Work hard play hard in LA!

Hello from La La land! It’s been another busy week working hard in the studio on all my projects. But, you know what they say, work hard/play hard! I caught-up with friends and surfed this week for the first time in ages, it was narly duuude! We had a great time and I managed to stay up on my board most of the time, HA! (I am starting to feel well Cali!) No worries though, my heart will always be in the UK and Ireland!


I also decided to unwind this week at the Montage Hotel with Nareesha and my buddy Kendrick Sampson from the Vampire Diaries and Gracepoint. We actually got to know each other on the red carpet of the Young Hollywood Awards. It’s cool to make friends amongst all the red-carpet chaos! While we were leaving The Montage a few of the fans came up to me at the hotel, and before I knew it a whole lot of fans were around me. I don’t know how you guys do it, but you always find me ha-ha! I love it!

I also caught up with my beautiful friend who is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Priyanka Chopra. She invited Nareesha and me to her cousin’s wedding in LA. We had a blast! I love dancing at Indian weddings.


It’s been another crazy week, but was great because I got to spend time with good friends. And it wasn’t just a good week for me; it was good for Mylo too as the little dude is rocking a new cut that makes him look even better!


We thought he had a twin across the world. But the below picture is actually a teddy bear lol


Gotta get back to it! I will bring you guys more stories about my crazy life in the Hollywood Hills next week.

See ya later,



  1. Awh mylo is soooo cute can I have him!! Have an awesome time in LA SEEV – @IHeartJoshC

  2. Great to read your news again Seev!!! Mylo looks totally cute with his hair cut and you don’t look too bad either while surfing!!! Hahahhaha!! Anyway as always looking forward to more news next week!! Xx

  3. @rainbowchick143

    i always look forward to your blog every week! ily so much seev! <3

  4. Another amazing entry Seev! So happy that you’re enjoying LA! Although I miss you over on the east coast! When will you come back? Anyway, continue having fun with the Mrs and Mylo! Can’t wait for the next blog!☺️ -@espinosykes

  5. Great to see you having a swell time! I can’t wait until to hear what you’ve been working on!

  6. Oh Siva I am so glad you are working hard and playing hard but with responsability :-)
    Cannot evem tell how much proud I am of you. You are doing it awesome and can’t wait to hear the results soon ok? Kisses from Bolivia babe!

  7. That’s so funny, you definitely fake-mocked my accent when you met me back in April! Now you’ve turned into an actual Cali-Surfer boy!! Love you so much, Siva! x

    xx Karen

  8. I love reading your blog every Tuesday Seev! :) I’m glad you enjoy Cali but UK misses you so much!:[ && Mylo’s new hair cut is super cute :D I love his eyes ^_^

    Ps: I posted a picture to you on twitter hope you will notice :) ♥

    much love xoxo

  9. aww sounds like your having a fab time seev next time could we have a cheeky selfie ;) love you x

  10. love Tuesdays and seeing your blog post always makes my day seeing you having fun x

  11. I love you so much. You may not know it but, you get me through and have gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life! After a shxt day today, your blog has put a smile on my face. Thank you :) x

  12. Sarah - irishtwfan :)

    Can’t wait to hear the music you have been working on !!!!

    Love you :D


  13. It makes me so happy to see that you’re doing so well in LA, just like I knew you would! Sending all my love to you, Nunu, and Mylo. Hope to see ya soon Seev!

  14. Hi Seev, I read all of your blogs, I love it, you’re a great, fun and talented person, I love you so much
    Lots of love from Colombia Xx

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