Co-hosting with Mario Lopez and my new material

Hi guys ! Another hot! week in LA (seriously does it get hotter than this? Hope all of you are doing well :)

First of all, can we talk about the Football final ?!? (Sorry to all the non- football fans)

I was supporting Argentina with a few friends in the hills and my voice went from shouting so much… grrr not amused. Congrats to Germany though, what a goal!!!



This past Wednesday I co-hosted Extra TV with Mario Lopez. You remember him from Save By The Bell right?! Well he is a huge presenter out here in L.A.



It was a fun day! It’s good to see Mario again – he’s a genuine guy and reminds me of my older brother.


The lights on-set were soooooo bright, I don’t know how Mario does it. (basically I squinted a lot) Also, there were so many fans who came out to watch me on Extra, so thank you so much!#lovetothefans



So you all know that I’m still adjusting to living in L.A so don’t judge me. The other day, it took me about 20 mins to work out how to put petrol in the car. What?! ..They do it differently here! I am a MAN so I didn’t ask anyone for help and that’s why it took me so long and it didn’t help that the station cashier was staring at me so much!… like two laser beams on the back of my head.



You’ll be pleased to know, I’ve been in the studio a lot lately and I’m really excited to show you what I’ve got. It’s gonna be very different to the old stuff but you’re gonna like it. Been working with some great producers so I am very happy!

Obviously there are moments when I miss home but I’ve got Nareesha and Mylo with me so it’s not so bad and also the support on twitter is great so thank you. Also to soften the blow I found an English/Irish imports shop so managed to grab a few food goodies to help fill my stomach with pieces of home ;)

A few of you on twitter have been asking me for a selfie so here it is. And if you would like me to feature anything in my future blogs be sure to add your comments below and I will check them out.



Thanks for reading and Love you all xx

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  1. Im so glad that you are doing great in LA! You were great on Extra! Thats pretty funny about the gas station. (We call it gas in the states

  2. I couldn’t help but laugh at the bit where you couldn’t figure out the gas pump! Haha Love you, Seev xx


  3. You make me smile every Tuesday now!! Haha

  4. Siva I’m so proud of you. I can’t wait to hear the new album! Much love and support x

  5. I would of loved to watch you trying to put petrol in a car HAHAHAHA Loving the tan as well Seev !! So excited to hear what you have been working on

  6. Maybe take some photos of the studio work you’ve been doing

  7. You make me smile every Tuesday now!! Haha

  8. Siva keep putting your selfies in your blog posts always make my day x

  9. Can’t wait to hear your own songs Seev!I’m so excited! :) & you and Mylo are so cute together ♥ much love xoxo

  10. Do they do taytos in yer new found Irish/English shop? I’m just finishing up living in stoke for 6 months and I’m dying to get home for some eddies, taytos and a chicken fillet roll! Also missing my family and friends but mainly the food haha ;)

  11. Glad your loving it over there Seev!! Ireland miss you and is so proud!

  12. Wow,Seev! Really love your selfie with Mylo ~ Do you have more? Maybe with Nareesha too? Keep on your work, Love you Xx

  13. I love love love your blog! So excited to hear your new material. Good luck to you :) ♡

  14. Can’t wait to hear your album!!! :) x

  15. Love you too, SO cited for this album man x

  16. Siva how is la different from the uk ? Are you getting used to everything ? Love you x

  17. Aida @sivakfrance


    Good to see you doing so well over there in L.A :)
    The story about putting petrol in the car made me laugh so much! So typical of you I’d say :)
    Hopefully sometime soon you’ll put some exclusive snippet of what you are working so much for in this blog x
    See you soon at Fusion festival in Birmingham, can’t wait :)
    Take care x

  18. When do we get a sneaky peak of who’s also on his album? :D x

  19. Can we see a cute photo of you nareesha and mylo together as a family :)

  20. Love the blog, do u miss the boys and times with them? How is it different recording and doing stuff without them? If u miss them u should include rhat it’d make us all happy :) enjoy LA can’t wait to hear ur stuff

  21. I’m really excited to hear what’s coming from the studio. I already know that I’ll love it.

  22. Hahaha well at least you know how to gas up your tank :) I didn’t know we do things differently. And yes. It gets way hotter than its been.

