arrive at a specific time or call on demand. You can use their apps or book online and better still you can track the whereabouts of your driver in case you are getting frantic. Climatecars is the new kid on the block and London’s green alternative to black cabs and minicabs. They have a large fleet of environmentally friendly hybrids, all with leather seats and stocked with free Belu mineral water and magazines.

Staying Connected
There was a saying back in the day that if its not on TV then it never happened well today if it’s not on Social Media then it might as well not have happened. What better way to capture the fun and frolics of your xmas do by sharing images or footage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However despite how amazing our phones are they do tend to run out of juice half way through the day so it would be a great idea to invest in a mobile phone charger. Nokia do a great universal portable USB charger and other brands do a charging covers so you can swap your original cover for the one that charges up your phone.

Getting Home
After a great night you might need to think about making your way home so in order to avoid missing the last train or tube just download thetrainline or thetube apps that will give you details about the last train and even what platforms to head to. Any delays or issues will be alerted to your attention. If you fancy splashing out and making the most of the evening then Hailo London, Get Taxi and Climatecars will be at your beck and call.

Get a Room
We all love a drink at a party and if you can’t get merry at the Xmas work do then when can you? However as fun it is to be merry it is not at all fun to drink and drive. So why not book a room in a hotel for the night so you can enjoy yourself and not worry about going over the limit? Hotel Tonight is the perfect app for this, you can book a room in any hotel within your radius at a moment’s notice. So you can choose to do it in the afternoon before the party starts or halfway through the party or even after the party has ended. The app picks up all the best deals for you so it is quick and easy and after a few short steps you can have a nice warm room all booked for you.

Don’t Drink and Drive
It’s the morning after you might want to head straight home but you might want to check whether you are still over the limit. The Alco Sense Lite is perfect for this and will easily fit into a small purse or pocket. More importantly it is accurate, quick and easy to use and fit easily into a pocket or bag. So no getting stopped by boys in blue for you.

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