Hollywood madness at The Young Hollywood Awards!

Hello beautiful people!

This week was a whole lot of Hollywood madness at The Young Hollywood Awards.


The funny and talented Kelly Osbourne hosted the show where I presented with the lovely and very little Ariel Winter from the TV show, Modern Family. I had to kneel down so I didn’t look like a giant next to her when we were presenting, HA! I think Ariel is fantastic, and an amazing actress, just had to poke fun at my petite friend!


Had a good time catching up with some of Hollywood’s best young actors. Bumped into Matt McGorry from Orange Is The New Black (have you been watching it? Such a funny show) and Kendrick Sampson from Vampire Diaries & Gracepoint.


Also bumped into Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars (such a nice guy) and my old buddy James Maslow from Big Time Rush.


But the biggest VIP of all was the lovely Grace Kesablak, a 10 year old girl from Make-A-Wish. Was amazing to meet this beautiful little girl.


I have to give a special shout-out to my stylist David Thomas, I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. My crazy looking pants fit my crazy personality or at least that’s what Nareesha tells me.


I was supposed to be at the fashion film awards as well this week, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it because it was on the same night. Wish the shows weren’t on the same night! I heard from my friends that it was a fun event.

As usual I had a hectic week, I spent time in the studio, had back to back meetings, and events.


But the best part of the week as always is getting to connect with the fans. Had fun doing so at the Young Hollywood Awards!


I have another exciting week ahead in La La land, and can’t wait to share it with you next week!

See you later



  1. So proud of you Seev. You did so well on the show!

  2. I enjoy to read you every tuesday !! I love you Siva !!

  3. Great to read all your news again, looks like u had a ball at the awards, u are a natural when it comes to presenting!! Also it was great to hear u are in the studio again, makes me excited with your music!!! Have another great week Seev!!! :) Xx

  4. Love you SEEV – @IHeartJoshC

  5. Glad you’re having a good time and you look amazing

  6. Siva these blogs are the highlight of my week x

  7. Your blog post always makes my day Seev – katie

  8. awww!
    I absolutely love reading your blog; it’s my favourite part of the week! honestly :)

    I’m excited to hear your music; it’ll be interesting to be able to hear what your style is like. I’m so very curious but I’m sure it’ll be absolutely mind blowing!!

    Lots of love to you and your lil fam :)

  9. As always a great post! So happy to hear you had fun this week. You looked absolutely amazing at the YHA. Gotta congrats David for putting this outfit together, but I also have to congratualte you for pulling it off so amazingly. I can’t wait for next week’s post and also… I can’t wait for your solo sound to come out; I feel like I’ve been waiting ages. Much love to you, Nareesha and Mylo. Xxx

  10. i love you so much siva :)

  11. I’m so jealous you met Officer Bennet from orange is the new black! Haha I love it! Glad to see you’re doing well and back in the studio dude :) can’t wait to hear whatcha working on. Love and miss ya!


  12. Words cannot express how proud I am of you Siva. I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on and I can’t wait to hear it playing on the radio. I’ll admit this break is taking it’s toll on me, but these weekly updates help. I love you so much Siva x

  13. Siva I love your blog posts always makes my Tuesdays complete :) perfect read x

  14. Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself in LA Seev! So cool how you met that dude who played Jesse on The Vampire Diaries :D miss ya xx

  15. @rainbowchick143

    Seev I can’t wait for the new music and everything else ahead in ur career. I will always be right here by ur side supporting u❤️ I love u so much.

  16. @rainbowchick143

    Seev I can’t wait for the new music and everything else ahead in ur career. I will always be right here by ur side supporting u❤️ I love u so much.

  17. @vanessalynn93

    PLEASE collab with Nick Jonas!!!

  18. I am so proud of you Siva !! Achieving your goals makes us happy and puts smile on our faces. You really are amazing. Haha and hilarious because I loved what you wrote about Mylo. I know that you’re really happy with Nareesha and that’s what we want. We all love you Siva and will always love you. Really proud of you and always will because you really make us smile❤️ lots of love xx you are an amazing and talented person.

  19. Studio pictures make me so happy! So proud and happy to be seeing you up to so much, Siva! I’ll always be here to support you xx

  20. Siva!!! Ah what can I say.. I’m so immensely proud of you.. So yesterday was my 21st birthday! I had to record you at the Young Hollywood Awards.. you did a great job! I was actually dying watching you bend down for Ariel Winter.. Because you always poked fun of me for being small and it was such a laugh in chicago, maryland, ny, boston, miami.. etc (yes I’m part of twbunnies) anyways the last time I saw you was in Miami and I knew you were just off to a great start when you were doing press down there.. it made me so happy to see you actively working on your solo projects while still caring about twfanmily and letting us know how everything with that is working out. LA seems to be treating you very well and you are getting lots of air time on US tv so that is great! I know you will be with the boys again soon whether your excited for that or not I hope its a positive experience.. also theres a charity concert in NYC in September that Jay will be at.. would love to have you there and maybe even have a sneaky preview of your new material ;) Hope you and Nareesha are doing well and that the wedding planning is going great, and hope that Mylo is being a good boy! Hope to see you soon……. – Tori aka @toriwes on twitter.. or the short girl that blocks pictures hahaha

  21. hahah she was right those pants do fit your crazy personality! i loveeeee them! :D

    -sofiyaaa :l @sofiiaa_habiib

  22. Frist of all I’m so proud of you Seev!You are amazing & deserve the best! :) I can’t wait to hear your solo album ! ♥
    I loved your TYHA outfit ;) your stylist did a great job :P I love you and I’ll always support you even if you haven’t noticed me on twitter yet [ :( ] Enjoy your days in La La land & take care of yourself! much love xoxo

  23. siva i’m so incredibly proud of you. I’m SO hyped for the new music and your picture in the studio has got me jumping up and down!! So glad you’ve had yet another good week and i cant wait for the next blog update :D

  24. So good to see you doing your thing Siva! That photo of you in the studio excited me so much! Absolutely cannot wait to hear what you come up with! Xo

    PS. You looked gorgeous at the YH Awards show!

  25. I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it a million times more, I LOVE your blog!

    Also, Seev, you looked smokin on the YHAs, but. Those pants. very unusual. ;p I liked it though.

    Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working so hard on in the studio, and whatever other solo stuff your doing!

  26. I love to read your posts, and know more about you.
    i’m glad that you are having a good time in LA.
    you are such a great person, I love you so much, and i hope to meet you some day
    Kisses from Colombia Xx :)

    and .. babe, can you follow me on twitter?
    I would be very happy if you do

    this is my twitter account
    Please :)

  27. @bamitsthewanted

    So proud of you siva, I look forward to reading your blog every week and it never fails to make me smile. I really enjoy hearing about what you have been getting up to and I’m so glad you are well and happy! If you see this a follow from you would honestly mean the world to me, lots of love and support always ~ @bamitsthewanted xx

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