  23. Giulia @GiuTheWanted

    Seev I’m so proud of you! I’m happy you’re happy ❤️☺️ Can’t wait for the next blog post!

  24. Hahahaha Siva. Siva. Siva. Siva. I cannot believe it took you 20minutes to put gas and the fact that you did not ask for help, makes you a REAL man. No one can ever question your manhood after this. Hahaha I’m so happy you’re enjoying your new LA life. I hope Nareesha and Mylo are too. Honestly? I’m so excited for your solo stuff; I can’t put my excitement into words. You can be sure I’ll follow you along the way; not in a creepy way though; in a friendly fan way. I’m very very proud of you and looking forward to your blog next week. Maybe you could add a picture of the happy family aka you, Nareesha & Mylo. :) Much much love to you three. ♥♥♥ Xxx

  25. I’m really excited to hear what you’ve been doing in the studio. I somehow already know that it will be wicked and that I’ll love it. :)

  26. Hey Seev! I’m loving your blog! It’s so nice to see what you’re up to over in LA- Nareesha and Mylo too :) it’s a nice comfort to know how you boys are since the ‘break’. I’m so SO proud of you Siva! I can’t wait to hear the music you’ve been making and to show everyone just how talented you are. Everyone misses you back home, timezones are so hard :(. I love you so much, i’ll always be here supporting you, keep that chin up smiling! :) xx

  27. Love this post SEEV and 20 minutes to learn how to put petrol in you’re car oh SEEV

  28. Siva, you look so handsome as always but you’re not as beautiful as Mylo #sorrynotsorry

  29. @gabrieladaviana

    I’m so happy to hear all that’s been happening for you, it puts a huge smile on my face. I’m so proud of you seev xx

  30. Tell us more of how Nareesha is doing! Also include more pictures of Mylo please! he is the cutest thing♥ More selfies of course too! & What things are you really liking here in LA? Like what restaurants remind you of home or that are better than the ones at home?

  31. aw Siva, I’m honestly so proud of you! I’ve watched you grow and grow since 2010 and I couldn’t be prouder! love your blogs, keep up the good work! Xx

  32. Also I just want to let you know that I love you Siva! I’m from LA so in any way that I can support you out here I will! miss you much!

  33. Amazing. Siva your blogs are the highlight of my week. They always make me smile :)

  34. Siva! I’m a huge fan of The Wanted and I was devastated when you guys announced you were breaking up, but I am so proud of you and the other boys! I love reading your blogs (and I never read blogs, ever) and seeing all the exciting stuff you’re doing for yourself and your fans (my twitter handle is navneetgill17 by the way… Just throwin’ that in there haha). I just want to say I love you guys, keep doing what you’re doing, and good luck!

  35. Jessica Fairburn

    Nice blog this week Seev so proud in you x Love You x

  36. Siva, I’m honestly SO proud of you. Your finally getting the recognition you well and truly deserve, and that makes me SO happy(don’t get me wrong, I *LOVE* the Wanted, but I feel you deserve SO much more then what you got, you know?). Your an incredible and extremely talented person, and I hope the fans in LA have been good to you. :) I love you, and keep doing the blog, because I love hearing about your week and what you’ve been up too.

    Also, I’d like to formally congratulate you and Nareesha for FINALLY getting engaged. Honestly, I’ve been waiting 84 years for this, it’s about time Seev! ;)

    Well, I’ve got a needy pet who keeps rubbing it’s face on my foot to attend to, so i’ll leave it at that.

    Love you! xx

  37. Couldn’t be any more proud of you siva, I’m so happy you’re enjoying yourself and doing new things :) there’s nothing wrong with asking for help

  38. Love it as always Seev! So happy for ya! I think we should get the misses more involved though :) would love to hear if she’s working on anything also that we can look forward too! Can’t wait for your next entry! Keep enjoying LA :) xx

  39. I’m happy to know you had a great great day! Tell mylo I said hi to him :3

  40. Siva! I don’t actually know if you will read this or not but hopefully you do. I’m so glad to see you are having a good time in LA.. Very proud. We met a few times over the years and you are seriously such an amazing person. I’ll give you a few hints to who I am .. Chicago Christmas Party, I was Jays heart vacancy girl in Maryland… Hmm A few meet and greets on tour and I saw you in Miami & you always feel extra tall in our photos haha. Yeah so it’s me Tori and I’m just do proud of you Siva finally getting to have more of a presence and style of your own. It’s weird to not have a TW gig to look forward to at the end of summer (I can’t afford the flight to fusion) but I know you have great things coming my way soon.. And maybe one day a little reunion but we’ll worry about this new start first.. Miss you a lot Siva and hope to see you soon.. Also we have like 15 Nandos in the Maryland / DC region & there’s tons of stuff to do on the east coast. Anyways hope you are having an amazing time.. So excited to hear what you’ve been putting down in the studio (personally have always loved your songwriting) best of luck to you for the future you deserve it. Love you!

  41. I’m happy to know you had a great day. Tell mylo I said hi to him :3

  42. Siva I’m so glad things are going well for you I’m LA. Unfortunately I’m not a huge football fan, but that’s probably because I don’t understand the rules or understand what is going on. Who knew that putting fuel into vehicles was so different in other countries, but I hope from now on it’s much easier and you won’t have lasers on you back. Lol. I can’t wait to hear what you are creating in the studio, and I’m sure it is fantastic. It is crazy anticipation waiting for some of your new material. Hope to hear something soon:-) Watching you on Extra with Mario was awesome. You were a natural, you made to look so easy. I really hope LA is treating you good and you’re having good experiences:-) I look forward to these updates every week, it definitely makes up for missing TW so much. Good luck with everything and can’t wait until next weeks blog!

  43. I’m happy to know you had a great day. Oh tell mylo I said hi to him :3

  44. Seev I’m so proud of how much you’re working and I’m so excited for this new music! I think you should do covers of other artists songs every now and then because I miss your beautiful vocals :)

  45. I love your blog updates! It makes me happy to be updated with what you’re doing! I’m happy to hear that you’ve been working a lot on music. I’m really excited to hear it. I know it’ll be perfect! I’ll admit, I laughed a lot when you said it took 20 minutes to put gas in your car. I was thinking for your next one, maybe a tour of your house? Haha I’m terrible at ideas really! But I love you Seev and I can’t wait for the next one!!

  46. I’m glad you’re enjoying LA! I can’t wait to hear your new music! Especially if my fanbook was a inspiration for one of them. It’s a blue binder with the Chasing The Sun symbol on the front and a drawn Sid the sloth on the back. Hope you and the rest of the boys enjoyed that on the 30 hour trip to Vancouver :D

  47. Karla Rodriguez

    Omg Mylo! Too cute!
    Glad to hear you’re doing well in L.A.
    Haha “I am a MAN” (^.^)

  48. Really love this blog, Seev. You always leave me wanting more ;-) Maybe you could add some kind of ‘song of the week’, idk. Besides that, I really think you’re doing a fantastic job – keep up the good work! I know it’s gonna pay off soon! Love you xx

  49. OMG Seev I feel very proud of you. I really Love that everything is going so good. Blessings from Mexico ♥

  50. Yay I’m so happy for you Seev ! Can’t wait to see your new projetc and listen to your music :) You should add #SivaView to your blog , I miss those ones.
    Love you xx

  51. MariaTWFanmily

    That’s great Seev! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I suggest you should take a selfie the moment you write your blog and end your updates with it. It’d be cool haha. And can you upload videos there? idk but that would be much more exciting! Love ya xx

  52. It’s always a pleasure to read what you’re doing in L.A. Seev ! Hope Nareesha and Mylo are doing well too

  53. Nice pictures, beautiful Siva!

  54. Salma (@hashtagfries) please follow me seev :)

    i really love these blogs!! glad you’re enjoying LA! love you :) please follow me on twitterrrrr: @hashtagfries

  55. I’m glad you’re having fun in L.A with nareesha and mylo!! Love your blogs :)

  56. Ah man, Argentina was so close! Both teams fought to the finish, literally 1-0 wasn’t as bad to the Brazil game lol! Happy to see do your thing, your showing your true self, and allowing us to see that, so thank you! Excited to see your other adventures! I showed my five year old buddy Mylo, exact words were “Aww Mylo is so cute” hehe! Enjoy your week Seev! Until next week!

  57. I love you blog Siva !! I meet you in México City and Phoenix Arizona in May 2 2014. I will always support you !! I love you so much !!

  58. I’m happier with each new post. It’s great to know what you have done in LA. The city has been good to you. And Mario Lopez really looks like your brother lol. I understand your confusion to put petrol but anyway you’re a man. It was expected that you would not ask anybody how the machine works. It was funny because I could imagine your facial expression hahaha I’m very excited with their new material. And I can’t wait to see it. I know that will be amazing. I’m anxious for the new post. I love you, Siva.

  59. I’m happier with each new post. It’s great to know what you have done in LA. The city has been good to you. And Mario Lopez really looks like your brother lol. I understand your confusion to put petrol but anyway you’re a man. It was expected that you would not ask anybody how the machine works. It was funny because I could imagine your facial expression hahaha I’m very excited with their new material. And I can’t wait to see it. I know that will be amazing. I’m anxious for the new post. I love you, Siva.

  60. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in LA, and omg Mylo is the cutest! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIVA

  61. I’m happier with each new post. It’s great to know what you have done in LA The city has been good to you. And Mario Lopez really looks like your brother lol I understand your confusion to put petrol anyway you man. It was expected that you would not ask anybody how the machine works. It was funny because I could imagine his facial expression hahaha I’m very excited with their new material. And I can not wait to see it. I’m anxious for the new post. I love you, Siva.

  62. MariaTWJonas96

    Thank you Seev for another amazing blog, I always look forward to reading this. And welcome to America where everyone stares at you when you are trying to figure out something new. Don’t worry, it has happened to me too. Aww Mylo! He is so cute, he reminds me of Jaybird though. Cannot express my excitement towards your solo album, can’t wait. Thank you for everything Seev.

  63. MariaTWJonas96

    Thank you so much Seev, I love reading your blogs, they are always interesting and I look forward to reading them. And welcome to America, where people stare at you when trying to figure out something on your own. Don’t worry, it has happened to me too. I cannot express how excited I am of your new music, I can’t wait to hear it. I send all my love to you, Nareesha and Mylo (mini Jay, as I call him lol) I hope you get used to L.A. Wish you all the best from Texas.

  64. Siva. I’m loving the blogs. I’m so glad you let us into your life and I just hope that you continue to enjoy your transition in LA. Love you so much!!!! PS follow me on twitter: Lidia_Gbear

  65. Sarah IRISHTWFAN

    Great post Seev :-)

    Can’t wait to hear some music from you

    Love you


  66. AHHH. You went for Argentina too! Siva I’m loving theses blogs. Just know that I look forward to them every week. Thank you for letting a into your life and I also continue wishing you the best on your transition to the states. Love you and Nareesha so much. Btw make my dream come true and follow me on twitter: Lidia_GBear

  67. Loving the blog, Siva! Love to hear how it’s all going down in LA! Missing you back home! That selfie is HOT! I’d love to see some more #SivaViews! Miss them! Love ya! xx

  68. Silvia (Sils)

    Seev! I’m so excited for what the future has in store you. Cant wait to listen to those amazing tracks you got working on. On the next blog, please add family selfie. Also give Nunu a big hug and kiss from me, and tell Mylo that his LA aunt is dying to meet him so she can spoil him just like she has done to his Hope to see you three soon. Love you lots xx – Sils ps: Check your DMs on twitter please!

  69. gabriela sykes george

    <3 <3

  70. Hi Siva! I’m glad everything is going so well for you :) I miss you a lot and of course I’m hoping for a tour because Florida misses you and we just want to see you! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on ;) since you probably won’t be able to share with us some of what you’ve been working on yet… How about a cover while playing the guitar? Choose any song that you like ^^ love you Seev xx

  71. aw seev , i can’t wait to hear the new songs and im so so proud of you :D goodluck xx

  72. I just want to say I’m so incredibly proud of you and for what you’ve achieved so far and I can’t wait for your new material!

  73. Just wanted to drop by and leave a comment to say, I’m very excited to see all the things you have coming up for us! Can’t wait to hear the new music! You’ve come so far! proud of you!

  74. Siva!
    Your blog always always always Brightens up my Tuesdays ^.^
    Bless your awsome little heart <3

    I'm so glad to see that you are slowly but surely adjusting to life on this side
    Of the pond :)

    So excited to see what's coming up next for you!!
    This music you speak of intrigues me very much ^.^

    Love you loads! Xoxo

  75. Wow Seev your blog is very interesting, your life in L.A is chaotic but funny..

  76. Vanessa Cedillo

    Hi I love reading your blog! I have also met Mario Lopez and agree he is a terrific person! Anyone you’re working with in the studio? You should collaborate with Nick Jonas! P.S. in America we refer to it as gas not petrol hehe(:
    Much love! Xx Vanessa

  77. Glad you, Nareesha & Mylo are enjoying the USA! Maybe Mylo can do his own blog, “Brit Pup Of Beverly Hills” Lol! I hope you can make it to NYC soon for a visit. Take care!

  78. Nice post! Love all your posts, seev! Keep updating about your life ok!

    And can we have a selfie of you and nareesha for the next week’s post? Hehe.

    And btw! Cut/trim your hair a bit please!

    Take care diva. ;) <3

    – @skittlesnj x

  79. Oh My! Your blog is great! I can not wait until next week to read it again, it is amazing to read about your acrividades. Siva hits, you’re great.

  80. I hope you will stay humble forever ok. Will be there to support you always. Love you seev xx

    – skittlesnj

  81. Cynthia (@xocynthiab)

    You did so well on Extra! So proud of you Seev!! I am so excited to hear what you have been working on in the studio. Can you give us any info on possibly when? Also I really think you should take a new family pic of you, nareesha, and mylo in LA!

    love you lots x

  82. Hello from Poland Seev!

    I just wanna thank You for updating us, for giving us opportunity to show our support to You! Mr Cheekbones You are literally my favourite person alive and I’m looking for Your new album! It’s so exciting! DHDDEHG I fell in love with You thanks to The Wanted and as much as I would love to see You in the band, with Boys, I’m really happy that You are happy! I wish nothing but success, love, & happiness for you.

  83. Amy (Blondie)

    Happy to see that you’re enjoying your summer in LA, Seev! Missing ya loads! I’m thinking lunch when I’m down in LA in September if you’re still around? :) or a day in Disneyland on me? Can’t wait to see all you accomplish and you know how much you mean to me! Looking forward to the new music, love ya a bit ;)

  84. Glad to see you’re doing well dude! We miss you lots back home though :( I’ll be looking forward to hearing some stories when you get back though and hear some of your own music. The future is bright & I’ll be here always! Love you – Morgan xx

  85. Loved reading your news once again….the only thing I can suggest at the mo for the future is a topless selfie one week maybe??!!! ;) Hahahaha!!! Looking forward to the next blog already!!! XxX

  86. I’m so proud Of you

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